Friday, September 05, 2008

GOD must be crazy

Not "The Gods Must Be Crazy"; that was a delightful film about South Africa and some of its denizens. No, this is about the KKKristan GOD and his jihadherents. There is just something about a GOD whose followers are so convinced of their righteousness and everyone else's wrongteousness. The admonition to "Love one's brother as one's self" apparently means just that to them--it's the determination of just who is one's brother that seems to create problems for the KKKristians. Those benighted people of the Mid-east could be their brothers, if they would just eschew their insane, fantasy based religion that excuses their wanton killing and demonization of those who are not them. The same is true of Cath-O-Licks, Jews, Buddhists and all faiths that are not the FAITH of the KKKristians. I have to admit that I was once a Cath-O-Lick and believed in the more dire aspects of God ( I never saw any real evidence for a God of mercy and compassion). But, now, thanks to the fundigelical taliban of AmeriKKKa, I'm an atheist. Where other arguments, mere words, could not convince me, their actions have. If their GOD, the being that they so passionately believe in, is responsible for their existence, then they must be his idea of our hell on earth.


Sharon said...

We'll know we've finally become civilized when an atheist (or even a Buddhist or a Unitarian) can run for President. I don't expect to live that long.

democommie said...

The thing that is so funny is that we have many, many elected officials and clergy who no more believe in God than I do. They do however believe in the power of sanctimony.

If I'm wrong and there is a hereafter, I will be alternately screaming in agony and laughing my ass off at all of the fundies who are being treated WORSE than I am.