Sunday, October 05, 2008

Other than smarts, what's Hillary got that Sarah ain't?

This is most of a comment that I put up elsewhere, in response to my someone who objected to my comparing Sarah Palin with a "hooker" re: her winking, smiling and mugging for the camera during her recent "debate" with Joe Biden. He wanted to know if I would have been AS insulting, in a sexist way, if McCain had picked a man--obviously he has no idea about the esteem in which I hold that steaming dung heap, JohnnyPOW. " think that's improper? tough shit. If McCain had picked a man as vacuuos, vapid and vainglorious as the ImPalinator you can bet your ass that I would be at least as insulting--and probably not stretching the truth all that much. McCain, by picking Palin, insults the intelligence of every thinking American--if he and his runningdoginlipstick mate can't handle the blowback, too bad. When someone like Sarah Palin uses her femininity as a campaign tool, she opens the door for the criticism that follows. Sarah Palin is not quite a hooker; she's more like a stripper, acting as if she's going to give you something you want, in exchange for your attention and money. At least you get some sort of relief when you spend time with a prostitute--all I get from watching GOD'S OWN governor do her "Poll dance" is a headache." He did not bring up Hillary Clinton BUT I will. Hillary Clinton has been lambasted, since at least 1991 for being, simultaneously, a weak, emotioanally fraught, hysterical shrew AND a cold, calculating, murderous, machiavellian bitch. Hillary is as tough as they get, imo, and can handle her own fights. Sarah Palin is touted, by her handlers and the mindless fucking zombies ( I hope that doesn't seem too harsh) that support her "Americageddon First" politics all go on and on about Sarah Palin.. They say she's as tough as a pitbull. If she's gonna be tough enough to run the country from an undisclosed location when JohnnyPOW infarcts or strokes out, then she'd better develop a skin at least as thick as one of the moose she likes to field dress. I have gotten more than a bit of criticism, including being called a misogynist, because I have said things about women, like Sarah Palin, that are not "gender neutral". Sorry, if you read me that way, but I am no more anti-woman than I am anti-man. I am anti-asshole and when the assholes label themselves as "...", they are going to be attacked using the label and whatever pejorative fits the occassion. I went to see Cheryl Wheeler (singer songwriter) last night. She was a hoot. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt of some sort. She apologized for her appearance and said she would have dressed up but "...when I saw that Sarah Palin was wearing the same outfit that I had inteneded to wear this evening while debating Joe Biden..." That brought the house down. I'm not sure if she's gay, but she's definitely a lesbian and very, very comfortable with her life. If McCain picked a woman like her, well, we can all have our fantasies.


When's the next bus to Oswego? said...

Hi Terry - I've been enjoying your blog. Agree 100% with all your observations on Gov. Mooselini. See you at the next Jazz Combo show.

When's the next bus to Oswego? said...

Oops, meant to sign that Oswego note. - Ranjit

democommie said...

Hi, Ranjit:

Thanks for stopping by. I was called a "dick" by the same guy in a later comment. He didn't like my explanation, so he calls me a "dick"--no apparent irony. Would I call Sarah Palin a hooker to her face? depends on whether she was armed. Would I call a man a gigolo if I thought the appelation fitting--absoluetly. JohnnyPOW McStain is not a gigolo, though. No, JohnnyPOW is a pimp, he's pimping Sarah to the KKKristian reich. Damn, did I just do it again.

Fran said...

Do I think you're right on target with your characterization of Palin?

You betcha.

Do I think you're a misogynist for it?

Hell no. She's a twit. A very dangerous twit.

Nomi said...

Cheryl Wheeler is claimed by Rhode Island although she lives technically in Mass. (and is originally from Maryland, I think) -- she is wonderful to listen to --her songs and stories...and has written songs that others have made famous.

Demo, dear, I have "known" you now for some time, and detect no misogyny in your rants.

SPalin is reaping what she sows.

Did you see Frank Rich's column about her yesterday, chilling...

Anonymous said...

The irony is, Demo, the Repubs like Sarah Palin for the most sexist of all reasons: ’Cuz they think she’s cute. I stress they think she’s cute;’cuz for my part, I lived through the 1980’s and I don’t ever, ever, ever want to go back there again. Ever.

But seriously, they’re all – the Republican “men,” that is – in love with her. Or in lust. They’re all walking around with those stupid, shit-eating grins on their faces like a buncha drooling middle schoolers with a pre-teen crush. It’s nauseating to see them debase themselves over this half-wit. It really is.

Grow the hell up, you losers! She’s making you look like … well, like the complete assholes you really are, I suppose.

Oh, sorry. Did I say that out loud?

Richard said...

Charges of "sexism" in the instant case baffle me.

I don't have to tell you that we have enjoyed a long, successful history in this country of demeaning people we mean to demean by using four-letter synonyms for their genitalia: e.g. "He's a d--k." Or, "She's a c--t."

Since, as has been pointed out since the dawn of time, everybody has one, asshole is necessarily gender-nuetral.

I very much doubt that any of this will ever change.

I'm with you. Who care what you call them? What bothers me most about both ends of the GOP ticket is not the fact that one is a d--k and the other is a c--t, it is that they are, both of them, evil people of the highest (lowest?) order. They demean our politics and, by extension, our country.

mutzali said...

Calling one woman on her faults doesn't make you a misogynist. Allowing her to stand as "Everywoman" IS misogynist. I find I have nothing in common with Palin other than anatomy, and the fact that she speaks English (sort of). There is nothing of my heart, mind, or soul that I see in her.

Just as it is sexist to say you'd never vote for a candidate just because she's a woman, it is also sexist to say you'd vote for this person who is devoid of ethics (and clues) just BECAUSE she's a woman.