Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Never say never.

Having finished the champagne and twinkies I am back to my usual churlish form. Some strange things are occurring the last few days. Game 5 of the WSoMLB (I think it looks cool that way, like SCotUS) was suspended because of inclement weather, rain. I think we are getting that rain in Oswego today. It's coming in sideways. Police in Arakansas arrested a pair of neo-nazi shitheads who were "planning" on beheading 14 african-americans and shooting 88 more. It was reported that these numbers mean something special to the white supremacy movement. A police spokesman said that the plan was not very far advanced or sophisticated. I'm still waiting for the reichwing to start blaming the liberals for this--I'm sure it won't be long. John McCain is trumpeting his abilities as a seer. He says the pundits are gonna get egg all over their faces when he and the McHuntress win the election. Two of the three of these I sorta understand--but that last one, wtf? Is McDivotface smokin' the same cigarettes as me? The "centrists" (so called) of the GOP are jumping ship in droves. It appears that the ImPalinator is bringing the Whackomoms (and dads) out in large numbers--and shooing the independents in much larger numbers. I honestly can't see how McCain could win at this point, but then again I didn't see how Bush could get one term, never mind two, in the WH. You all really need to impress upon your family and friends that nothing can be taken for granted. Every vote DOES count. I spent most of Sunday going up and down the ladder to plug holes in fascia that the squirrels were using to gain access. I caught one inside and trapped him out this morning (walnut oil and peanute butter is great bait). He is now communing with his seven squirrel brethren who preceded him in death. I hate squirrels, unless they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out in the woods. I gotta get back to work.


Nomi said...

I heard a little clip of McCain on the radio, saying something about the "pundints". ( "pungents"??)

Seriously, is there more than one pronunciation for that word?

democommie said...


Do you mean the "Punt it's"? It's prolly just McCainglish.

Arkinsaw said...

I'm with you Democommie! I hate squirrels! Could you come by here and get the little bastards that keep wanting to get into my house? One actually did last summer...chewed right through my screen door!

And hey, only one of those ignorant white boys was from Arkansas. They other was from Tennessee. And anyway the Arkansas kid's father said his son would never do anything like that.

Jeez I hate sharing the planet with people like that. The human family is just one big dysfunctional mess.

democommie said...


Screen wire doesn't even slow 'em down much. They will chew through light guage "hardware cloth". The one I trapped today was trying to dig his way out through two thicknesses of 1/2" plywood. I baited the trap and left for a few hours, when I came back he had had his last supper.

This is where you go to find out about how to deal with those tree rats:

Richard said...

Speaking of having them right where you want them...
McInsane held a rally today (Thurs) in lovely Defiance, OH. He drew a crowd of 6000. MSNBC sez most were "forced labor":

A local school district official confirmed after the event that of the 6,000 people estimated by the fire marshal to be in attendance this morning, more than 4,000 were bused in from schools in the area. The entire 2,500-student Defiance School District was in attendance, the official said, in addition to at least three other schools from neighboring districts, one of which sent 14 buses.

democommie said...


Are we speaking of students or factulty? If they're students, wtf are they doing at a political event during school hours. Submitting them to McDivotface and the Whackadiva's shtick is cruel and unusual punishment.