Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Gone, welcome to Polrant

Update: One of the things I love about my own blog is that I can  correct mistakes with a few keystrokes, to wit:

As of now, Dog Gone has author status on this blog. This action was taken by me, for two reasons.

The primary reason is that Dog Gone is a smart, sassy and sardonic writer. The secondary reason is that it's a nuisance to have to moderate ALL comments, instead of just the ones from idiots. Any of my regular commenters--as few of you as there are--can let me know if you want permissions. It don't mean you gotta write posts; it does mean that your comments will not be moderated--unless of you bring up that embarassing incident involving a bullhorn, several rubber duckies and 100 pounds of Gravlax.

Welcome, Dog Gone!


democommie said...

I reposted this from where it was originally placed, as that post was almost 2 years old.

Penigma is so good at admin that she removed a couple of annoying comments that I had left there as a reminder of the sort of nonsense that was puked onto the threads by people who no longer bother commenting (this is OUR gain, trust me).

The following is Penigma's work.

dog gone said...
Hello, all!

I've just joined democommie as an admin; mostly this was just because it was annoying to have to go through the captcha /anti-robot hassle to leave a comment.

But I am going to enjoy the opportunity to delete crap from those who write comments utterly lacking in substance or value.

Consider the two commenters who have written pointless boring crap and had it deleted put on notice. Yup that's you weerdybeerdy bork bork bork, and you too Serrh8tred.

Democommie, both oral and anal sex are enjoyed by BOTH men and women. Let's not preten that prostate stimulation is not sometimes pleasant for those who have that anatomy.

The reality is that men who orgasm more often - and that includes prostatic stimulation derived orgasm - are 30% less likely to develop prostatic cancer or other prostate problems.

Male or female, straight or hetero, solo or partnered, sex is GOOD FOR YOU, as an adult.

Don't get me started on the wonderful benefits to women's skin from certain semen components... so the sex is only for procreation can go......procreate with themselves. Hint- it's called spermidine:

There are benefits from orally consuming semen as well.(look up something for yourself, for pete's sake)

Having started out life as a city kid, I've expanded my experience with vet med training. After you've shoved your hand and arm into one of those platic gloves that go all the way up to your armpit and over your shoulder, and shoved you hand and forearm into the nearest pile of warm wet poop for lubricant (no one waste KY jelly on bovines) to artificially inseminate cows, and then shoved your arm up their rear ends so as to grab the cows cervix through the wall of the cow's digestive tract to stabilize it so you can get the insemination tube in through it using your other hand navigating through the cow's lady parts.........what people do for sexual gratification with their various orifices just doesn't seem that big a deal. And one has even less a serious concern for human morality after attaching a collection condom on a bull, stallin, or other male animal's penis, and then shoving an electro-ejaculation device into the rear ends of male large animals for semen collection, and then giving them an electric zap that would raise and lower your garage door, causing them to ejaculate for subsequent storage and AI.

Reality is that in nature, the animal world has plenty of same-sex attracted partners and plenty of same-sex attracted successful parents too. (I love science; it is so NOT stuffy and prudish like religion.) To borrow a phrase from a title of something I wrote on penigma - God doesn't hate gay humans, gay bottlenose dolphins or gay penguins. He/She/They made them that way because they want them that way.

Given the behavior of our fellow primates, as well as the animal world generally, it is obvious that same sex attraction is normal and innate. It's our human homophobia that is a bad but entirely learned or acquired problem.

August 27, 2012 12:02 PM
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democommie said...

Well, hey, even though the post that the comment was originally written about 22 months ago, not a lot has changed.

Homosex (mainly ickymanbuttseks) is still the focus of an amazing amount of the ReiKKKwingers' energies--gunz and notaxuz takes up most of the rest--and their spokesclowns are still just as full of shit as ever. Oh, yeah, the indignorance of people like Serrtaint and Weer'dybeerdy has only increased.

dog gone said...

Actually, the welcome should be to me - Dog Gone.

Penigma is the founder and penigma is also his separate blognomen.

While Pen, as I refer to him for short (I go by DG to my friends and friendly opposition) is only able to be intermittently active, I don't want to coopt his identity.

I have enough keeping up with my own blog identity, LOL! did I end up on the old post instead of the new? Ah the sweet mysteries of cyberspace...

Thanks Dc for the warm welcome!