Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tell me again how racism is a dead issue

This link: will take you to a blog that has a photo of a lovely piece of GOP campaign literature. Masterful artwork combined with polite but firm political rhetoric makes the message clear; "We're not sure if that uppityletist Obama feller is a nigrah or a mooslim (prolly both), but he'll take away our guns and money, make us have our churches marry fags and kill our babies." It would be bad enough if this reprehensible piece of dreck existed in isolation--it does not. As of the beginning of this week, Barack Obama became Willie Horton. The rotting, foul-smelling ghost of Lee Atwater is no doubt proud of his legacy of hate. Karl Rove's new sockpuppet, Sarah Palin, is now being used to spread the message that bHUSSEINobama is a scary BLACKmuslimtraitorMAN. It has been reported that supporters of Palin have been heard shouting "Kill him" at the mention of Obama's name. Since the GOP has devised no legitimate way to counter the steady, reasonable method in which Obama has conducted his presidential campaign--or, apparently any way to get JohnnyPOW or the ImPalinator to do something similar, it has fallen back on the tried and true option of race baiting. When you speak to your republican friends, assuming you have some, please direct them to the link that I furnished at the top of the post. They'll either react with revulsion or, if they're rovians, tell you it's just not that bad. Shame on the GOP for doing things like this (I don't care how much they deny it--they own it) and shame on us if we let them get away with it, again.

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