Sunday, September 21, 2008


Deregulation is good, according to the folks who have to deal with all of those burdensome regulations. If it wasn't for the courage of the deregulators we would have horrific pollution, unsafe food and an economy in a shambles. Thank GOD we have some brave men--one of whom is an EX-POW, my friends--who will not let themselves be steamrolled by the nattering nabobs of regulativity. The market will, left alone, correct itself. If this isn't obvious to those of my readers who have watched the developments in the financial markets this week, then they must be socialistically blind. The market got into trouble because of FDR's failed social programs and if they hadn't pulled themselves up, by Mr. Paulson's bootstraps, their shareholders would be left holding the bag. As it is, they used their own gumption and resources to have their lobbyists go talk to the same lawmakers who let them get where they are today to extend a little credit. It's not their fault that the credible boobs they've loaned money too can't manage THEIR financial affairs. I think it's worth noting here that the Chinese who were often praised, and rightfully so, for doing such a bangup job of choreographing 8,000 dancers in the opening ceremony of "Leni II--Triumph Of The Will, Beijing" were not afraid to devote the resources necessary to achieve that feat. Hopefully, now that the olympics are over they will be able to send a few of the dancers back to their "day jobs" as builders and baby formula inspectors ( Regulation is the last refuge of the scaredypants. If you insist on regulation then the terrorists have won.


mutzali said...

My son, who is a budding journalist, sent me the following text message in the middle yesterday:
"China is poisoning babies..Again?
But did you see how fancy the Olympics were?! I'm sure the money was better spent on fireworks than on quality control."

Were you two talking?

Jim Voorhies said...

the nattering nabobs of regulativity

Why, what a great line! With words like that, you could be vice-president, as long as you're willing to be 1) a Republican, and 2) indicted. :) What a flashback to Spiro T.

Anne Johnson said...

The regulators are listening to my telephone calls. They can't monitor the banks at the same time. It's too much work.

democommie said...

Jim V.:

That, that's not original? Damn, Joe Biden, now me!

anne johnson:

I'm jealous, nobody's listening to my phone calls (especially, I hope, the 900 numbers!).

democommie said...


13,000+ children (at the latest count) hospitalized.

I guess the folks who had all the leftover melamine from the pet food adulteration had to do SOMETHING with it.