Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gunzloonz and their leapin lizards of logic

Like a number of my recent posts this one began as a comment, over here:


In a recent, completely unscientific survey I've scanned a number of your posts about shootings.
Some of those shootings have involved gunz, "inanimate objects that just happen to kill and wound thousands of U.S.ians every year" going off while being displayed or unforeseeably pointed at someone that was NOT an intended target.

Some of the shootings have involved young children unforeseeably shooting each other with gunz that were left lying around, apparently loaded, for the tykes to play with when they got bored with their Tonka Trucks.

Some of the shootings involved teens and tweens being unforeseeably shot by friends or parents/guardians who just happened to be holding teh gunz when they, inexplicably, went oof by themselves, wounding or killing whoever, in the immortal words of the Allman Brothers, "wound up on the wrong end of a gun.".

The thing that most of these posts have in common is that there are few if any comments on the majority of them. The ones that have long comment threads are those that involve mikeb302000 saying that maybe there should be a bit of regulation in the area of firearms use and ownership--then the floodgates open, predictable with one of Greg Camp's pompous assertions that mikeb302000 does not "get" that HIS RIGHT TO SHOOT GUNZ trumps everything else. That comment will of course be followed by a barrage of bullshit from the other members of the Gunzloonz Greek Chorus that infest the threads here.

I think that mikeb302000 performs a valuable service, he gives the gunzloonz a place to vent which prolly helps them feel better, cuts down on the inarticulate shouting that their mothers hear coming from the cellar and, yes, gives the dark ObamaFEMA overlords' underlings the information they will need to round them up, just before the the 2016 election is cancelled! 1-11ty!!*

It is always entertaining watching the gunzloonz turn themselves into moebius strips of self-delusion when, as in the instant case, the ol' DGU turns out to be more os a DMTNT** sortathang.

In the situation reported in this post, the police state that the man shot both teens, multiple times, did not attempt to render aid, moved the bodies from where they had fallen and did not call the police to report the shootings. He also, according to police, self-reported that he had killed both teens AFTER they had been wounded and no longer constituted any sort of threat--shooting the young man in the face with his rifle and shooting the young, "probably more times than was necessary" with .22 handgun.

Well, of course, it would be insane for anyone to think it was a DGU (unless his lawyer is able to get 12 of the Hutaree Militia or some like minded PatriotestiKKKal bunch in the jury box during voir dire).

Otoh. If the homeowner had testified that they forced him into his basement and that he had only shot them both several times to save his own life...But, no, he had to go and incriminate himself by admitting that he killed both teens after they had been incapacitated by a previous shot.

Except for the fact that this bozo admitted to wrongdoing, I'm fairly certain that Greggie's Gang-O-Gunzloonz would be screeching about his 2ndmendmentright to kill any mofo that tries to come in his house!

Except that this case is one where the shooter incriminated himself during a police interview we would be treated to the same sort of fucking parade of self-righteous idiots wit teh gunz as we saw after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Meanwhile, the NRA's, Weenie LaPutrid is making a killing and facilitating others with his fearmongering amongst the gunzdeluded.

*   For the benefit of the mouthbreathers, this last paragraph is "snark", well, some of it anyway.

**  Dead Men Tell No Tales. Nor do infants, toddlers, siblings, spouses, girlfriends or the guy who came and took your stereo 'cuz you didn't pay for the crack he brought you last week."

I decided instead to put it here and save mikeb302000 the trouble of sweeping up the turds that the comment would draw to his post.


This is another shooting incident that mikeb302000 wrote a post about, several hours ago. It appears that the shooting, which by the account I read, looks like straight up Gunzrage is a prime candidate for the gunzloonz idea of a DGU--at least in the minds of some of mikeb302000's usual clownmentors.

Here's a link to the story:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Yeah, this baby didn't grow in a hothouse or a mexican field

dog gone put up a post yesterday about Walmart (that picture's worth a lot more than 1,000 words)and it's dishonest representation of itself as an "All American" company. Walmart has stripmined the commercial districts of countless small towns in the U.S.--those small towns about whose values the Teabaggist Walmart shoppers are constantly keening. They screw their employees, their customers and their suppliers as much as is possible. They are not just non-union, they are rabidly, reflexively and, often, illegally ANTI-UNION.

Walmart, while making billions in profits for its major shareholders (most of whom are the Walton family and their management teams*), pays their employees much less than a living wage and manages to give them pretty much nothing by way of employee benefits.

