Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The MSM's little people, aka bloggers

As the title suggests, the MSM looks down on bloggers (including, I suspect, most of their in-house bloggers) as non-professionals who lack the training, experience, discipline and integrity of the so-called, "legacy media". I must admit I don't have my stylebook handy; can someone tell me if they're full of "horse shit" or "horseshit"? It's impossible to know what would have happened without blogs prodding the major news organization, embarassing them by scooping them time and again, but I'm guessing that a lot of the current, genuine reporting being done on the McCain Campaign would not be happening. Most of the news that I'm seeing in the mainstream media about Sarah Palin, for instance, is based on the public record of her time as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska. I honestly believe that the MSM would have been perfectly happy to not investigate her if they hadn't been shamed into it by the "little people". The same goes for the Cindy McCain drug use (and its coverup) story. This information is not new. I read about it back in the day, but it wasn't judged important by MSM, apparently, because it died, just like Cheney's hunting accident, W's Maine DWI & Laura Bush's "accident" which killed someone. I guess I should give credit where it's due. The MSM has been relentless in exposing the dangerous ties between Barack Obama and various unsavory individuals; his former minister, a former black panther and a criminal (who actually went to jail, unlike say SCOOTER LIBBY, for committing crimes). Well, I guess they were just too busy or had allocated too many resources to chasing down every lead about Obama to do anything in the way of "investigative journalism" (aka, reading the old newspapers) to determine that it might be prudent to see if JohnnyPOW and company might not be the wholesome american patriots that they purport themselves to be. Six fucking weeks, people, six fucking weeks. Please pass this one around: "Women Against Palin are asking to be notified of any rallies, peaceful protests etc that get planned so they can pass the info along. Here is their link:"


Nomi said...

Dear demo,
Please forgive my OT (offtopic) note, but I have held this in for a few years/

In the field of HIV prevention/treatment/etcetera:

MSM = Men who have Sex with Men
who do not necessarily identify as gay, bisexual or homosexual....

I will research the horseshit vs horse shit matter.

Anonymous said...

Nomi: Men having sex with men who don’t necessarily identify as gay? Well, let me identify them for you: They’re gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I rather like the gays myself. But, um, as far as I can tell, having sex with somebody who’s the same sex as you means you’re gay. Or bi.

At least if you enjoy it, anyway.

Demo: It’s interesting that the (ahem!) MSM is finally going after these stories, but McCain/Palin/Bush are in a statistical dead-heat with Obama/Biden in the polls. So it’s just great that the major news organs (how’s that for MSM?!) are all over Troopergate and Stolen-Prescription-Drugs-Gate now, now that its too late to make a damn difference. Good thing they’re so damn liberal, them folks in the MSM.

Nomi said...


Mazel Tov on the no-hitter!

Something the Mets can't do until they're Ex-Mets.

The "MSM" stuff is not my, pardon the expression, creation. It's part of the jargon, and there's plenty.

Anne Johnson said...

When Rupert Murdoch buys the Wall Street Journal, it is time for all good people to blog.

democommie said...

anne johnson:

Yes, when Rupert gets his hands on real newspapers (WSJ sorta qualifies) it's like giving Rush Limbaugh a key to the pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

Nomi … yes, I was thrilled for Big Z. He is the Cubs this year. Magic Number: 6.

As for the nomenclature (sounds kinda French, ask me), I get that it’s jargon (we lawyers are all about the jargon, know what I’m sayin’); it’s the denial I don’t get. If I had sex with a guy, voluntarily, I guess I’d have to say I was gay … or at least bi. But there are these guys who have sex with other guys but still call themselves straight. WTF?! Just mystifies me, is all. Then again, I’ve never been to prison. Leastwise, not yet, anyway.

So, anyways, Demo: Remember my prediction about the Cubs in the World Series (losing to the White Sox)? Could still happen …