Saturday, December 21, 2019

What's in YOUR stocking?

Well, here it is almost the 25th of December and I haven't got anything to bring to the non-existent deities (several of which seem to share the same birthdate and backstory) on this holiest of days (at least since U.S. commercialism and the JEEZUZites kicked their joint venture into high gear). The average U.S. home has $8500 in credit card debt* (I'm doing waaaaaaay better than average--in the wrong direction) x 128M household for a running total of just shy of $1.09T.

The last 1127 days+/- have been, not so much a roller-coaster as a gut wrenching elevator outta control drop into the abyss of humanity's apparently endless supply of piss and vitriol for the less fortunate, the less able and the less JEEZUZy. The outpouring of christian love in the last several decades has kept teams of trauma surgeons, various LE entities and DA's busy with them trying to stem the flow of lavahotburnin'stoopitbatshitKKKrazze that seems to be the operant conditioning for far too many folks who say they share a religion of peace and love--and I'm not even talking about the jihaddists.

I may or may not have more later. I just wanted to see if I could even post anymore.