I saw that photo and read the first two comments and it made me think of the photo of an Amish farmer, holding a tomato that came from his own fields.

I'm not nuts about Amish religious beliefs but you can't fault their work ethic.

Ben's not a big man, maybe 5'9", about 175 lbs., but he's got forearms like Popeye, from driving his teams of Belgians, among other things, and could probably crack a nut--a coconut--with his bare hands. He's a quiet sortaguy with a passel of kids, some of whom work the stand with him at the farmer's markets and, I'm sure, in the gardens and fields at the farm.

I'm not sure how this photo will scale if you enlarge it, but if you can focus on his hand you'll see dirt in his cuticles and a lot of wear and tear on those hands. Yet, he holds that tomato like it was a baby. The day that I took this photo he was dealing with a customer who was complaining about having bought tomatoes that looked ripe but weren't (not from Ben) at the previous farmers' market. Ben picked up a tomato and held it in his hand. He did not squeeze it to see if it was soft. He simply hefted it in his hand and felt the weight of ripeness.

This will be my only semi-civil post of the week. Enjoy.

*  --not the definitive source but they provide links. If there are any Walmartbots out there who want to dispute the data, just supply some of your own.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Loozyannites can have their TurDucKen, I think we might be having RacPosUnk for our Thanksgiving (for everyone except the aboriginal denizens of our fair nation) Feast, again this year.
First off, you go out to some busy stretch of highway (NY 481 or I-81 in my area) and watch for sudden braking or swerving--or if you're looking for "aged" meat, flocks of crows or turkey buzzards--as that indicates that the larder is being stocked. Investigate the scene. The ideal candidate for the project would be a big ol' raccoon boar--the fatter the better, an adolescent possum and a cute little, baby skunk (no, you may NOT use teh unstriped, unscented kittehs for this dish!). It is difficult at times to identify some of the ingredients* but that's part of the fun!

Once you have harvested, cleaned and arranged your main ingredients it is a good idea to marinate them in a mixture of fines herbes, orange and lemon slices, several cloves of garlic and enough 190 Proof grain alcohol to cover. Allow the mixture to macerate for several days and, after removing the meat from the marinade, reserve the marinade for sauces and gravies.

Having previously gutted, skinned and boned the animals it is the work of just a few moments to remove any scent glands and any stray bits of road surfacing materials that may have been worked into the skin**.

It is best to assemble and cook this delicacy on the deck or in the yard. While oven roasting is certainly an acceptable method we here at democommie.fud&spyritz, ltd., recommend placing the assembled RacPosUnk on a spit and roasting it in front of a roaring fire of old pallets, construction lumber cut-offs***, heirloom furniture and the like. For those who are more traditionally minded, the 10 gallon vat of 375 degree fat (beef suet gives WAY more flavor than that insipid peanut oil, goddamn those killjoy cardiologists!)****.

Side dishes may include whatever tickles your fancy. I lean towards the tater tots simmered in Guiness Stout, the Cheetos Au Gratin (Velveeta, the WD-40 of cheese, where would be without it?) and, of course, The Jim Beam Candied Yams--if they're made with the right amount of Jim Beam they can actually double as emergency stove fuel in the event of a power outage!.

After all of the work of prepping and cooking the entree du jour and the "sides", you're prolly gonna just wanna have a simple dessert like Ho-Ho's, Ding-Dongs or maybe something seasonal like the Hostess SnoBalls in yule colors.

Well, I hope this holiday menu guide has been of some help in your party planning.

Just remember; if you're all sittin' out in back, jawin', chawin', spittin', sippin' and shootin' squirelz and crazy Uncle Lem comes barrelin' off the back porch with that screechin' harpie, Cloris hot on his heels, hogleg in hand, blazin' away--which consternation causes Lem to run right THROUGH the dadgummed fire, knockin' over the fryer,  scatterin' embers and RacPosUnk bits everywhere and leaving a trail of liquid fire as he races towards the relative safety of the swamp--ya allus got the GRAVY!

UPDATE:  I received a helpful tip, from one of the several voices in my head, suggesting that if there is a shortage of skunks in your neck of the woods that you might want to use one of the several recently unelected reptilican critters. The texture may be a bit different, but they smell the same.

*        It is not possible to assemble this dish from "Interstate Pudding" and cornstarch, heaven knows, I've tried.

