Friday, September 02, 2011

Over the last two years and eight months, approximately, a number of people whose blogs I spend time at elected to eschew "politics" as a divisive and, ultimately., fruitless endeavor.

We all need to do what we need to do, but when we stop blogging about politics (and politicians) we cede that "marketplace of ideas" to those who are committed to forcing their agenda(s) on the rest of us.

I've been accused of being a marxist (yesterday, by someone who thinks my "belief" in evolution--I don't "believe" in evolution, I accept that the facts of natural history are best explained by the Theory of Evolution--is trumped by his belief in CretinIDiocy).  I've been accused of being a liar, a communist, a liberal, a GODhater, an anti-gun crusader and a number of other things, none of which I am. 

I am someone who does not believe in allowing people who cherry pick their facts; use the Big Book of Celestial Fantasy Beings; repeat--without the least bit of research--ridiculous assertions, intended to demonize their opposition to do so without opposition.

You disagree with me?  fine.  You disagree with me and use lies to support your assertions or simply make assertions with no support?  Uh, fuck you.

The Democratic Party is in disarray, that's sort of the nature of democracies. The GOP is in disarray as well, but their disarray has more to do with cognitive dissonance, dog whistles pitched too high for any but the SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front to hear and long suppressed but never eradicated racist, homophobic, xenophobic and outright paranoic tendencies in the aforementioned SKPF. 

If the history of politics in the USA over the last 40 or so years has taught me anything, it is this.  Playing nice with assholes will not make THEM better people.  It will make the nice people less likely to get what they want in the process of  their governance.

Whether it's economics, fiscal policy, race relations, national security, social support for those less able or unable to provide for themselves, voting rights and a host of other concerns to ALL of us--letting the bullies lead is a horrendously bad idea. 

You don't gotta be like me and pick fights with almost everybody you disagree with, but you do have to show some sack, unless you're willing to give the other side everything they want--regardless that it will never be enough.

A coward and his lunch are soon parted.


Mr. Mack said...

Had this whole response, got eaten by Blogger gremlins. So, I'll do it later over at my place.

democommie said...


I'll cut ans paste it. It will become some more of MY best work:)

Bukko Boomeranger said...

I wonder if reichwing bloggers ever throw in the teabag towel and say "That's it, I quit, I am just so overwhelmed by the tide of Obama socialism that I can't preach to the morons of this country any more." Not being one to waste my time on reading the words of assholes, I don't know.

For the past two or three years, especially since Obama turned out to be such a sell-out, I have paid less attention to political blogs. The R-vs.-D dog-and-pony show seems ever more like a charade to give the sheople a sense that they live in a democracy, when it's really inverted totalitarianism.

I'm reading economics blogs more now. Many of these come at it from a glibertarian perspective, which I don't buy into, but at least they are calling out the fraud of the crony banking system. It's an area where the Left agrees with the Right, although our leftist friends in the U.S. don't get as worked-up about financial matters as the reichies. It's like Leftists consider money to be too dirty for them to bother with. Better to go on about oozy sexual matters than filthy lucre.

Mr. Mack! Always save what you've written before hitting the "Publish" button, especially when you've put some thought into it. Blogremlins eat my stuff from time to time, but I've outwitted them.

Meanwhile Demo, it looks like one of your blogfriends has gone squirrely.

democommie said...

Bukko Canukko:

I, too, have grown quite fed up with the whole political circus. I think, however, that I still like living in this world (especially since it's the only one I'll be living in) enough to not want to put a bullet in my my OWN fucking head when the repuklicans re-take the WH. As bad as Obama is, he holds not a candle to the likes of the GOP's hopefuls.

As far as the squirrels go, my new roommate, Buddy, is in charge of dealing with them. He was a little reluctant to embrace the new responsibility. I fixed myself a little Poulet a'la democommie in a nice veloute sauce with some baby carrots, shallots and pommes bon femme and gave him a bite. He said, "More!". I told him to go after the skwurlz 'cuz they taste azackly th same.

Aaron Kinney said...
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Laci The Dog said...

You mean like Obama who has suddenly become a right wing ninnie?

Yes, the US right needs to be opposed, but are the average TV drugged out US citizens wide awake to do that?

Or are they going to believe the stupid propaganda until they find their guns couldn't really prevent tyranny, it just gave the tyrants a reason to wipe them out?

Dave said...

Demo, with respect, a lot of us give up not because of the nonsense spewing from the right but because of the eternal bickering on the left. People who think Obama is no better than the Republicans are likely to get their wish in 2012, and I’m done with them. I have a family to take care of. If my fellow liberals don’t care what happens in the next election cycle, so be it. I’m going to concentrate my efforts on things that aren’t futile, like putting food on the table and seeing to my kids’ education. If and when the Republicans take the Senate and the White House, we can all come together again against a common enemy. I think that’s what most on the left really want, anyway.

Laci The Dog said...

Dave, I think you are right, but the question is why is the left appearing to do nothing?

Is it because USMSM (includes Public Broadcasting) is pretty much infiltrated by the right?

Ever notice how all of the NPR/PBS programs that deal in “news” analysis can be expected to invite these guests, and you will hear them announced daily, “X,” a senior fellow from the American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, etc., appearing on Morning Edition, The PBS NewsHour, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, etc. Their goal is always to sell out the public interest. Their tentacles are deep into the so-called “news media,” all of the major TV and radio networks, newspapers, news magazines — the entire mass media spectrum.

Often their views are said to be on the programs for “balance,” as though any truth that gets out must be balanced by lies. They constantly scheme to privatize more of the government, to rid the public of Social Security, Medicare and other social programs, and introduce lies with which to combat science, including “we must burn oil and coal, there is no such thing as global warming,” combined with “we must spend more on weapons for the military,” and “we must cut corporate taxes to spur the economy.” There is no hole in the mass media, these lies are scattered over the entire electronic and print corporate-viewpoint media empire.

There needs to be a true peasants' revolt, not the astroturfed tea party bullshit.

democommie said...

Dave and Laci:

You're both right. But you're also both fibbing when you say that you don't care or won't get involved in the process.

The biggest problem with being quiet is that the extreme right (which comprises about a third of the electorate at this point) then gets to say that their "America" is the only one. And Attilla the Hun would nod in approval at their "America"--not because he approves of it, but because he knows it would be a pushover for an opponent of similar bent.

Dave said...

I didn’t say I won’t get involved in the process. I’ll vote. But I won’t blog about it, I won’t make phone calls, I won’t knock on doors … and I won’t waste my time arguing with fellow liberals.

democommie said...


I didn't mean to imply that you said you wouldn't vote.

You've done plenty, so has Laci. Both of you are attorneys and bring your legal expertise to bear on issues. I will miss that, but I understand your position.

I'm dealing with sciatica and a group of "caregivers" who are not listening, so I'm in somewhat more pain than I am accustomed to dealing with.

I think I'll go flame some assholes at Mikeb302000's, Dispatches from the Culture Wars or Southern Beale's new blog.

Dave said...

Sorry about the pain, brother. Keep in touch – you have my e-mail and my cell phone, I believe.

democommie said...


Thanks. Eight days of pretty much constant pain and doctors who simply don't fucking listen.