Friday, February 27, 2009

One more shovelful of shit

Well, well, well: I actually had a really sweet post all set to go today. It featured unicorns--gay, pink unicorns--prancing about the blog and being oh, so droll. It was going to include a recipe for vodka enhanced buttermilk waffles with a belgian beer sauce. But, did that happen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That did not happen. And, why, you ask, the hell not? Well, it's because the other Gucci loafer dropped on the Commerce Sec'y imboglio. It now appears that ASSHOLE Judd Gregg had a reason, besides his unwillingness to sully hid idiotological purity, for turning down the job that Mr. Obama offered him. Seems he was investing money in the Portsmouth industrial park which was a former U.S. Airforce Base (Pease AFB) and a superfund site when it was closed some years back. This was being done while he was helping to steer millions of dollars to the former AB. He has made somewhere between a quarter and three quarters of a million bucks from his investments (through his brother's firm). Of course he says his conscience is clear. I doubt that he has a conscience. In any case, fuck him and all of his lying sacks of shit reptilican cronies. The unicorn post is in limbo, now. I'm sharpening the knives.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Constituent services

Re: My previous post on Assholes. The local paper ran an editorial on wednesday explaining why the GOP voted, in virtual lockstep, against the stimulus package. It was "partisan" of course, the author said, but it was more than that. In the finest tradition of representative government, the reptilican legislators were simply doing the job for which they were elected, voting their constituents' will on such matters. Now, aside from the fact that a lot of these ASSHOLES were elected by slim majorities--meaning that a lot of them were voting about half of their "constituents' will", there is another thing that needs to be talked about. That thing is that these ASSHOLES lie through their teeth. But, then of course, the credulous boobs that elected them in the first place always hear such lying as gospel truth and don't want the eeeeevil gubmint to confiscate their homes and businesses and send them all to labor camps so that the Obamanists can build atheist schools, open compulsory fetal abbatoirs, outlaw guns and make praying (not just in public, but privately) a felony. And they haven't even played the race card, YET. I was talking to a young fellow the evening before last, our local democratic party factotum. Nice guy, works for a living and does all the politicking on his own dime. He and I agree on one thing for sure; it ain't over. Folks who think that getting rid of Bushco was the "Win" are sadly mistaken. The GOP is a party that, at this point, is being run by a combination of political opportunists, corporatists and religious fundamentallyillists. They won't give up and there is nothing, no matter how foul, to which they will not stoop in the pursuit of their agendas. Am I paranoid? prolly. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. A lot of people have been carping about some of Obama's appointments and also that Obama hasn't been reversing a lot of Bushco's policies. I'm not nuts about a lot of this stuff either. However, it's pretty plain to see that the GOP are willing to spike the stimulus package because it doesn't contain enough of the idiocy that got us into the situation we find ourselves in now. Of course, even though all but three of the GOP's members voted against the package they have been taking credit for "bringing home the bacon"--that's somehow different than pork? Lying fucking ASSHOLES. So, you know that the chances of making any substantive change in a lot of other stuff is going to have a snowball's chance in hell of getting done. I can't wait to see the GOP roll over on whoever Obama puts up for a SCOTUS seat. Oh, btw, Judd Gregg is still an ASSHOLE.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Assholes are as assholes do.

So, Okay, I've been listening to the people who know it all prove they don't know their ass from their elbow for at least the last couple of weeks. The reptilicans want the dems to play ball or they're gonna gum up the works? Good, fuck'em. Just make sure that they're names are spelled right when the shit hits the fan. As of today, Judd Gregg decided he'd "made a mistake" in accepting the offer to be Obama's Commerce Sec'y. In the first place it would appear that he's not being completely honest about the situation, in saying that he was "asked" and didn't seek the position--Obama himself said that Gregg seemed "eager". Secondly, I wouldn't bet that he didn't have an epiphany and realize "hey, wadeaminnit, I could be like, y'know a Jen-u-wine contender for the front desk! but not if I'm seen as a "sell out" to the Obamafascists! Yikes!!" Third, and this is most important to me--I'm glad he turned it down. Judd Gregg is a fucking asshole. He was an asshole son of a former governor of NH, an asshole U.S. Representative and has, since 1993 been an asshole U.S. Senator. When I lived in NH it was often difficult to choose between him and John Sununu the younger as to which was a bigger fucking asshole. He's a lying whanker and I hope this comes back to bite him in the ass when he starts complaining about how he and his party are not "adequately represented" in the current administration's group of advisers. Good riddance to bad trash. In other news it was quite warm and windy here in upstate NY today. I went to a wonderful art show, drank a couplea Bud's and met some nice folks. None of them were fucking assholes.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Since I don't got no teevee, I'm spared having to watch assholes like Tweety Matthews interview assholes like Mitch McConnell. It appears from the little intertubes synopses that I've seen that the GOP is going to do what they can to torpedo the stimulus bill. Well, anyone who expected them to do anything except continue to be the clueless fucks they've been since 1972 was in denial. During the eight years that Bushco had control of the WH and the six years that they controlled the courts and the congress the democrats were demonized as being unpatriotic, unamerican and uncaring for not voting for every bill that the reptilicans pushed out of committee. They were demonized for filibustering judicial nominees. Now, it appears those are exactly the strategies the GOP will employ to derail the stimulus and to stop Obama appointees from reaching the bench. Lying, fucking sacks of shit that they are the reptilicans of course are saying that this is all about "unnecessary spending" and not giving enough tax cuts to those who need them. It's past time for these scumbags to be pilloried for what they are. Traitors, plain and simple. They work against the interests of the United States and they should be called out for it. Roll call votes are necessary on every piece of legislation these assholes try to stop.