**      I find that I actually like the "flavor note" of a tiny bit of asphalt paving, otoh, I abhor the bitterness of Portland cement, ymmv on this

***    Let's be careful this year. Last holiday season saw far too many trips to the ER for cases of poisoning of our Chef's du Garage because they didn't pick out that lovely green lumber (treated with more hazardous chemicals than a Hostess Twinkie) before setting the pile alight.

****  Kitchen tip:  When testing the fat to see if it's the correct temperature, dip a small piece of the offal into the fat--DO NOT IMMERSE A FINGER OR TEST IT ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR WRIST!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

KKKristian Love

In a blogpost over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars ( a commentor, Laurent Weppe took me to task for comments I made about U.S. christians. You can read the original, but suffice to say that the first quote in this entry (his words) is representative. I respect Laurent Weppe's views and agree/disagree along the lines of what I know from personal experience or have learned from reading the views of respected authorities and discussing same with intelligent people.

I admit to having an animus against ANY organization, religious or otherwise, that uses its power and authority to attack those whom it deems undesirable--especially when it is being hypocritical. The various christian churches are, all too often, included in in that group.


"So tell me: are you completely ignorant of what’s happening outside your own tiny social circle or simply mimicking the american newstertainment industry pretending that they don’t exist so you can abstain from making the truly herculean intellectual effort of aiming before throwing rhetorical turds?"


I've spent over 60 years living in an overwhelmingly self-professed christian society. During these 60+ years I HAVE, rarely, seen a few christians of my own acquaintance who called out the haters and liars in their own ranks. Those few are out of many, many thousands of christians I have lived, worked, played and, for far too long, prayed with. 

Your first link doesn't work (503 error). Your second link is instructive in letting me know that one writer is criticizing the U.S. KKKristianist establishment. That is not even what I'm talking about.
The vast majority of U.S. christians of all sects are mute on the subject of their leaders' politicization of the faith and on their pronouncements of doom and gloom for the U.S. because of our sinnin' ways.

I don't even care if they offer a vocal protest. They vote for the fuckers with their pocketbooks. Churches are not supported by gummint here (not to any significant extent) except by way of tax exemptions. Cut off the head, you kill the snake. Starve the tumor that is the KKKristian hierarchy (a large %age of church leaders who have influence in politics and the media) by cutting off their funding and you might just cure the body of Christ--not that I believe there is one.
It is not a matter of conjecture or of my being:

"ignorant of what’s happening outside your own tiny social circle or simply mimicking the american newstertainment industry pretending that they don’t exist"

They DON'T exist in numbers large enough to matter; if they did they would have done.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Mittmoroni lost and why the GOP is looooooooooooooooooozerz


""They spent all their time making Mitt Romney unacceptable and making him out to be someone who was untrustworthy and unacceptable to enough of the American people — and it worked," Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad said in an interview."

Was one of several attempts by the GOP to blame the democrats for the RomneyRyan Expresstrainwrecktohell'n'beyond in the most recent exercise in USian semi-democratic participatory politics.

They lost because their lies were unconvincing. They lost because they offered nothing, NOT ONE FUCKING THING, as a genuine solution to any of the many problems that the U.S. faces. They lost because when they ran out of ways to generate fear and hatred, they were nothing but empty suits.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Get your filthy paws offa my vagina!

First they got the vote, now they want the ball!  ( 

First of all, a hat tip to Mikeb302000 for his post on the Edshow with Terry O'Neill, the day after the ladies handed Mittmoroni his walkin' papers--the putz. Go over to his place and watch the video

It is said by Ed, Ms. O'Neill (in the clip) and LOTS of other people that the single biggest mistake that Romney's campaign, and the GOP, made was to allow, co-opt or find common cause (it is impossible to know what Romney actually believes about anything other than money--he wantz all of it) with the JHWHfaction of the ReiKKKwing (approximately 100%--within a margin of error of, well, 0--KKKristianist Fundamentalist Asshats and the lickspittle politicians that kowtow to them).

But y'know what? It's not the pols, stupid it's the lack of GUNZ that been keepin' teh ladeez under teh MAN'S thumb--and that's a fact, JACK!!

If only more women had teh gunz! They wouldn't need no steenkeen laws or lawmakers to help them with their problems.
You got raped*? blow that mofo away!

Man gets more money than you for the same work? blow that mofo away!

