Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sarah and JohnnyPOW, the gifts that keep on grifting

Good Morning: Well, my Red Sox are tanking, the NE Patsies are headed for a losing season, the Celtics--who knows, the Bruins--I'm not sure I care. The team I'm concerned about is Obama/Biden. Is it just me, or has Joe Biden sort of dropped off the radar? I hear very little about him, even on NPR and don't see his name splashed all over the deadtree press, the colored picture box or the internets tubes. I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing. It must mean he's not making a lot of gaffes in his public appearances or interviews. However, it seems that a large part of the lack of coverage on Joe B. has more to do with the fact that he's not JohnnyPOW/Sarah the ImPalinator. Via Mudflats blog ( we have more on Troopergate. It appears that the tame personnel board, with whom the governor filed a complaint--against herself--hired an investigator that's a frikkin' democrat, a democrat who contributed to the Arctic Fox's opponent in the last gubernatorial race. Go read it. Add to that the videos (not CNN or Fox) that are a much more auditorily accurate depiction of the reception that the McHuntress received at the Flyers/Rangers game last weekend and, well, in the current journalistic clime, it begs to written about. Of course JohnnyPOW is touting his new and improved economic plan (what is this, the 4th in a series?) that will see the Joe Sixpacker's getting screwed while guaranteeing the savings of his "middle class" (over $250K/annum) friends. I wonder if Cindy has ditched the pearls for some Sarah Coventry gewgaws--she can always borrow something from Sarah. Some of you, dear readers, may ask: "Why does demo pick on poor, poor pitiful Sarah and that POWARHERO all the time--why is demo such a prick?" Well, my friends, because in my own profane, obscene and insultingly low-brow way--I put MY country first. And in my country, I want some leaders, not just a pair of wrongheaded rulers.


Jim Voorhies said...


Joe's in Ohio, campaigning away. Rich Trumpka, introduced hom with a great quote: for a middle class voter to vote for McCain “is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders, and if the Republicans get in, you’re gonna get plucked!”

mutzali said...

Yeah, demo, I got tired of the "My country, right or wrong" crap back in the 70's.

George said...

My Friends:
What's all the fuss?
Being a prick just comes naturally to me. Howz' about McHunt's soon to be son-in-law Levi missing the cut off date for registering to vote? Who wudda thunk?

democommie said...


That sounds like classic passive aggression to me.