Sunday, October 11, 2020

Attention spans

 I have ADD/ADHD that was diagnosed after I'd spent over 40 years of my life wondering why things just never seemed to get done on time (or done at all, for that matter) and why I remember things that are absolutely trivial while forgetting to mail a check in on time to avoid incurring a late fee or other result.

When the Covid pandemic became something other than a news item, I took notice. I'm 70, I have hypertension and I'm obese by some standards. I am, afaia, in reasonably decent health but deal with chronic pain and, "moderate to severe" osteoarthritis and other joint and spinal issues.

The thought of dying ANNOYS me, a lot. What scares me, though, is dying in a hospital, with lines running in and out of me, struggling to breathe and having no agency to change the situation.

To that end, I try to be reasonably prudent about being around other people--especially without any PPE. I ride buses and shop in relatively busy stores. I go out to have a beer and try to stay the prescribed safe distance (if there is such a thing, indoors) away from other patrons.

Then I go online and see a blurb about a bunch of people getting together to protest the crushing burden of thinking of others and putting a FUCKING lightweight mask on when in gathering places, especially if they're crowded.

A fair number of the people in the photos of such events eschew wearing a mask and are obviously gleeful about doing so, to own teh libz. Idiots.

If I'm still alive when this nonsense has run its course, I will be avoiding the people who made light of this situation or actively fought common sense, 'cuz FREEDUUUUUUUUUMB.

It strikes me that a lot of the people who are kvetching about this being an unwarranted medtech lynching will be the first in line for any monies or free medical care. Hypocrites.