Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fill in drivel, talk amongst yourselves

Good Morning: I was going to put up a lengthy post about how the vote on the failed house version of the BTBTACOMT (Bill To Buttfuck The American Consumer One More Time) broke down along the lines of who needed to vote against it, or for it, to save their sorry asses in the upcoming election. But, then I remembered it's Sarah's big day and I wanted to keep the internets tubes (at least those that I control) clear of anything that might keep her wit and wisdom from making the impact that it should on the American Intellect. I got something for you though. It came from here: Thank you, Bridgett. It directs yoy to go here: to see the video featuring Rich Trumka, Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO and former President of the United Mine Workers, addressing,” in the context of Obama’s candidacy, “the issue of racism among working class people. Please take the time and pass it on. Oh, and make sure you have an extra wastebasket to puke in when the pundits give Sarah the Impalinator points for being cute, perky and clueless.


Anonymous said...

Demo, Richard Kindcaide a/k/a Rueben Drones has a joint up over at his place comparing and contrasting Joe Biden and Bible Spice (with props to Pam Spaulding and Jesus’ General for that!) on the subject of that Roe v. Wade thing. Interesting reading, ask me. You oughta head on over and check it out.

Hint: Biden sounds like he actually knows what he’s talking about. Bible Spice … not so much.

Fran said...

Well I have to admit that she presented well, as long as you didn't listen to her. I found it amazing how deftly she redirected the questions she didn't want to answer. Like she'd had practice doing that or something!

Nomi said...

What the f was with the Winking!?

this better not become some new political trend.

democommie said...


She probably visited Jesus' General and thought, "Well if it's good enough for MY LORD AND SAVIOR--JEEEEEEEEEEEEZUS", then, it's good enough for me.