Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Princess with the peabrain.

I know that going after Sarah Palin is like gigging beached whales but that doesn't mean I'll stop any time soon. I saw the video of her being asked, by Katie Couric, what newspapers she reads (or did read) to get her information. She couldn't name one. I know there are a lot of suspect publications out there like WaPo, NYT, Seattle PI, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Miami Herald, ummm Anchorage Daily Times... Then of course there are the birdcage liners of record such as WorldNet Daily, The National Enquirer, New York Daily News, Boston Herald and of course the Washington (End)Times. Poor Sarah, she's just suffering from information overload. She's never really had to remember anything much more complicated than some of her old HS cheers: "Two, four, six, eight--How do we eviscerate?"!" Most of the time, rather than worrying about actually knowing both sides of an argument she can just spin the magic GODball on her desk and get the answer: "Where would JESUS build the mall? Why, right next to the mink farm, silly." Now, to be fair, Sarah has had to go from being the largely disengaged governor of a small frontier state to being a candidate for the job that is one faltering heartbeat from the presidency. But, hey, W proved it can be done (granted that he had a much larger economy, in Texas, to practice fucking up). Perhaps if Sarah could execute a few rape victims, or perps--whatever, and learn to treat all who disagree with her (not just staffers, local officials and ex-in-laws) with utter contempt and as traitors, she will be able to look, even at this late juncture, a bit more pretendsidential.

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Nomi said...

Seriously, I feel sorry for her children ( all of them ) and grandchildren.