Friday, September 03, 2010

From me to you.

Happy Labor Day. I wonder if the Reichtards understand the meaning of the holiday. They like to shout that "Freedom isn't free", but I wonder if they know that they have commies like Samuel Gompers and the rest of that commie cabal that formed the first labor unions in this country to thank--for getting them the day off.


Bukko Boomeranger said...

I am so glad that at my last three jobs, I was able to belong to a union. In Oz and Canuckrainia, it's a matter of course that they're there. Nobody had to fight for the right to organize (although in 1985 in Melbourne, nurses had a hella-strike that upended the Victorian state government, and they've been an ass-kicking political force to deal with ever since.) Thanks to the union in San Francisco, I made excellent wages, and they pay's been pretty good -- although not S.F. good -- in the other countries.

Then I compare that to working as a nurse in a lot of places in Florida, and my previous career in the nooz biz. No workers' rights. Even at your sister's paper, which was the only decent-paying journalism job I ever had, no chance of unions.

And I got screwed, blued and tattooed on so many jobs. The only right I had was the right to quit. Whoopee, in America you're not allowed to be held in slavery! Otherwise, workers, no matter how skilled they were or how much institutional knowledge they had, were no better than temps from Manpower. Bosses didn't give a shit. You were a body, a piece of meat to plug a hole in the schedule, and if you wanted something, fuck you, you can be replaced. Which goes a long way to explaining why things are so shitty when you want service at many American companies.

In my union jobs, I haven't seen any of the featherbedding that anti-union jacklegs complain about. If I want to empty a trash can, I can do so, without having to call on the Trash Can Emptyers Local 613 to do so. People who say shit like that goes on, I think they're lying their asses off.

Damn, I could rant about this for way more than the 5,000 characters that Blogger allows. It's Labour Day in Canada, too. Different date in Australia. All I got to say is "Go Unions!"

Dave said...

As Bruce would say: “The dogs on Main Street howl, ’cause they understand …”

Happy Labor Day Demo!

democommie said...

Dave and Bukko:

I just knew this would bring out my wild-eyed radical bros a lot quicker than the "Everything Quiche" post that I had planned for this slot.

The unions certainly have their problems, but without the unions you got:

No job guarantee
No right to strike
No 40 Hour Work Week
No Medical Benefits
No Retirement
No Paid Vacation
No Paid Holidays

Of course the idiots will say, "I get all of those things WITHOUT being in a union.". That is absolutely true and you're all fucking leeches who don't deserve the benefits but, unlike management, the union benefits ALL employees.

SeattleDan said...

A Happy Labor Day to you all, Comrades. And for your enjoyment, the link is to Billy Bragg:

Dave said...

Damn right, Demo. I had a friend in college who was an exchange student from the north of England, near the border with Scotland, where people are poor, mostly laborers (or labourers) and tend towards radical socialism/communism. She once asked me why there was no appreciable communist movement in the U.S. and I didn’t have a ready answer. But over the years it’s occurred to me that in America, the fact that we attained unionization through both organizing and then legislating protections for unions meant there was no need for, and really no appeal to, communism. Unions and their allies in the legislature secured all the benefits Demo identifies and then some … an, in fact, led to the creation of the American middle class.

It’s too bad that so many folks in the middle class today have forgotten their union roots.

And Seattle D – Billy Bragg, FTW!!!

Dave said...

And speaking of Billy Bragg, Dano, I’ll see your “Internationale” and raise you “There Is Power in a Union” … Happy Labor Day, everybody. And turn it up!

democommie said...

Poor Weirdy Beardy:

He left a note saying, "I'm off to work!"

This is apparently his way of saying that he hates unions just as much as he lovz his gunz. Oh, well, co-morbidity amongst the disintelligentsia is not a strange phenomenon.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

What a fuckwit QueeredBeard must be. Is he happy he's working when many amongst the rest of the populace has a holiday? If that's so, he's a chump, a slave who's happy to be picking cotton for his owner. The reichtards who think they're being so anti-establishment! They're licking the soles of their masters' boots and exclaiming how good the taste is.

FWIW, I'm at work now. Can't put the sick people in suspended animation overnight, even on holidays. But I'm getting paid an ungodly large amount per hour for each of the seven hours past midnight that I'm here. (And in Australia, I would have gotten an even ungodlier sum, like the 900-foot-Jeebus of salaries, for working midnight shift on a public holiday.) Thank the unions for that!

democommie said...

Oh, dear! Mr. WB is over here whining, AGAIN. He doesn't like it when people treat him like the asshole that he is.

Here's a newsflash fuckhead, stay off this blog and you don't have to deal with it. Poor, poor, pitiful you.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

Demo, you are like the Jeebus of your blog. Just as Jesus suffered to take the weight off us sinners (in that fantasy Sky Wizard novel known as Teh Holey Bibble) so do you suffer by reading the troll-hole's comments in order that we don't have to see them. Bless you, Brother, for protecting us.

