Monday, August 20, 2012

She said, "hell" and now she doesn't get her HS Diploma, WTF?

This link:

is to a story about a HS valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA who graduated from a Prague, OK HS in June and has been denied her diploma because of her use of the word, "hell", in her commencement speech.

I'm going to guess that Prague will now see a tremendous surge in the level of attention given to them and their town. The level of attention given to the moron who came up with the idea of withholding Kaitlin Nootbar's diploma until she furnishes a written apology to, well, I'm not sure who she's supposed to apologize to. There's little information available, at this point, as to who decided on the HS's course of action. I'm sure that we will be getting that information in the next hours or day at the latest. Superintendent of schools in Prague, Rick Martin (not the "Livin' La Vida Loca", Martin, I'm sure) says it's a confidential matter--not no more, Ricky--and that he can't talk about it. Well, that's okay, I'm sure that the void of his silence will be filled with other comments.

It appears that Ms. Nootbar's already been given a full scholarship to Southern Oklahoma State University so the issue of whether her diploma's being withheld has any practical effect seems to be moot. It is more than a bit troubling that this is just now becoming public, at least a month or two after her HS graduation.

Prague, OK, for those unfamiliar with the town (which would be most everyone except people in Prague and surrounding communities and Kolache aficionados who go there for the annual Kolcache festival can look it up on teh google. It's a town of about 2,500 people, a bit to the east of OK City. Up until recently it was pretty much known for the Kolache Festival. Henceforth, it may be known for it's officious KKKristianist asshole HS administrators.

WTF is wrong with these people?


dog gone said...

I would be surprised if it was legal to hold back that diploma.

Presumably the next step is for an exchange of lawyerly letters.

I'm betting the school caves, and the school administration is left looking 'stoopid'.

democommie said...

dog gone:

The stories I read didn't reference the KKKristianinanity angle but I'm guessing that we have some seriously fundagelical knucklehead at the bottom of the pony poop pile.