Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You kin haz my gunz when you can pry them--wait, you gave out my fucking address!!?

Well, while I'm waiting to glaze the ham, the spuds are roasting and the broccoli awaits its baptism by steam, I'm reading the newstoobz and I come across this.

21k+ comments/replies.

I only looked at a few of them. Looks like teh gunzloonz are upset.

Now, why would they be upset? They claim that they respect ALL of the amendments, that they are concerned with the lst through the 27th Amendment. Yepper.

It seems that their unrestricted, inalienable RIGHT to have, hoard and fetishize teh gunz is the only right that IS that way.

How dare those scumbags at that rag exercise their legal right to obtain public infornation.

Why it's like those scumbag unions spending union funds to promote a political agenda while corporations are forbidden from doing the same thi--. Um, wait.

What  I find interesting is that the same people who like to tout the 2.5M annual DGU's (and base that ridiculous estimate on the "fact" that just brandishing a pistol will deter/prevent a criminal from ciminalling) are whining about being "outed". I would think that if the potential for being shot by someone who owns a gun in public is such that it deters crime then only a complete imbecile would think of entering the home of a gun owner that is KNOWN to be a pistol packin' peacemaker.

Aren't those people that have pistols the defacto guardians of "polite society"? I mean, these are the guyz like Greg Camp and Weer'dybeardy that proudly carry teh gunz to the Starbucks, the grocery store, the school parking lot or a sporting event like a NE Patriots football game? Aren't they the eagel-eyed, ice water veined, steely nerved, hyper focused people that can detect criminuls and criminul activity with their GPS*, throwing down and double-tapping the bad guys with a 9 or a Colt Peacemaker or Dragoon, afore he gets the drop on 'em? What are they worried about?

The ONLY people who are named in the report are those with "handgun or pistol" permits, according to the article, because they're the only ones whose names and addresses are on file with law enforcement--and are public records. In New York, owning a long gun that is not restricted (for instance, fully automatic weapons) requires no registration.

I don't see a massive wave of home invasions occurring as a result of the newspapers "hit piece expose". I do see two possibilities.

The first is that a lot of people who've been leaving loaded, unsecured gunz all over their houses might decide it's a good idea to secure those weapons, invest in a decent alarm system and do some real planning instead of fantasizing about shooting the bad-o-perps like fish in a barrel.

The second possibility is that a lot of people, finding out their neighbors are packin' heat might let them know that their homes are off limits to people who carry gunz on their persons and that their children are not going to be allowed to go to a home where pistols might be present.

Just one other little piece of information for the gunzloonz who might be lurking.

Some time ago, I mentioned that you guyz like to talk tough about guyz like me comin' to git yore gunz (something I've never even contemplated) but you ignore the obvious--that the people you really have to worry about in gummint--if they actually exist--are the ones who monitor your websites and chatrooms and know where you live and what you own in the way of gunz. Do you remember that?

Well, the other shoe, dropping now, is that not ALL burglars are morons. The smart ones take advantage of modern technology and public records. Oh, dear.

*   Gunzloonz Perp Sensors


jadedj said...

You hit on the real crux of their complaints. They are actually worried that thieves now have their addresses and might break in and steal their precious hand pieces (aka, penis extensions).

I'm not making this up...this was the main thread I saw in the comments section of an article about this.

democommie said...


It's amazing how quickly their little chins start to quiver (all 3 or 4 of them, if dog gone's speculation about them being cranky, old, fat, white men is accurate) and the tears start coursing down their faces when they perceive themselves being persecuted.

What amazes is how defiant and badass they are in saying, "You'll never take MY gunz.", when the reality is that I don't want to. The people who might want to take their gunz won't be calling them to set up an appointment.

I notice that they are not complaining about the many thousands of their neighbors who are now identified as NOT being pistol permit holders. I'd ask them how that squares with their "crimestoppers code" except I know that they don't have one.

Gunzloonz, that vocal subset who purport to speak for all firearms owners, are petulant and childish.

KayInMaine said...

Funny, the media is using their freedom and the "freedom fighters" who support the 2nd Amendment are freaking out about the media using it's right! Amazing. These yahoos never cease to amaze me.

democommie said...

Yep, they've got an answer for everything, as long as they get to decide what's the question.