Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain Campaign, where the truth goes to die.

It turns out that Cindy McCain may not have been completely honest about her suffering from the Limbaugh Syndrome... And, yes, of course, I'm piling on. Attacking this poor little rich girl whose only sin was stealing drugs from the charity she presided over, lying about it, using other people to cover up her activities, lying about it, trying to escape responsibility and "spin" the story in a favorable way by having a "canned hunt" interview with handpicked news organizations, and lying to them about the legal status of her case, maliciously suing a former employee, and lying about it, allowing other people to be hurt by the fallout, doing "outreach" this election season by offering herself for interviews with selected media/entertainment personalities, and lying to them. Oh, dear, did I mention that she seems to have done a little LYING? All of this would be of no consequence, IF she wasn't married to the man who wants to be the "Leader of the Free World" (boy, is that a fucking misnomer). And you're saying, "But, but, she's not running for anything". Neither was Kitty Dukakis, Sara Edwards, Chelsea Clinton--shall I continue? The GOP is quite adept at demonizing and dehumanizing their opposition and has no compunction about dragging the spouses and families of their opponents through the muck--even if they have to create it themselves. Cindy McCain has stood by her lying husband through thick and thin; why wouldn't she? They are, after all, soulmates. I don't want to be hopeful, because it hurts when those hopes are dashed, but WaPo running this story tells me one of two things: They've finally woken up or they are counting on this piece to boost their circulation. démocommié™™™™™©®ç au courant


Mr. Mack said...

Are you saying she might have been a little less than truthful?

No Blood for Hubris said...


Frogspond said...

Yahknow, today I am not caring if WaPo is trying to boost circulation or have finally woken up. They ran this story and a few others that are more toward the truth getting out. Niiiiice.

democommie said...


Is that your own "Stoner face" or does E-Z Wider have a website?

Yes, that story and a few others give some slight indication that the MSM has finally, after nearly 8fucking years, rediscovered their gag reflex. Let's hope they don't relapse.

Buzzards would not feed on the corpse of the GOP's honor.

Anonymous said...

And didn't Johnny Boy use his influence as a Yoo-Nited States Senator to cover the whole thin up? So, as far as the "she's not running for president" argument goes ... well, he is, the lying sack of shit.

cook eat FRET said...

demmo - damn it's fun to read you!

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Oh, Lord;

Keep democommie as Your tool, Lord,
and this, his blog, as your helicopter sniper;

Use him to kill the wolves of the left, and the bears of the disaffected, and the wolverines of community activism, that Your angels at Exxon/Mobil may more easily supply us with Your Blessing, at less than $4.00 a gallon.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and easily driving ten miles for a sixpack;

democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

I am touched by your kindness in offering up a prayer of such power. Umm, could we make that a six pack of beer, less than 10 miles and under $2.49?

Your check is in the mail, but I think I forgot to sign it.

Anne Johnson said...

"Buzzards would not feed on the corpse of the GOP's honor."

LOL! Buzzards know a skeleton when they see one.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I'm amazed that she could steal so much dope so easily. I've had my hands on all sorts of pain pills and shot up morphine in quantities you wouldn't believe. Into other people, of course. Diversion is not easy.

In the U.S., controls are tight. Narcotics are kept in locked boxes or electronically operated safes. Every dose has to be accounted for -- signed out from a count sheet or dispensed from the safe with an electronic record of who took out what.

Even on hospice cases, where the doctors prescribe massive quantities of some serious substances and nurses have great liberty to fling them around at liberty, when the patient dies there is a reconciling of the books. Narcotics (the leftovers of which are flushed down the toilet -- all you fiends would weep if you knew what I've put down the crapper instead of in my gob or up my arm) that remain must match up with what's been charted as having been given to the dying patient.

Sure, it's possible to pocket the odd Oxycontin when it was ordered for 8 p.m. but the patient was too somnolent to swallow, or to pour 5 ml of liquid morphine into a tiny bottle and add 5 ml of water to the 10 ml dose that the croaking cancer patient was due for. Or so I've been told.

But to divert massive quantities like Cindrugella? How'd she do that? I've got a Slovenian guy with permanent 5-o'clock shadow named Jonno who wants to know?

(FWIW, down here, it's even tighter-arsed when it comes to narcs. Not only do nurses have to sign the drugs out from a ledger, there has to be ANOTHER NURSE present to witness the take-out. Then the other nurse has to escort the nurse who's handing out the tablet or administering the injection, and watch to make sure the nurse actually puts the med in the patient's mouth or the needle in the bum. Australia (also the U.K. and Ireland) operate on the premise that every nurse is a drug thief who will steal narcs whenever they're not watched.

They've never heard of conspiracies, obviously. And if you keep your mouth shut, Demo, they never will.

democommie said...

Hi, Anne:

Hope you're feeling better. I was reminded of your penchant for buzzards when I stopped by your blog.

If it wasn't pretty filthy I would send you my "Bent Offerings" cartoon t-shirt. It shows a a buzzard in an apron stirring the contents of a crock pot. The crock pot's label says "Slow Rotter".

Bukko in Oz:

Such "safeguards" as you describe are intended to ensure that the poor have their meds ingestion controlled and monitored. It simply would not do, to have some member of the unwashed, dying of some particularly painful cancer-- like my late sister--simply get a compassionate overdose and cheat the loving and benificent GOD of his the human suffering that appears to be his due. No, no, wouldn't be prudent.

The DWWI's (Deserving White Wealthy Individuals), however, have as is the case with justice and mortgages, a different set of rules.

I was wondering how JohnnyPOW was going to square things with Cindy after pickin' a peck 'o' Palin for his runningdog mate. Then, it struck me. Wasilla is the meth capital of AK. Meth and Hillbilly Heroin go together like McDivotface and the McHuntress (which go together like stink and shit). So, JohnnyPOW gets his KKKristian B&D (Born Again and Dominionist) hottie for VP; the reichwing fuckedupmentalists get another shot at "Rapture In Our Time", and Cindy gets to be flyin' higher than somebody who's "Soaring With Eagles".