Man doesn't want to watch the "Bridget Jones" series with you? Blow that mofo away.

Man criticized your tunafish/badada chip casserole? BLOW THAT MOFO AWAYYYYYYY!!

Gunz don't make teh galz, gunz make teh galz be paid attention!

I know that moronz like Pauliewingnutz and the Mittmoroniunswillard FUCKINGLOOOOOOOOZERZ are wantin' to have 'em a nice, shiny new amendment againzt Ickymansbuttsex bein' legal** and prolly another one about life beginning at the erection.

But what would they do if teh ladeez said, "Hey, jerkoff, I got me a SECOND AMENDMENT SOLUTION! Getcher pryin eyes out from under my skirt, or I'll blow your junk off! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!

There, now I feel better!***

I gotta run. I promised my 15 pound roommate that I'd take him for a walk on the beach at Plaice Cove in Hampton, NH. One short walk for Buddy, 6-6-1/2 hours driving--one way--for the "smart" one. Dumb animals, my ass.

*       Legitimate rape that is. Wives, girlfriends, provocatively dressed sluts, those stupid enough to accept free drinks and the like? They WANTED IT!

**     Icky ladeezonlysecks they don't seem to have a problem with.

***  I regret having to do so, but I suppose that for a certain sub-set of Mikeb302000's regular detractors and assorted idjits wit teh gunz, I need to make clear that the foregoing is snark. It is bothersome, but the same people that know that Rushbo is "only kidding, he's a kidder, he's an entertainer"--when calling women sluts or implying that black athletes (and presidents) are being held to a lower standard of behavior and performance than white males--seem to be completely ignorant of the entire mechanism of sarcasm when it is employed by others.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Now what?

Last night, when I was leaving the bar, er, I mean, educational soiree, after playing trivia, one of the young guys at my table trotted out the "My dad said I should vote for Romney, because he's a businessman.". This was at the point where Romney had a 3% lead in the popular vote count.

I spent the next minute or two peeling the paint off of the woodwork while explaining to him that Mittmoroni is not a fucking businessman, but a thief, a liar and a conman. He, the young feller, said that Obamacare (what a misnamed plan that one is) was his biggest reason for voting for Romney. I told him that he and others who think like him fail to understand that we will ALWAYS be paying for the healthcare of those who cannot do so. I told him that it ain't the rich folks getting stuck with the bill, it's the middle class, just like it's the middle class that pay the bulk of taxes in this country.  I told him that until he and his friends are ready to start euthanizing those who are on welfare this situation cannot change. He then trotted out the "welfare queens" canard. I asked him if he knew anyone on welfare (he did not answer that question) but he regurgitated the GOPuke about people scamming the system and wanting to do so, rather than work. I didn't completely lose it but I was more than a bit loud in my deconstruction of his magical thinking mythology.

I think that he was unprepared for an old fart like me displaying that level of passion. What occurs to me, on reflection, is that most of the Romney supporters I spoke to were without much passion (if you discount their racism and RKDS*) . Really they lack passion and I suspect that is because they know that their candidate is a lying sack of shit and they were just hoping that few enough people would realize it that he could eke out a win.  I am so happy that they were wrong. Four years of Mittmoroni and Pauliewingnutz would be a lot to deal with.Now, what?

Will President Obama, who can not be re-elected, tell his party to grow a fucking spine and support him for a change instead of caving to special interests and reptilican threats? Will he allow the chicanery of demagogues in the House and Senate to go unchallenged? Will he finally, now that he's got the second term, start doing some of those things for which he was originally elected and STOP doing/allowing the continuance of Bushco's excesses and crimes against the nation?

*   Reptilican Kick Down Syndrome

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Post-racial society? Can't see it from my front porch

As is often the case, this post is the result of a comment I started typing to someone else's OP; in the instant case it was over at "Coyote Chronicles". Go there, read his post, it's more temperate.

This is mine:

"Well said, Mack.

But this:

"I could go on forever, but, lastly, it’s the country that said if you were poor, hungry, tired or oppressed, you were welcome here."

Has not changed.

The only part that's changed is that Mittmoroni and the morons he's mentored want those hungry, tired and oppressed to do the work that they, the JC's and JCW's*, are too good to do while continuing to be poor, tired and oppressed and, oh yeah, STFU about it, okay? Cuz, you like harsh our buzz over at the country club when you're whining about your sick kids while you're detailing our golf carts and mowing the greens with combs and straight razors.

