Friday, September 12, 2008

John McCain, Sarah Palin and the GOP's "Culture of deceit"

Our friend Richard made a comment on yesterday's post, that said in part: "...The Old Shitbag, appearing tonight at that "Service Forum" at Columbia Univ responded to a question about his brand of gutter politics by saying that campaigns are "rough" and that things would have been different had Obama agreed to his proposal for ten joint town-hall meetings "like Jack Kennedy and Barry Goldwater had agreed to do". It's a lie. Kennedy never made such an agreement with Goldwater" Truth and honor, are not, it seems, in these people. This is why I have despised John McCain for as long as I've known of him. It appears that his "soulmate" Sarah Palin IS truly his soulmate in that regard. Were he competent (his naval "career" is illustrative in that regard) McCain would have been made, given his status as a POW/War Hero (not to mention his "legacy" status, being the son/grandson of full Admirals)--the War Hero label undeserved as it may be--an Admiral long before the end of his career. When pressed to release his naval service record, McCain's campaign made available approximately 5% of the record, what does he have to hide? It is obvious to those who can read, and take the time to do so, that McCain's record on aligning himself with Bushco in a majority of his senate votes (as high as 90% of them) makes his claim of being a "maverick" an utter, and deliberate, falsehood. His hiring of the very person who orchestrated the ads that destroyed his chances for a presidential bid in 2000 demonstrate how willing he is to trade his honor and dignity for a chance to be the C-in-C. His marital infidelities and his divorce of a supportive first wife so that he might remarry a younger, prettier, richer woman show us the "real" John McCain, a self-centered opportunist. McCain's ill-temper, which is well documented is covered, barely, with a thin veneer of false bon homie, the "lipstick on the pig", if you will. Sarah Palin. Well, gosh, what can I say? Given her vast (lack of) experience Sarah has, nonetheless, become as accomplished as McCain in lying to the American people, even when her lies are clumsy and obvious. McCain and Palin (or their surrogates) attack Obama and his campaign with distortions, mischaracterizations and outright lies while trumpeting their own (non-existent) christian morality. If the GOD I don't believe in is out there, I hope he is taking note of these two.


Anonymous said...

These people can’t be salvaged. McCain wants to use his POW experience – 5½ of his 72 years – to make up for every mistake he’s ever made, or will ever make. He’s the anti-prodigal son. Bush sold us on this cock-and-bull story that he used to be a fuck-up, but he got sober, got religion, and cleaned up his life. And the public ate that shit up. McCain is doing the opposite: I once suffered; I once acted like a hero; so, you can’t ever criticize me for anything – even if I was wrong to support an illegal war that likely has killed about a million people; even if I support the wholesale destruction of the Constitution; even if I support torture. Everything I’ve done lately and everything I do in the future is forgiven because of that 5½ year stretch of time, more than three decades ago.

I always thought there was one simple rule about heroism: You’re not a hero if you call yourself a hero. Guess I was wrong.

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

I think that's right on the money. McMaverick has been a guy who has gone against the establishment, but only for his own ends.

Richard said...

For those of you yet to experience the sensation, it's quite flattering indeed to be cited on Democommie's™ blog the same week Mr. Von Ebers gives you a helmet tip.

Now, on to the serious business of blogwhoring.

McCain (honest to God) yesterday said his candidate for veep is qualified to be The Leader of the Free World because Alaska is close to Russia. I posted a link to that over at my place. Jesus™ H. Christ. The "H" stands for "Whatever".

democommie said...


Check this website:

and look for the information on Little Diomede island.

Anonymous said...

McCain also said that Palin “knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.” (From Tom Tomorrow’s site:

You can’t make this shit up.

What I said the other day over at my joint about Sarah Palin is equally true for John McCain: They wouldn’t know the phrase “self-parody” if it were stenciled backwards on their foreheads.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Nag, nag. Senator Cain and Governor Lips have you libs runnin' scared. America was founded as a theocracy, by men; white men. Jesus wants war in the name of peace.
Get marchin'.
Or else.

democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

Can you offer an opening prayer for my blog? Something short, pithy and imprecatious would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Rev. JG. This here's just a front operation, know what I'm sayin'?

Frogspond said...

All anyone needs to do to convince someone who is on the fence about McShit is show them his voting record.

I looked it up the other night just for shits-n-giggles and ended up spending 4 hours getting it posted to my blog because I was floored at how bad it really is. Just google McCain voting record and you will get to a number of sites that have the unvarnished record. It will blow your mind what he voted against.

Sharon said...

Did you know that if McCain is elected he will raise everyone's taxes by 800%? Yes, it's true! And if you fall behind even one payment on your mortgage, he will send a good squad to break your kneecaps and repossess your house! How else do you think he acquired those 2,756 homes?

~brought to you by The Truthiness Squad

democommie said...


I think you're very close to being ready for the Colbare Raypore.