Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just a thought...

I was listening to the news and heard that Hulk Hogan was bounced from the WWE because he used "bad language" and racist slurs when speaking about a young man who was dating his daughter.

Aside from the irony, it's all very sadfunny.

One of the local radio personalities was whining about how it was a private conversation and the Huckster had an expectation of privacy, yada-yada-yada...

Well, fuck Mr. Hogan and really, Really, REALLY fuck the people who think that it's okay to use offensive slurs against people who are, as a condition of  birth, gay, black, female, whatev.

Here's something for allathem, "I'm just so tired of being oppressed by the PCPolice!" folks.

Whatever that word or phrase that you like to use in private might be? Try using it in a situation where the people you're offending can kick your ass, or worse.

Otherwise, STFU.

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dog gone said...

Always a pleasure to see you put your thoughts on the page!

Hope you will continue, mon frere!