My local radio station is running a poll that currently has 80% of the polled saying they're voting for Romney. It's complete horseshit of course, but the idiots that believe it are the same sort of fuckheads that start rooting for THEIR team--right after they win the championship.

Mr. Obama has done many things I don't like and not done many things that I think he should have. OTOH, George Bush with a compliant congress and a 24/7 propaganda mill demonizing the opposition accomplished most of what Romney and his friends wanted. Electing Romney would be the icing on the cake for the likes of Grover Norquist.

What doesn't surprise me but does sicken me is the rampant and overt racism I've come to expect from the ReiKKKwing KKKristianists of the GOP (which seems to be most of them, these days). Their naked hatred and fear are palpable and repellent.

A recent newstory has it that racism is WORSE than it was before Barack Obama took office. Post-racial America my fucking ass. I still hear, daily, from someone something about how, "Those people" are just naturally criminal or irresponsible or scarily fertile** or poor money managers. Whenever I hear it, I think to myself, "What an ignorant fucking excuse for a decent human being you are.".

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a nation where I was one of the minority old, white, (formerly) christian men. If demographics trends are to be believed I may be able to know that feeling before I die, as our population continues to become !!11onety!!! DARKER!!

Well. there, I've exposed my racist traitorlinessosity! And I'm damned glad I did it, let me tell you!

Vote. It matters."

Something like 50% of those who are eligible to vote can't be bothered to do so. Those people are the true traitors. They live in a country where their liberties and rights have been fought for and guaranteed*** by those who came before them. They have lives that they would not have in other countries.  And they can't take the time to register their approval/disapproval of the process or the people who represent them in the one way that genuinely might make a difference.

You think we've got poverty? take a trip to Africa, Asia, South or Central America--you might be surprised to find that there are countries where people who work their asses off seven days a week STILL see their children go to bed hungry, suffer debilitating--but easily cured, with modern pharma--diseases and die before they're five.

You think we have an oppressive gummint? Check out Chad, Iran, China, Singapore or, for that matter, Switzerland. What's that you say, you like anarchy?  Okey, dokey, pokey; buy a one way ticket to some garden spot like Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan or a number of other countries where central governments are powerless over the "Local Rule" folks.

There's a much longer list (it's prolly in the pants that are in the washing machine at the moment) of things that many of us take for granted in this country. Things that people in other countries yearn to have. Things that people in this country worked their asses off and, in many cases, gave up their lives to provide for us.

I almost wish we had something like the "Purple Finger" from Iraq's first freely and fairly rigged election after Saddam's shuffling off this mortal coil. Then at least I'd know whether the person who is bitching to me about how fucked up my country is--and who I'm about to tell to go fuck himself-- actually, like, cared enough to go out and make his choice on Election Day.

I know of one group that votes, the low information bots of whatever demagogue is currently trotting out some scapegoat or other to blame for MurKKKa's woes. Those folks vote with their amygdala's, Terry Schaivo would STILL have a better idea than they do about WHOSE interests are really being served by their lockstep indignorance.

I was watching a bit of a documentary about the War of Southern Treachery on Sunday evening and it occurred to me that the same class of people who co-opted the good and decent yeomanry of the American South to do the actual fighting and dying in a war that they started for purely economic reasons (to ensure their place at the top of the food chain, supported by the labor of the humans that they fucking OWNED)  are, once again, co-opting a significant portion of the U.S. population/voters to serve their selfish ends and preserve their "rightful" place on top of the heap. Whenever I encounter the people who tell me that they're voting "R" to preserve liberty and freedom and JESUS, I tell them to look at their candidates and FOLLOW THE FUCKING MONEY. Maybe one of these days they'll listen--I ain't holding my breath

Did I already say, "VOTE!". Yeah, okay, I'm beating a dead horse with some of you; for the rest, I'm gonna go get Gallagher's mallet, my pretties and it will get fugly.


*        Job Creators and Job Creator Wannabes

**     I often regale my companions with tales of my large family (ll kids). My parents, like many second and third generation descendants of immigrants had oodles of chirren, cuz they were used to seeing them die young and, hey, how ya gonna take over the country if you don't produce at least one doctor, lawyer, nun, priest cop, pol, teacher, bureaucrat and criminal****. It appears that my numerous nieces and nephews are content to have as few as 0 babeez with a max of 4--there's still WAY too many to buy presents for all of them!