What kind of a fukwit obsessively writes comments that don't stand a chance of seeing the light of pixels? The answer is, a fuckwit who's obsessed with YOU, Demo. He loves ya, man. He doesn't care if anyone else sees his words, but he knows that YOU are reading them before you delete them. Even though he can't touch you physically, he's able to touch you with his words. I think he would lick your bits if he could. I realize his attention is disgusting to you, but now you know how every good-looking woman feels many times during her life with persistent, unwanted suitors.

democommie said...

Bukko Canukko:

As fun as it might be to agree with you, I gotta think it's more that he's being a petulant childish troll who knows that he's not welcome here but is determined to stamp his feet and get red in the face. Now, having said that the tone of his comments is all "happy go lucky", but I think it covers up a very miserable individuals feelings of inadequacy. I've been told that he's not really a very nice person--this information was not news to me--by other folks.

Like most RWA's he's only truly happy when he can be shitty to others and have them join in with him and pretend that he really IS a brilliant individual. Why the fuck he continues to come here, where he's considered a piece of shit is beyond me. Masochism?

Richard said...

Ask a Major League ballplayer what he thinks of unions. Back when I was growing up, Don Demeter, the Tigers centerfielder, lived in my very middle-class subdivision. Today, thanks to the players association (uh, UNION) hit 2-fitty like he did and they pay you ONE....MILLION....DOLLARS (insert Dr. Evil laugh here). You'd think the average everyday idiot (teabagger) would be able to make the connection but I guess in order to make even the most elemental of constructs one must have at least 2 connected synapses. Also, I never knew there was a 5000 charecter reply limit. Hmmm. Do I have enough left to a. wish you a happy Labor Day and, b. point out that MICHIGAN SUCKS? ('Cause they do...)

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

The problem isn't that the MLB Players Association is able to get its members ridiculous salaries. The problem is that a lot of the boneheads that rail about "unions" think that every union member is paid princely wages for loafing, while the millionaire/billionaire corporatists are earning every dime of their meager 7, 8 or 9 figure "compensation" packages. In addition a fair number of the idiots ARE retired from jobs with guaranteed pensions and medical care. The disconnect from reality would be stunning except that it is and has been pervasive in the RWA ranks since at least 1980.

democommie said...

Sorry, Richard, my bad, I read Dave's earlier comment and just had his and yours confused.

My Red Sox are toast, I do believe.

democommie said...

Mr. Wired Beard wants to know, now, if I've ever heard of Occam's Razor. Why, yes, yes I have.

From wiki (not an absolute authority but close enough for now):

"Occam's razor (or Ockham's razor[1]) is the principle that "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" (entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem). The popular interpretation of this principle is that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one"

And it would apply in this case to my saying that WB is a fucking asshole who just doesn't get that his comments are not welcome here. It's got nothing to do with right or wrong; it's got to do with not being interested in having uninvited, unwanted commenters wasting their time or mine.

He obviously doesn't get it. He's, also obviously, self-employed--either that or he's fucking his employer out of money he isn't earning while he wastes his time here.

democommie said...

It appears that Whack Beard is off his meds, again.

He seems to think that his cryptic little notes are somehow precious.

I gotta admit that he's an annoying fuck, but then again yappy little dogs generally are. As is the case with yappy little dogs, you have to keep checking under the furniture to see if they've shit in the house.

democommie said...

Well, I knew it would only be a matter of time before fuckface brought a few of his asshole friends around to give him some amoral support. you people really are pathetic. You hate unions, you hate people who aren't so afraid of life that they have to have guns in their hands to ward off the ravening hordes.

You're all poseurs. You're nothing but a bunch of silly fucks who think you're real men. I'll take my soft-hearted lefty friends over you chickenhawks every day of the week.

Nice try, dickheads--actually, no, it's pretty sad that you lame fucks think that you have anything to say here.

democommie said...

Will wonders never cease?

Ignorant asshole mikey w., the guy who luvz the GAY as much as he luvs gunz is back after a long (but nowhere near long enough) absence. Poor mikey, I guess helping out the teh GAY (without letting all of his gunloonz palz know about it!) has just kept him too dern bizzy to come over here.

Well, mikey, nothing's changed. You're still a shit and you're still not welcome here.

democommie said...

Ah, so now mikey's friend, Wet Beard is here to defend mikey's record on supporting teh GAY rights. See, the thing is this, dumbfuck, nobody here IS anti-gay--except for the folks who come in to drop their bons mal--people like you. Fortunately, I have a pooperscooper for just such occassions. Buh-bye.

