Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah in goal, no save.

If you ever needed a reason to root against the Philadelphia Flyers: Sarah Palin dropped the puck at the home opener of the Flyers against the NY Rangers According to the story: ""The NHL said it did not view the Flyers’ invitation to be politically motivated. “Governor Palin is a supporter of the sport, which she has proclaimed publicly,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. “As a public figure who has a very public connection with hockey, her recent associations with the Flyers and other NHL franchises is not surprising and, in our view, not inappropriate.” There were no apparent signs of protest outside the arena, and one fan held a sign that read “Vote Obama” behind New York’s net. A few other held “Obama-Biden” signs behind her."" So, a vice-presidential candidate appearing at a venue with say, 15,000 people in it, during a political campaign is NOT political. I'm fairly certain if Obama jogged onto the field for a coin toss between two NFL teams or threw out the first pitch in a MLB game the reichwingers would be on it immediately. Of course it was nice of the NHL to ask Governor Palin, whom they never heard of until about 40 days ago, to just drop on by. There was a happy ending; the NY Rangers improved to 4-0. It was probably the Obama supporter behind the NY net, hexxing the Flyers. I'll bet Sarah, the Arctic Fox, wishes she'd brought her witchdoctor doctor with her. BULLETIN, BULLETIN, BULLETIN:


No Blood for Hubris said...

; )

(that was a Palin-esque wink)

democommie said...

no blood foe hubris:

My, you are up early.

I think you need to get a new pony for your blog. I'm thinking a Concerntrollpony would be a great thing to have. I may have to get one myself.

I'm thinking about changing my blogs name to: "I AM the nicest fucking person you'll ever meet, jerk!" in order to attract the trolls, so I can diss them here, so you don't have to diss them there.

MJS said...

I think you should charge a troll tax, then leverage the hell out of it!


Richard said...

According to the official NHL game summary, the attendance for Saturday's Rangers/Flyers game at Philadelphia's Foreclosure Center was 19,623. Using demographic attendance data compiled by the league over the past several seasons, we can extrapolate from this that the number of blacks at the game was approximately none. Which means it was 19,00o white folk booing Palin's ass--and God bless them for it. I only wish one of the team captains taking that ceremonial face-off, Chris Drury of New York or Mike Richards of Philadelphia, had taken his stick and put it right in her mouth. Sure it would have been a 5-minute major, but what the hell. Talk about making a statement. Isn't that what wearing the "C" is all about? (Or, for our Canadian friends, ah-BOOT?)

democommie said...


And Sarah showed so much class by bringing along her daughter. BTW, does the pregnant daughter still look preggers? Isn't she supposed to be about 6-1/2 months about now?

Anne Johnson said...

The YouTube doesn't do it justice. She was roundly and soundly booed. There were 400 very rowdy protesters out in front of the venue where she had a fundraiser. The protesters heckled Palin and the people attending the bash.

Democrats outnumber Republicans 6-1 in Philly. It is a huge union town, where racist longshoremen are sucking up and planning to vote for a black guy. Sarah would have been better served to spend her Saturday evening at home with her needy young baby.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Y'know, I haven't paid any attention to hockey since Messier retired and split up w/Gretzky (the Cup race of '94 was when my NYC best friend MADE me learn/watch hockey as the Rangers beat the 52-year hex), b/c the new owners were TOO CHEAP TO KEEP THEM. Idiots. They could've done it over and over again, but nooooooooo, of COURSE they hadda fuck it up over MONEY.

And y'know, as entertaining as the Flyers defeat is in the karmic sense, it's just not quite enough.

A flying hockey-puck RIGHT BETWEEN HER SQUINTY LITTLE FERRET-EYES, now THAT would've been something approximating "justice"!!!

Hey, I can dream, right?

Actually, I'd rather impale her garage-door of a cunt on a hockey stick, if only to keep her from churning-out even more of her cooter-splooge spawn and pissing into the gene pool, but basically because it's what anti-feminist whores like her want to do to THE REST OF US.

democommie said...


Would you consider ruffling JohnnyPOW's hair, just the oncet? I want to be there when he says the "C" word to you--and I ain't talkin' cancer.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The thought of MILF Mooseturd 1982 bending over to drop the puck makes me hot enough to leave puddles on the ice! I'm visualising a Flyers' mesh jersey, no bra, Freddie Kreuger face mask, huge goalie gloves and a thong. Oh yeah, and knee-high black vinyl lace-up ice skates. With extra-sharp blades. Gotta excuse myself now...