***   It  appears that a number of those rights and liberties have pretty elastic warranties with numerous limitations and exclusions. Except that 2nd Amendment--that one is INVIOLABLE, because Charlton Heston, JESUS, Wolveriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinezzzzzzzzz, Shut up, that's why.

**** Criminals are those enterprising entrepeneurs working outside the strictures of law to find a "third way", of sorts, to The Land-o-Milk'n'Honey.

Friday, November 02, 2012

I was in an epistolic mood.

cross posted from penigma:

Dear Rush Limbaugh;

You really are an ugly pig of a human being, (apologies to actual swine for that comparison).

Is there ANYTHING you cannot twist into an ugly sexual story? I realize that a drug abusing, boner pill swilling, serial adulterer and sexual tourist like yourself is a perverted right wing nut.

But still, your ability to make shit up with a sexual theme is quite amazing.

We had you claiming that Sandra Fluke who spoke out for the availability of birth control pills for non-contraception therapeutic use for another woman - a LESBIAN, by the way - was a prostitute, seeking to have the government pay for her to be promiscuous. That wasn't true. In fact there was nothing remotely like that about Ms. Fluke or what she was advocating. But you're the expert on hiring prostitutes aren't you Rush, not Ms. Fluke.

Millions of women use birth control pills for hormone therapy for other reasons, including managing the symptoms of menopause.  But it is also used for the control of acne and other problems which relate to hormonal imbalances.  Unlike your boner pills, women do not take a birth control pill every time they have sex, but frankly limp dick, their sex lives are their business, not yours, and not the governments.  Their health care decisions are between them and their doctors, and neither you nor the government should be dictating those MEDICAL decisions.

Nor should a pervert like yourself be presuming to criticize anyone else's sex life, frankly.  It makes you a Goodyear blimp-sized hypocrite.

Then we had you weighing in on the Obama ad done by Lena Dunham, claiming that she was appealing to women to have - again, with your unhealthy sexual obsessions - the government pay for women to have sex, pay for contraception, and then drive them to Planned Parenthood the next day.

Actually, Dunham was making a more entertaining and far less sexist comparison between first time voting and virginity, which your hero Ronald Ray-gun did more than 30 years before. You didn't get your giant-sized tidy whities in a twist over that, you bulging gas bag of a hypocrite. In fact Dunham did not directly mention sex at all, and you not only spun that into something that was never suggested or implied, your incredibly ugly and sexist comment was not only filthy, it was internally inconsistent.  Why would a woman having safe, responsible, protected sex NEED to go to Planned Parenthood the next morning? To have a breast exam, or a pap smear to check for cancer?

Because you see Rush, despite your obscene fascination with other people's sex life, women mostly use Planned Parenthood for other reasons than abortions.  They use Planned Parenthood for things like CANCER SCREENING for cervical and breast cancer. With those flabby man-boobs you have from being obese, you might want to get checked for that yourself, because the reality is that despite your being a giant boob, you apparently are unaware that MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO.

Then you move on to your gay-baiting, when you try to twist a legitimate compliment from Chris Christie into 'man love'.  Seriously, is this the best you could come up with for legitimate criticism?
It displays a terrible lack of imagination on your part that the best you could do was to accuse Governor Christie of 'man love' for Obama when the two of them were working effectively to save lives.

That is what they were supposed to be doing - cooperating to save lives.

You, Rush, had to try to turn that into something sexual, you had to try to make it dirty.

Believe me when I tell you that there is plenty of contamination involved in the flooding; that catastrophe is already more than dirty enough to take a very long time to clean. What we DON'T need is you trying to add to the filth with your personal brand of giant, gas-filled bags of ugly and stupid.

You demonstrate daily that you are not a good critical thinker, and that you are not very well educated Rush, and also that you are a malicious, sexually obsessed hypocrite of giant proportions.  So let me share with you one of the many things about which you seem to be ignorant. The English order of the garter has a motto, honi soit qui mal y pense.  Loosely translated from the medieval French, it means that the only evil present is in the mind of those who have evil thoughts.  That is true of you here, Rush Limp-bone. The only evil here is YOU.  The only sexual perversion here is yours, and those who mistake you for someone either informed, or entertaining.  You are neither.

I'm glad we got that sorted.

