Friday, October 03, 2008

Appearing Vice-Presidential , hallelujah!

The downside is I don't get to watch any sports. The upside is I don't get to watch any politics. By now the pundits have weighed in on the "debate" of last evening, between Biden and Palinrovebot. It appears that Sarah did very well. She bloviated, rambled, prevaricated, mis-directed or just flat out lied, depending on the required response to most if not all of the "questions" asked of her. Much is made, on the reichwing of the GOP about Joe Biden's gaffes--the ImPalinator's? not so much. There is also quite a bit of hoopla re: the McHuntress' "fauxlksiness". I think Sarah did her job quite well. Her appearance reassured the Baseboobs that if she becomes VP she will be at least as devious, self-righteous, and secretive as the DorkLordCheney. She is quite a few years younger and so should improve her skills in that area as time goes on. Concerns about her abilities vis-a-vis using the power and resources of her office to settle personal scores have long since been laid to rest. Sarah Palin--the woman to turn to for leadership; when lipstick, lies and a killer slapshot are enough.


Richard said...

I only swear in front of the child from time to time (profanity is to language --or verbage -- as paprika is to food) but when The Child, my High School freshman, asked me about the debate last night I said, "That is one cold, heartless bitch and you ought to thank God every morning that she is not your mother."

I was amused to hear Marge Gunderson mention "the white flag of surrender" last night on the same day we got to see Johhny McSame waving it with vigor here in Michigan where he has bravely turned tail and fled:

Be nice to von Ebers today. First, he has a most excellent post up at "Journal of the Plague Year" (one of his best ever) and second, his Cubs were brutal again last night. OMFG, my 6.5 HP Craftsman shop vac doesn't suck that hard.

We'll need to lift his spirts, so here's the meme: The year they broke their curse, Boston was down 3-0 to the Yankees in a best-of-seven series, an even deeper hole than the Cubbies have dug for themselves against LA.

Anne Johnson said...

I loved it when she talked about her vast experience as mayor. I see the writing on the wall. She gets VP, she earns a small desk in some corridor, and Dick Cheney keeps on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Richard. I live by the John Belushi/Animal House credo … and no, I don’t mean “Eight years of college down the drain!” I mean, “It’s not over until we say it’s over!”

Thanks, too, for your compliments. I aims to please.

Meanwhile, Sarah P is, by far, the single most vacuous person ever to have been nominated for that office. I cannot believe no one in the press has the stones to call her on her BS. So far as I can tell, she hasn’t made a single substantive comment on any single issue since she’s been nominated, other than to say, incorrectly, that Alaska provides something like 20% of US domestic energy production … a figure that’s not even close to accurate.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the syndicated columnist Steve Chapman, who’s a kinda-sorta libertarian but really more left leaning than that. For my part, I run hot and cold on Champan (you may be familiar with some of my anti-libertarian rants over at the Gen’rul’s place) … but anyway, Chapman had a great piece on this whole “small town people are better than big city people” line of crap. For some reason, I can’t post hyperlinks in blogger comments, so you’ll have to cut and paste the link if you’re interested:,0,556795.column

Anyway, Chapman concludes thusly: “One of these days, the 80 percent of Americans who live in more populated areas may tire of being obliquely insulted. Most urbanites and suburbanites don’t think they’re any better than their country cousins. But Palin might want to think twice before telling them they’re worse.”

Unfortunately, I think that’s wishful thinking. But I, for one, am sick and tired of this phony Cincinnatus-lite small town bigotry. ’Cause that’s what it is – bigotry, plain and simple.

Richard said...

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

And it's not over now...

democommie said...

Best line I've read so far:

"The home-spun homilies have to go," Martha Stewart told me. "And, oh my god, words do have ending consonants."

You just know that Martha has some serious schadenfreude going for her right now.

Dave von Ebers:

It is a great post--if you didn't come here, I'd just steal it and claim that I invented it. I don't pray but I'll think good thoughts for the Cubbies. Sweet Lou must be a load of fun after his team has gone 0 and 2.


Spice, yeah, right; I eats MY fuckin' paprika right outta the motherfuckin' can!

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

Is Cincinattus the plural of Cincinatti?

SeattleDan said...

The Mariners were 0-2 in the '95 ALDS, though they lost the first two games in NY to the Yanks. They did come back to Seattle and swept the next three, under the guidance of Sweet Lou.

Tammy got me a ticket for game 5. Best damn baseball game I ever attended. Edgar doubles down the left field line, and Griffey flies from first to home. Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cincinnatus, as in the myth of the yeoman farmer who comes in from the fields to clean up Rome as consul and dictator, then humbly returns to the fields when his work is done. Goes right back to the plow, does he.

I think the story of Cincinnatus is one of the twin myths – the other being that of the Prodigal Son (and I’m not referring to the Rolling Stones song offa Beggar’s Banquet) – on which the Republicans have based their remarkably successful anti-urban cult lo these past 28 years.

And there are plenty of self-loathing city dwellers and suburbanites who just eat that shit up, ask me.

SeattleTammy said...

Hi Hi! I've just officially "Tagged" you!


Fran said...

A friend of mine said, ". . .he was talking about how, though she was out-classed and beaten like a kitten, because she wasn’t ‘one-shotted’ the pundits are all heaping praise on her." One-shotted meaning being knocked out with one single hit.

What people are forgetting is that the bar was so frigging low for her that as long as she didn't trip over her shoes, she was gonna get a rave review.

Makes me nauseous.

And can you see her using that phony down-home-speak in talking to foreign dignitaries? They're gonna bomb us out of sheer irritation.

But, as I observed over at the Gen'rul's, she has united the GLBT contingent in Wasilla. They're Coming Out Against Palin. I can give you the link, if you like, or you can find it on youtube.