Maybe mikey will come by later and furnish that archive of pro-gay comments that he's been making for the last 10 or so years. I'll not hold my breath while waiting. said...

I wonder if the Reichtards understand the meaning of the holiday.

Well, let's see. How many labor leaders were on the Bobblehead shows this weekend? The count I saw said ONE.


One labor leader on the Labor Day Weekend talk shows. That tells you something right there.

People think Labor Day is just another day off.

democommie said...

Southern Beale:

No, no, no; you just don't get it.

It IS just another day off, much like MLK Day or them other holidays that don't celebrate American Jingoexceptionalism or JESUS (New Year's Day is not a holiday it's a day for curing hangovers).

democommie said...

Mr. Wormy Beard is still out there throwing stones at the windows to get some attention.

He asks if I, like Bukko Canukko, openly hate homosexuals. The fact that he is completely full of shit when he makes such a statement has no bearing on his doing so. Unlike mikey who SEZ he supports teh GAY rights as much as he does the gunz rightz, I'm on record, on several blogs--going back at least 5 or 6 years, defending gays and their rights. Now weirdy and mikey say they support gays but they don't seem to be able to produce a track record in that regard--and no, I'm not going anywhere but here to read any of your bullshit. Perhaps he and mikey are lurking over at and confusing "Jesus' General" with some non-satirical blog/website--that would in fact be their FAIL. No matter, they are always allowed to think and say whatever they like--they just don't get to say it here.

democommie said...

democommie said...
Now poor weird one is saying that I'm a bigot and that rational people will realize my views are wrong. Hmmm, he must be screen capping and showing the caps to his pals 'cuz he's the only "rational" person (in his own fevered little brain) who comes here, despite his being as welcome as a dose of the clap, and trying to make his lonely life a little brighter. Go play with your guns and yourself, you deserve a break.

democommie said...

Oh, noes! weirdy is calling me names again!! Quelle horreur!!!

He keeps calling me a bigot and says that I'm anti-gay (although he can't seem to find anything that I've said that is demonstrative of bigotry--towards anyone but contrarian douchebags like him and fire team--in this or any other blog) or that is anti-gay in nature. But I guess when you haven't got much to work with you have to do what you can.

democommie said...

Ah, jeez, weirdie, your desperation is palpable. You stupid git. You want me to prove that I'm not a bigot? Go ask around fuckhead. I know how you like to lurk at places like Southern Beale and MikeB30200. Ample proof at either of those places. More to the point, shit-for-brains I'm not the one who has such an empty life that I have to go commenting on threads where I know that I'm unwelcome and have no shot at changing any minds. You and your dumbfuck gunnutz palz have nothing to talk about but your "right" to own and display weapons. Grow the fuck up, or not, your choice, but you know as well as I do that assholez like you and mikey aren't getting any traction here. You also know that the few other commenters I actually do get her, think you guys are delusional morons. S'okay, keep on commenting, they all enjoy a good laugh.

Dave said...

Dang, Brother Demo, sorry I’ve been missing out on all the fun! Too bad I wasn’t around to tell your trolls they can kiss my Irish union-loving arse.

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

Howudoon? You didn't miss much. It's been kinda like the situation where the local numbnuts teenagers are trying to impress themselves and each other by getting drunk and tipping over outhouses. It's a silly prank and it makes them feel good, so what's the downside for them. Oh, I know, they look like immature douchebags but, hey, it gives 'em something to talk about while they're hangin' out at the CircleK.

Dave said...

Well, Demo, everything’s fine out here on the prairie. Kinda glad fall’s coming around, to tell you the truth. Long hot summer, and all that. Hope all is well with you.

democommie said...

Ol weirdy keeps leaving his little notes which are designed, solely, to piss me off. Why anyone would spend that much time and energy, and yet, claim that they are not just eaten up with rage is beyond me. I see him and mikey both as being small boys who, being denied entry into someplace, stand around and make disparaging remarks.

I have to surmise that his repeated attempts to anger me (and you know that's what they are, sonny) are just his way of calling out for attention. Like the president said about his paymasters the other day, "They're talking about me like I'm a dog". Woof. Of course his masters piss down his neck and tell him it's raining.

democommie said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk; I notice that the asshole commenter weirdy is using shorter and shorter notes. Perhaps, soon, he'll discover the beauty of just shutting fuck up when no is listening.

He sez of his comments:

"It doesn't take that much time or energy.". Based on their content I'd say they take even less thinking.

democommie said...

Weirdy sez "who's wasting whose time?" Well, since you're leaving your place to come over here I'd have to say you. But you seem to enjoy it.

You say I'm wasting my time writing long hate filled incoherent ones. Well, apparently to someone like yourself who's just too fucking dense to know the smell of shit when they're swimming it. But, hey, you want short, pithy remarks. Okay, fuck off.