Friday, September 07, 2018

Bread and Circuses

So, I turn on the radio this morning and hear the morning drive-team discussing the Kapernicke Nike ad/endorsement and peoples' reaction to it.

Here's the thing, for me.

If you disagree with his "troublemaking", because it's detracts from your enjoyment--you're a snowflake.

If you think he is doing something anti-USian because he's being critical of the idiotic policy of FORCING PEOPLE to be freedom-loving, flag-worshipping sheep--you don't understand what FREEDOM is.

If you think that he should be silenced--'cuz he's hurting your feelings--and just STFU--you're a racist, a fascist or both.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Stolen from myself--here:
FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a long time Red Sox fan--they, and every other Sprortertainment
and other place that charges money for people to watch shit should do the same thing that I ask
of the Yankees.
Watch a Yankee's home game and you will almost always see EMPTY seats behind home plate.
I'm told those seats go for up to $5K per. Whether that is true or not, they have to be
very expensive seats.
A Yankees fan I know told me that those seats are sold and technically occupied by persons who
are in the dining room BEHIND them or up on top of the grandstand where they are noshing
on lobster and such delicacies. I wonder if they have a vomitorium?
Also, too, OT:
Open note to the vets and others who come here.
Should there be a #TakeThemOutToTheBallgame for vets who might like to see a game but don't
have the means? There are ALWAYS seats somewhere in the park--regardless published attendance.
So bring some number, 20, 50 whatever who can get there (or be brought there by DAV vans
or other means). And if there are open seats in the luxe boxes--park 'em there.
I know it might mean that some plutocretins would be sitting next to a guy with the Edward
"An IED blew my fucking limbs off" Scissorhands or some fella with an unfortunately misshapen
skull due to something similar*, but like their idol,Trumpligulamygdala, they too, will have to make
some "sacrifices".

* One of my favorite things about the idea!

  • Saturday, June 30, 2018

    The Confusion Machine is Being Cranked up again:
    The following comment is one I left here:
    "admit Clinton Fucked up royally or that Bernie would have easily beaten Trump. by a landslide."
    You're a lying sack of shit and a troll, do fuck off.
    Also, too: Трахни свою мать.*
    "Now the GOP owns the Supreme Court. Because they get results and are willing to fight dirty to get them. Compared to the Moral Victories that Democratic leaders have been doling out for 25 years, I think most of us would prefer to have the Supreme Court."
    But you either voted AGAINST that or just stayed home.
    Don't fucking lecture people who WERE paying attention and knew that anything but Hillary winning was going to be a far worse shit show than whatever the fuck you were afraid of.
    Show of hands, how many of YOU went out and banged on doors or stood on street corners holding signs in shitty weather or on your day off to help get your progressive candidates on a ballot for November.
    Those who didn't participate and still want to bitch? Fuck you.
    * Is being VladBroz greeting to their fellow sleeper cell agentz
    I'm already seeing long, detailed posts about the perfidy of the DNC (they ARE assholes who would sell their mother's LIVING body for profit) and the uselessness of voting "D" in the upcoming general election.
    If you know nothing else about politics in the U.S. you MUST know, by now, that skullfuckery is what the RNC together with whatever group of malefactors (NRA, FSB, PRNK, PRC intel and cash) (White supremacists, outright nazis and fundamentalist KKKristians--to name some, not all of their allies) they are currently using/being used by to get what they want in the short term and try to turn the U.S. in a Theistic Oligarchy in the long run is a goal. 
    Pissing and moaning while doing something, great. Pissing and moaning while sitting on your asses, GTFO.

    Friday, June 01, 2018

    Poor Buddy the Wonderdog and his ongoing seizure problem.


    Buddy is still with us. He is making a lot less noise although he is still doing some howling. He seems to be "present" and his appetite and grooming are both intact.

    The Vet, as I suspected they would, gave me some pushback on ending Bud's life, they would like to do some tests...


    My hairy little roommate is in day 7 of the process of having seizures for some period of time (for 2-4 days,never know for sure when it will stop--or IF it will stop) and then almost constant pacing and fretting, He doesn't want to be held. He has NO sense of boundaries physical or social. He is effectively blind and deaf and he either whimpers, whines or howls pretty much 24/7. I recognize that it is very hard for him and I also recognize that it makes me nearly homicidal when I can't sleep and I know EXACTLY how to solve that problem. Piss, shit, hair, drool and the constant Roomba sort of apparently aimless wandering that makes him a serious tripping hazard. I've already stepped on him once, today (he was under the barstool and my foot). It is the constant high-frequency sound, interspersed or supplanted with the whines, whimpers and howls that make it almost impossible to get anything done. I have put off even calling the vet to discuss end-of-life procedures because I keep hoping that he will come back to himself. He seems to have no idea who I am for the last 5 days and that is, afaia, the longest this sort of thing has gone on. The neighbors have all heard me shouting at him--with only one window at the back of the house open about 4" (yes, I'm VERY loud, when I'm upset) and some of them think I'm even more an asshole than they already knew me to be. This cannot go on a lot longer, without one of us having to leave and I can't live in the street. If anyone has any genuine ideas about how to resolve the problem--I just yelled at him to stop howling. He was standing a foot and a half from my barstool, gazing up at me with absolutely no recognition of me in his manner or his eyes--without granting Bud a permanent release, I would welcome it. As well-intentioned as they might be any suggestions which involve money I don't have any of or patience, which I've never had any of, don't offer them and neither of us will feel bad. I am not looking for a way to weaselwalk out of responsibility, I'm trying to find out if there is something that I have not yet found on the toobz or elsewhere that is empirically based. Thanks.