Thursday, December 06, 2012

Paragon? Pariah? We report, you decide

Well, I see that Rushbo Limpboy has weighed in (that is not a "FAT" joke. Rush is a fat joke.) in the recent shooting by an NFL player of his girlfriend and then himself.

Well, I guess that Rushbo will never shoot at least four women--the FOUR that he's been married too; but he must have been one dangerous mofo between weddings.

A perfect marriage ceremony for gunzloonznation:

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now lock'n'load!".

Could give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "shotgun wedding".

Rushbo sez he's looked at all the stats on single parenting and what it does to people, so I guess he's a stat's oriented guy.

I wonder if he's seen the stats on obesity* and it's effect on both span and quality of life?

I wonder if he's looked at the stats on serial marriage addicts**. If not being married means that you're more likely to get murdered than it must be a real bitch for Rush when he's between marriages to women whose gag reflex can, after all, only be stifled for so long--no matter how much money hubby's got. Maybe that's why Rushbo rushes off (hey that's a play on words, "Rushbo rushes", neat ain't it!?) to the Dominican Republic with a supply of boner pills every so often.

I'm also curious to know whether Rushbo has regained his hearing*** since he stopped eating oxycodone tabs like they were M&M's****. 

Yeah, Rush is a guy who I want to take advice from--oh, wait, no I don't. He's a flaming asshole, a serial adulterer, oxyaddict, congenital and pathological liar and all around fuckbag. I wonder when he's going to announce his run for public office.

*      "one in three heart attack or stroke deaths and one in 12 cancer deaths in the US are due to being overweight or obese.(

**     "A state's education levels, for example, tend to be associated with the median age at marriage and the multiple-marriage patterns of its residents. In states with high shares of college-educated adults, men and women marry at older ages, a finding supported by other research indicating that highly educated individuals marry later in life. In states with low shares of college-educated adults, adults are more likely than average to marry three or more times. In states with low income levels, men are more likely than average to have been married three or more times. (

***     "Oxycontin addiction can also lead to emotional difficulties in the long run, including the incidence of delusions, hallucinatory effects, and even the onset of delirium when long-term addiction occurs. Cognitive processes may also be disrupted, leading to disorientation and confusion, particularly during the withdrawal phase. Due to alterations in natural brain chemistry, prolonged Oxycontin use can also trigger mood swings, clinical depression, panic attacks and sleep disorders." (
"The auditory nerve the stems from the ear to the auditory part of the brain, carrying sounds from the outside world to the brain to be processed and heard. When the auditory nerve is damaged, the result is a loss of hearing slightly, or almost completely. It is believed that oxycontin can cause hearing loss if it is overdosed. Current media speculates that talk show host Rush Limbaugh lost a great deal of his hearing due to his drug abuse of Vicodin and oxycontin, thus furthering the tie between oxycontin and hearing loss. (

****   I guess that considering Rushbo's ongoing battle with the bulge and his need (yes goddamn it, he NEEDS several grams of oxycontin a month) for Rush's Little Helpers, he could confuse one for the other ( Just a word to the wise, Rush; if your blood sugar spikes after you do a handful of them, it's not your meds. If you go into a coma and die--it is.

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dog gone said...

I am still trying to wrap my head around the limpdick's claim that he should be given Susan Fluke's place as person of the year (if she gets selected) because HE made HER famous.

Really? I thought she became famous on the merit of being a thoughtful and dignified woman, while what he did nearly flushed Rush down the drain like the turd that he really is.