Friday, June 03, 2011

Apocapolitics Now

I remember when I saw the movie, "Omega Man"*--back in 1971--thinking that the crazed, photophobic followers of "John Matthias" were, fortunately, nothing but a SciFi author's nightmare of post-apocalyptic mankind.

Then, along came the SKKKrotalMerKKKinPatriotiKKK Party (know to some as the the Tea Party) to dispel that notion.

The current crop of GOP cant'idates stoking the fires and stroking the egos of their credulous and often viciously racist followers is truly awesome--and not in a good way.

Bachman,Bush,Gingrich,Huckabee,Palin,Pawlenty,Perry,Romney,The Dongald and others who are running, exploring, definitly not running (but exploring), definitely not running or exploring (but, curiously, still raising money, just in case!) and just sorta y'know battin' the idea arouind with a few friends and overpaid "conslutants"* make me long for REAL conservatives like Goldwaterr, Romney "Origins" or Al Haig--no, wait, fuck Al Haig, that bemedaled fop.

I mean, holeeeeeeeeeeeeee shit, is that the best that the GOP can come up with, the list of braindead or teh dogwhistling Batshit KKKrazzeefucks that are out there now?  These are, as a group, the worst slate of potential CinC's I've ever seen.  We're talking orders of magnitude.  Teh Burning Stoopit that is emenating from this crowd rivals the flash that consumed the dinosaurs when that giant meteor was lobbed into the Gulf of Mexico by a vengeful GOD 6,000 years ago***.

If this was a movie, I'd rate it right down there with "Cabin Boy", the worst movie I ever sat through.  But, it's not a movie, it's a glimpse of a future I won't really have to deal with for too long.  Today's youth and their fresh-faced 'rents, otoh, will have to deal with it and what's genuinely puzzling is that they don't seem to give a a shit.  Or, at least they don't give enough of a shit to actually educate themselves about the Fuckapalooza that the GOP's primary process has turned into. 

If only that phrase, "eating their own", were true then the GOP would solve the problem they have created.  I am saddened to note that it is not.

*      The movie in which Charlton Heston, pursued by a horde of murderous fiends may have received his epiphanic moment of clarity re: guns are THE problem solver.

**    No, it's not misspelled.

***  Okay, now you know what REALLY caused "The Flood".