Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pilin on Palin

Poor, poor, pitiful Sarah: This blog: is running this story: ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! which I urge people to forward to the MSM. It is fairly obvious that Sarah Palin's management style approximates that of the current Idiot-in-Chief's. She rewards her supporters and highschool classmates (many of them co-religionists) with public sector jobs for which they appear to have few, if any, qualifications. She attacks those who disagree with her and her agenda. This woman is a danger to Alaska as its governor. She will be a danger to the American people if she achieves the vice-presidency. While she may not be as machiavellian as the DorkLordCheney, she is certainly as devious, spiteful and monomanical as his puppet. I wonder; Has McStain tumbled yet, to the fact that he is the lesser of the two on the ticket, in the eyes of the reichwing KKKristianists? Talk about the Pitbull's tail wagging the dog.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin: George W. Bush in Drag.

Sharon said...

If McCain didn't know before, he does now. The story of Miss Sarah's cronyism is on the front page of today's New York Times.

Fran said...

You did see that, as mayor of Wasilla, she charged rape victims for the cost of their test kits, didn't you?

democommie said...


Oh, yes. Not only that but she later tried to b.s. her way out of it.