Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another, "What, me Racist?", kinda moment for Teabaggism

This story ( watch the video was one I originally read about over at our stalwart commander Jesus' General's blog but I just thought it belonged here. I posted the rather lengthy, spittle-flecked diatribe (but no 'backy juice stains, momma!) at ScienceBlogs after sending the note to Massa Groening. _______________________________________________________________________ Excerpt of original post at JG: I sent Mr. Groenig a note (which follows) in an e-mail. He has not had time to answer, as yet. "Kirk: It’s terrible that the Organs of the Security State came and shut down your tribute to MurKKKin values and beat you and your fellow parade goers before throwing you into the oubliette of picked on, upstanding KKKristians whose only REAL crime is not that they exercised their 1st Amendment rights to portray their abject ignorance and racist hatred--no, no, that's the Teabaggist Way--their only crime is really more of a dress code violation. Nobody in the video (or at least the 40 or seconds that I watched) was wearing a pointy hood or a "Backwoods Burqa"... no style, my man, no style at all. Oh, wait! I just heard that the Obamagoons DIDN'T attack the parade ala Bull Connors and the Selma police. Damn, ain't that a bitch, here you go to alla that trouble to try to be a martyr and the MAN just ignores your ass. What's a bigot to do? Oh, noes, according to a wire story out of Yakima, WA, which I saw in the Boston Herald (a liebral piece of crap rag, if ever saw one) you said, "'"It’s ridiculous when people say it is racism. I reject any of that,". Of course it's not racism, anymore than slavery in this country was anything but a jobs training program for those poor, iggerant darkies. Keep it up, dude, you and your fellow patriotesticles are showing the way to better gummint and, as a byproduct, closing the gulf of misunderestimating the genuine rage over nonexistent or manufactured problems that your corporate overlords have directed you to protest against. Hey, I notice Hanford ain't but a tactical nuke blast zone or so away from Naches (I admit I thought it was "Nachos" at first and couldn't figure out how them Obamexicans had got all the way up there), you're not drinking the local water are you? Just wondering." And, because I DO learn from reading the comments here (well some of them, anyway) I had to tack this on. "General, Sir: Per Kirk's (did you know, Sir, that "Kirk" is a germanic name based on the word for "church". Hmmm, y'know who also had a German name? Yep, Adolph Hitler) Facebook page, he's got something called "" that he prolly makes a lotta money at." Additional diatribble from ScienceBlogs: Michael Heath: Are you auditing a 5 or 600 level "Snark" course. Your knowledge and scholarship are still showing but the invectiveindex, while still on the civil side of the "fuckyouasshat,shutcherpiehole!" red line it is trending up and the slope is getting steeper. Good show, my man, good show! Mr. James Hanley. You seem to keep better tabs on the "Internets" award program than other people here. Has Michael Heath ever won one? Cuz, if he has I should get a piece of it--and if he hasn't, he should win one or, maybe 11, and I should get at least one whole one for guiding him into snarkitude. Fuck getting those neo-nancyboys laid--I haven't met a woman (including the three that threw me out of their houses) that I dislike enough to wish that on them. Well, I mean there are Mickey Malkin, Little Offend Annie Coulter, Lowrent Ingram, Dr. Loudrant Schittslinger, Phulla Shitfly and the rest of the FauxNews Babes and the GOP's Batshit KKKrazzee Female AuxiliaryShit, but: A: I gotta pretty strong feeling they wouldn't take one for the "Heimmannschaft" (there are other german words for "team", but this one was too unintentionally risque to pass up). B: Neo-nazis, even AryanZona neo-nazis--bloody hell, even ILLINOIS neo-nazis!! have some standards about who they'll have sex with. Oneathesedays, I gotta getta life. _________________________________________________________________________ Groening IS a racist--perhaps unconciously, but a racist, none the less--and a typical Teadouchebag. I'm not a democrat so I don't gotta wail and gnash my teeth too much about their complacency, stupidity or moral cowardice in this situation or the hundreds of others like it that have played out since the inmates took over the asylum that is the RNC. It is certainly apparent, if it wasn't before, that governance is not the goal of the GOP; the goal is to win an election, any election, at any cost.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special needs, special people

