Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The choice

Good morning, all you beautiful people: Jim Voorhies ( posed an interesting thought over at his place. Who should we vote for, bearing in mind that the recession we haven't been in for the last year or so, will be found hidden in Nancy Pelosi's hard drive on 1/22/09? No, those were not Jim's exact words--I'm not sure if they're mine either--read his piece. Anyhoo, I think it makes a difference who we vote for(subliminal message:OBAMAOBAMAOBAMA) because of the following reasons (among others): A.) Getting our foreign policy and military readiness situation in order. B.) Watching the genuine conservatives (yes, the do exist) tell the talibanigelicals to have a huge helping of STFU hot dish. C.) SCotUS, SCotUS, SCotUS. Besides if Obama gets elected we might wind up eating dog food. If McStain gets the job, we might wind up eating the dog.


Joe Visionary said...

A delicious clip, for the record.

Daily Kos -Wed Oct 01, 2008

mutzali said...

demo, it's gonna hafta be Obama. I've tried kibble (I was 6 at the time), and it'll do in a real pinch, but my dog is old and tough, and I think she can take me in a fight.

michael, claudia and sierra said...

i voted today
went obama

now i just hope he wins and hope he can really make a positive change

i cant wait for it all to be over - the election, i mean...

democommie said...

joe visionary:

Great clip. Always nice to hear from you.


I was just thinking this morning that it's a good thing Barack Obama's first name wasn't Alan. That would have made some heads 'splode. I like "
Tender Vittles better than Alpo.


Your visit reminds me that I haven't been to your blog ( often enough, of late. I am hoping all of my menions and womenions go there--although the photo at the head of that chicken stock post may give them pause!

Fran said...

Demo, sadly I completely adore and understand the line about the dog food and the dog.

Joe, I love that video!

democommie said...


Oh, yeah.

If you've ever read Clavell's "King Rat", well, that's all I can say about that. It's not really all I can say, but some of my readers have a gag reflex and I don't want to be responsible for their keyboard cleaning bills.

Anonymous said...

Twelve more days, people. Twelve more days!