Saturday, October 04, 2008

I was over at the General's place the other day and asked: "Hey, is there any "Palinporn" coming out of Sherman Oaks, yet? I mean it's been a month and a week, those folks are usually quicker than chinese dvd pirates." and was answered by another loyal food soldier in the mechanizical infantry. "Dear democommie- It appears your instincts are spot-on as usual." So, it appears that my fantasy was not, in fact, so fantastic as all that. Sarah Palin/the McCain campaign, have made much of her folksiness, beauty paegant skills and KKKristianity. The porn stuff, not so much. I'm just curious what you, dear readers, think about beauty queen/political animals. I can't think of any good left leaning spokeswomen who are from that background, but I'm open to your input. Right now I have to go see about figuring out how to get the fucking suirrels out of my house. I've killed 7 and I just saw another one in the attic space. I could see him, not because of my x-ray vision, but becaues there are no ceilings in the house and no insulation in most of it. It has been getting nippppppppppppy. Ciao, for now.

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