Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't make this shit up

I watched a fair amount of Olbermann's show from last evening on a podcast and about eight minutes of Letterman, all having to do, oddly enough with the McPalincain presidential campaign. I'm not sure what's stranger; the surreal aspect of both Palin and McCain's obvious disconnect with what they say when they know they're on camera and what they've said in the past or say now, when they think they're off the record--or the fact that most of the media is STILL blissfully pumping out whatever passes for the truth from CampaignMcStain. Don't take my word for it, google Olbermann, google Letterman (Jay Leno's got to be seething that McCain didn't "diss" him). Check out Mudflats blog. I don't think we're seeing that the emperor's naked, I think we're seeing that his spleen is enlarged, he's got fibroid entanglements in his brain and he's suffering from Madrunningmate's disease. That's okay, Reverend Muthee, the witchdoctordoctor will save the senator and his team from that evil sorcerer O Bam A.


Nomi said...

Dear D.,

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Please consider adding a list of links to your amazing blog!

We love you -- keep writing.

I wish I hadn't fallen asleep early last night -- Letterman has always been to the left of Leno, I think.

Anonymous said...

I missed Letterman last night, but I caught a video of it ... Funny, but I wish he wouldn't beat around the bush. Pardon the pun. Just come out and say it, Dave: McCain isn't up for the job. McCain/Palin = Reckless and Unqualified.

William said...

SNL did it again, this time mocked Palin with her exact words.

Lookin forward to Thurs. Could be the final nail.