Dear Jeb...

cross posted from Penigma:

Dear Jeb

You've been complaining that Obama blames your brother 'Dubya' for what happened during his presidency.

Let me be clear.

It is not ONLY Obama who blames your brother.  We ALL DO.

That is because your brother and his policies were an unmitigated disaster. Your brother was one of the worst presidents in our entire history, and the single WORST president in the past century.

It's not ONLY your brother however, that bears the responsibility of those EPIC FAILURES. It was the neocons and other right wing nuts, groups to which you belong, who have failed policies, failed ideas, and not to mince words here -- failed priorities and values.

Your Republican economic policies frankly suck, especially your tax policies.

Your other Republican domestic policies frankly suck, and the bad ones are too numerous to list here.

Your Republican foreign policies suck worst of all.

So quit your damned whining about your brother; he deserves every bit of blame he gets.

And btw - we don't think much of you, either, after your hanging chad fiasco and voter disenfranchisement and election tampering in Florida. We also still don't believe the lying promises from your party either, and the obstructionist tactics you have employed have justifiably merited the highest disapproval ratings in the history of ratings for Congress.

It is highly unlikely YOU will ever be president; and if you want to know why, look in the mirror - and blame the failures of your brother.  It is because neither of you know how to lead or govern.

Just so we're clear.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

If I wanted to be nice to people I don't like, I'd get a job being a greeter at fucking Walmart

I was going to publish this comment over at Penigma but their commenting section is not allowing me to do so. It's not working properly and won't allow me to type the character strings to validate the comment.

dog gone has written a post about the lying fuckbag Romney's actions in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, "It's about the INTEGRITY stupid." and I was replying to her OP with this comment.
This is Mittmoroni:
"ROMNEY: We cannot — we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. It is simply immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack up larger and larger debts and pass them on to our kids, knowing full well that we’ll all be dead and gone before it’s paid off. It makes no sense at all. (emphasis added) {source:}
"the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign now insists that Romney would keep FEMA in place:

“Gov. Romney believes that states should be in charge of emergency management in responding to storms and other natural disasters in their jurisdictions,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement. “As the first responders, states are in the best position to aid affected individuals and communities, and to direct resources and assistance to where they are needed most. This includes help from the federal government and FEMA.”

A campaign official added that Romney would not abolish FEMA." {source:}
is Mittmoroni's campaign manager.
Just like SoupkitchenPaulie, Mittmoroni is doing some "carin'&sharin'moments" for the cameras.
Lying sacks of crap.

dog gone does a great job at Penigma (and when she posts here) but there are some issues re: commenting that make me comment less there than I might. There is also the issue about my calling fucking liars, "fucking liars" and my profanity in general. In that regard, we (and I mean that, "we", in the sense of me and the lint in my pockets)  are always happier when unfettered by strict--or, to be honest, pretty permissive--rules re: our fucking language.

It is interesting to me that although I see almost no comments here that I'm getting page views that are in a range that is far too high for them to all be misdirects. Some of that might be because the reiKKKwingassholes who are free to say incredibly stupid shit--and to lie with impunity--on a few other blogs I go to are unhappy that their fuckbaggery is not allowed here. Too bad, so sad. And then, of course, some people are just turned off by my nastiness. Being nice to assholemoronz who carry water for the SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front is a non-starter for me.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, The Mittmoroni/Pauliewingnutz axiz of teh Burnin' Stoopit is, once again proving that they are both insincere and tonedeaf. Why they feel the need to keep calling attention to it is simply beyond the understanding of those of us who have rational thought processes. For the majority of USians their transparent humbuggery is obvious and painful to endure. For their committed followers, it just doesn't fucking matter. Their decent, GODfearin', gunztotin', Whollybabble clutchin' base would vote for them and continue to fund them if they were serving dead baby canapes at their fundraisers.  I mean, they are voting for two people, one of whom belongs to a polygamist cult and the other who is a slave to the Whore of Babylon--and calling them both, "christians".  Mass delusion, the name is Teabagnation.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and outrage. If it's not contentless drivel it will get past the moderating function. If it IS contentless drivel (for examples of "contentless drivel", just cruise "FreeRepublic" or any other reiKKKwing blog or the comments section of more tolerant blogs than this one) it will be just another example of stupid people wasting their time to write stupid comments that are only fit to be shoveled onto the same manure pile as their predecessors.

Have a nice fucking day.