Monday, December 10, 2012

Why I'm not brokenhearted and bereft at my lack of comments

In my several years of blogging and commenting I have been on blogs that receive thousands of comments on a SINGLE post and on blogs that don't have any comments, by design or otherwise.

It seems to me that, blogging, like journaling or writing poetry, is often a way for a person to simply put their thoughts into words. In writing (or speaking) we employ the use of syntax, grammar and various organizing prinicples. In writing we also need to be aware of punctuation and spelling if we intend to be understood*.  So, blogging is in the first instance, for many folks, a private process made public. For some it's a way to raise money or attempt to influence others in areas of social policy, political activism or other areas.

My blog draws a very small number of comments these days. It would be nice to have some thoughtful persons commenting--whether they agree with me or not--and offering their "two cents". Otoh, back when I allowed commenting without moderation I had to come in with a broom and dustpan every few hours to sweep up the merde mots that were left by some seriously deranged people (gunzloonz, almost exclusively). I decided after a year or more of that sort of nonsense that moderation was required. Since then I have had exactly three comments by those clowns.

I might wonder if they were "boycotting" my blog to hurt my feelings; if that's their aim? Please, oh, please do not throw me into the briar patch, fellers!

To those of you who lurk without commenting:

If it's because of the commenting process being a pain in the ass, sorry, but I think it's necessary to keep the shitbombs at a minimum. If it's because you like to pop in occassionally, read a bit and say, "Yep, same ol' crazy democommie.", then, enjoy.

*   Obviously I misspell a lot of words.  Most of the misspelling is deliberate and done for effect, I'm quite sure that it annoys the shit out of a lot of people--that makes me smile.


Bukko Canukko said...

You're just trolling for the gunloonz now, ain't yez?

democommie said...

I love the smell of deleted gunzloonz comments in the mornin', they remind me of victory!