I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon, at a "backyard barbecue for the families of special needs children. At around 2:30, after I had been coaxing smiles out of kids--kids whose entire thought process is a complete mystery to me--so we could have some photos for the folks, we took a group photo. Fifty or so Special Needs kids and about an equal number of siblings and parents. I'm on a stepladder yelling that they all need to "LOOK AT ME!". I shot maybe 20 frames. Initial inspection tells me I got a few good ones. Several of the organizers and volunteers said they were quite surprised at my being able to get the majority of the Specials to even face me, never mind smile, or give me "thumbs up". I was not. Those kids, for all of their difficulties in communicating, functioning at a level deemed "societally" acceptable, learning or even, in some cases, feeding themselves are reachable and teachable. I wish I could use one of those photos, take it to some of the other "group" shoots I do and show it the people that are pissing and moaning about having to spend a moment or two getting the photo done for whatever purpose. Show them the picture. Tell them that those kids, stranded somewhere that I can't go, are doing better than they are at this. Not to shame them, but to make it plain that there is such a gulf between those of us blessed with "normalcy" and these special people--and it's a gulf across which they can, in most cases, only gaze, if they even notice it. We can cross it, even if they don't see us or hear us--they know we're there. They CAN feel love. I can't use any of those photos, issues of privacy and my own sense of fairness prohibit that. The other thing about the event was that it was held at the estate (and I do mean estate) of the local political kingpin's family. They are old school Republicans and I saw them as humans, something I was not prepared for. They didn't merely open the gates and provide some space. They worked the event and spent time with kids, parents, staff and volunteers. I'm fairly certain that the assemblyman knows my politics and I very definitely know his. But, he and I share the notion that it's not just about controlling costs, it's about serving those who need help.

John DeNugent--Racist without a clue.

I decided to just cut'n'paste another piece of my own from elsewhere because although it's parody I think most individuals with a brain will understand that, and will also understand that I actually am not a racist. I do however concede that some readers and unwelcome commenters here seem unable to grasp the concept so I just felt it necessary to state this upfront. Before we get to my autoplaigarized work, I need to tell those who don't know about this fella, John DeNugent, a little background. He has been a white nationalist for at least 25 years. Stormfront used to "heart" him big time for his Aryammering. He don't like him some ("all" would probably be a fair statement) juden and "mud people". He does go on about how countries like France are being, well, fucked out of existence the darkones. He's a loon and so of course, some folks like him for president! The following was originally a comment on this thread: over at ScienceBlogs. Dear Mr. deNugentodemento: The democommie family traces its proud lineage back to William the Conquerors little known adopted halfstep-brother, Baldric the used longboat salesman (a hint for longboat buyers, don't pay any attention to that prat who's keening about the beautiful new, 100% irish linen sails, or the nifty little "cap'ns sauna" on the fantail. Look at the tholepins and you'll know just how many laps around the Baltic this puppy's run!). The family tree, rather gracelessly referred to as a "weed, a weed what needs rootin' out, guvnor!" by some detractors, includes many branches, some burls, a few gauls (or galls?) and beautiful blonde leaves--but with very dark roots. We are of all three Irish colors, green, orange and black. There's a couple of welshmen and at least one alsatian in the mix (a nice granny lady, not the horrible guard dog of so many WWII Stalag films) so we are, generally, of pure british stock. However, careful and wishful genetical research leads me to the inescapable (as well, unprovable) conclusion that at least one of my forebears was a Kenyalizardofascist--quite possible Obama's father's great-great to the nth reptilodaddy. Me and Obama aren't just homies, dudes, we're brothers! And, since the presidency will now be an hereditary post--I could be next in line!! Dude if you think those muslimofascistkenyalizardo people are a bitch to deal with, wait until you have me, a pudgy, KKKrackerKKKrazee (just not racist)-- whiter than the insides of an Aroostook County spud--telling my fellow Murkyones that it's not just okay to messugahnasty with all hues and colors, but their patriotical duty, as well, too. Bring it on, you albionalbinoasshole git! Posted by: democommie | September 12, 2010 8:29 AM BTW, I love GAY people AND your general run-o-the-mill religionist or atheist a whole lot more than I like gunnutz--and in pretty much the same way that I love my brothers and sisters. That is to say that though I may disagree with things they do and say, I heartily support their right to do and say them--as well as their practice of doing so--as long as it is legaln(assuming "legal" to mean "constitutional") and ethical.

Friday, September 03, 2010

From me to you.

Happy Labor Day. I wonder if the Reichtards understand the meaning of the holiday. They like to shout that "Freedom isn't free", but I wonder if they know that they have commies like Samuel Gompers and the rest of that commie cabal that formed the first labor unions in this country to thank--for getting them the day off.