Monday, August 27, 2018

Stolen from myself--here:
FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a long time Red Sox fan--they, and every other Sprortertainment
and other place that charges money for people to watch shit should do the same thing that I ask
of the Yankees.
Watch a Yankee's home game and you will almost always see EMPTY seats behind home plate.
I'm told those seats go for up to $5K per. Whether that is true or not, they have to be
very expensive seats.
A Yankees fan I know told me that those seats are sold and technically occupied by persons who
are in the dining room BEHIND them or up on top of the grandstand where they are noshing
on lobster and such delicacies. I wonder if they have a vomitorium?
Also, too, OT:
Open note to the vets and others who come here.
Should there be a #TakeThemOutToTheBallgame for vets who might like to see a game but don't
have the means? There are ALWAYS seats somewhere in the park--regardless published attendance.
So bring some number, 20, 50 whatever who can get there (or be brought there by DAV vans
or other means). And if there are open seats in the luxe boxes--park 'em there.
I know it might mean that some plutocretins would be sitting next to a guy with the Edward
"An IED blew my fucking limbs off" Scissorhands or some fella with an unfortunately misshapen
skull due to something similar*, but like their idol,Trumpligulamygdala, they too, will have to make
some "sacrifices".

* One of my favorite things about the idea!