Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hank Williams, Jr.; his own father would disown him


"At the Iowa State Fair, Williams bashed Obama to a crowd saying, "We've got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!""

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lets us know that in the braindamaged mind of Hank Williams, Jr., the PotUS is unMerKKKin and NOT a christian.

So, the Obamas have been married to each other (and only each other) for almost 20 years. The Hankster's got Mr. Obama beat for total years married at well over 20 years. Otoh, it took AT LEAST 3 wives* and they've all left him. You gotta wonder what it takes to drive a woman away from a rootin', tootin', mouthshootin' patriotiKKKal cash machine like Hank, Jr.--well, maybe not (

And Mr. KKKountry Moosic is all hatin' on Obama hatin' on the farmers. I'm not sure, zackly, where he gets that, but I think it's safe to say that Hank's politics are a lot more likely to fuck the family farmers than those of the president.

So, to sum up. The PotUS is a "muslim" who acts a lot like a mainstream, non-fundamentally ill christian and Hank Sr.'s waste of genetic material is a "christian" who whores, drinks, drugs, curses a bit and acts, in every way, like the foul mouthed, clueless assholes that are his staunchest supporters--KKKristians, by an overwhelming %age.

Color me unsooprized.


dog gone said...

(Raising my hand)I know, I know! Pick me!

Apparently Hank Williams believes Obama hates farmers because he was in favor of the successful law suit against the FDA where large numbers of black farmers, who owned their land, were deliberately discriminated against to such a marked degree on the basis of race that only 10% of the original number of black farmers remains.
The compensation for those discriminaton suits, people like Hinky Hank think is some sort of secret reparations and represents some sort of hatred for all those white farmers who ripped off the farms of honest black farmers.

dog gone said...

Hinky Hanky hates blacks, and particularly hates Obama for the settlement on behalf of black farmers who were discriminated against so severely that only 10% of them remain farm owners.

Those 90% of black farms are now owned by white farmers.

Any kind of compensation dimbulb boy thinks is terrible - that money should continue to go into the pockets of them good ole white boys.

No one ever listens to Hank because he has two working brain cells. I'm not sure actually why anyone listens to him; he's not very good.

democommie said...

dog gone:

If the only tool in your toolbox is a whine well, that's what you're gonna use.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

I doubt Skank Willyums even goes to that level of policy analysis, Dog. HE is the one who hates Prez. Hopey, so he projects his own hatred into Obama's mind. Hank operates from a basis of hatred, so he figgers everyone else must do that too.

It's been said that Obama was a Rohrshach Test for liberals. He was the ink blot that we could imagine the content of. People wanted him to be a decent liberal, so they imagined that he was. They didn't see the evidence that he was a corporatist who would have been a moderate Repiglickin in the days when a black man like Ed Brooke could be elected to the U.S. Senate as an "R".

But Obama is also a Rohrshach for Rethugs, too. They imagine him to be the worstest, welferryest, angryblackmannyest monster that their fervid little minds can conjure up. The fact that Willsum's version of Hopey is nowhere near reality does not matter. These people are operating on a basis of mass psychosis.

When so many millions of people are THAT out of touch with the truth of the world does not bode well. Things are gonna fall apart, and there will be lots of shooting when reality comes crashing into their bubbles. I hope they will have the decency to commit suicide by the thousands, but I think they will choose to kill a few other folks around them first like that bastard at the Empire State Building did,

BTW Demo, any gloating at the gunnutz about how even trained police officers firing from a few feet away in broad daylight at a shooter they could clearly ID still managed to mow down 9 passers-by? So much for the gunnut myth about "If everybody were packing heat all crime would be stopped with no problems."

democommie said...

Bukko Canukko:

Commenter dog gone is from over there to Penigma. She writes a lot of shit that pisses off the reichtards--truth is to that crowd as garlic is to vampires.

The gunzloonz always want to think that we believe their nonsensical bullshit about their being responsible and well-versed in the use fo their penis substitutes.