Monday, December 10, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Gunz

I started this post on the day after Bob Costas made comments on Sunday Night Football, related to the death of a KC NFL player who, before taking his own life, killed his girlfriend (and mother of his child).  The NRA's response to this? As you might imagine, Ol' Weenie LePutrid is comin' out with the "Obama wants to haz YUR GUNZ!!"

Well, aside from the fact that it's a complete fabrication and a deliberate misrepresentation  of current U.S. firearms ownership policies....

So over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Ed Brayton put up this post:

On the comments thread I left this comment:

Weenie LaPutrid makes the top 25 list, here:

He comes in sixth, the first three on the list are doctors who are, ostensibly involved with organization that SAVE lives. Fourth place goes to  the President of the Jim DeMint Propaganda..., er, I mean The Heritage Foundation. In Fifth is the head of the Bigot Scouts of America.
I'll bet when they all get together for their annual meetings, the reptilican disillluminati have a good time yankin' Ol' Weenie's chain about bein' the third best paid. I mean, wtf, he lies just as much as they do (and about as convincingly, at least to people who actually use their brains to think). he should be as well compensated.

The NRA wants unfettered freedom and ZERO responsibility. I'll bet the beverage alcohol and tobacco industries--to name but two of the bidnetheth out there that cater to people who do things that might get them or others killed--ask their lawyers and lobbyists why they can't get that sweet deal for them.

No liabilities attach to people selling guns that are used to kill and maim. No liability insurance is required for those who own firearms and have them disappear and turn up later at a crime scene. Dozens of "accidents" involving "unloaded" or "I keep the gun on the nigntstand, for home protection. I have no idea how the three year old got his hands on it and shot his snotty older sister." scenarios go unprosecuted as they are "horrible, unforseeable tragedies" instead of "negligent manslaughter"* or some other category of crime.

Gunzloonznation** loves to say that Ol' Weenie does what he does just because he loves his 2nd Amendment Freedumbness. Bullshit, follow the money.

with a pair of footnotes which are at the bottom of the page.

Then a commentor, Dingojack--from Australia--asked about the upcoming Zimmerman trial, scheduled for next June.

I answered his question with one comment about the trial and the "Stand your ground" laws in Florida.

The FL case ( I assume you mean the Zimmerman murder trial) is scheduled for next June. This one:
is of more recent vintage, about two weeks ago. The shooter claims, after telling someone to turn down their loud music (he was in the parking lot of convenience store, not his own property or property for which he had responsibility or control) got some backchat from one of the youths, returned to his auto and grabbed his trusty semi-auto pistol and fired 8 or 9 rounds into the car, killing one youth–the one who gave him the backchat. He is, of course, invoking the “Stand your ground” law and saying that HE saw a shotgun in the car, which the poleece–being the moronz that they are–couldn’t find when they searched the vehicle in which the decedent’s body was found.

and a second post about the lie that a lot of gunzloonz like to tell about places like the U.K. and Australia being "Free fire zones" for armed criminals.


I'm told, btw, that you people down in Oz fear for your lives 'cuz you don't can haz teh gunz and are virtual sheep being lead to slaughter by your Gunzhatin' gummint. I know it's true in the U.K. where they had almost THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MURDERS*** committed with something other than a pointed or edged weapon in 2011. By way of contrast, the U.S. state of AZ had ONLY 222 murders**** committed with firearms in the same period. So, there--everbody knows "Gunz don't kill people, Gunzhaterz kill people by keepin' them from hazzin' teh gunz!'.

There are many, many people with whom I disagree on a wide range of subjects but I find that gunzloonznation guyz are the ones most likely to have read nothing beyond the rantings and railings of their own cheering section. Here's a hint, fellas, if it comes out of Weenie LaPierres liehole it's not worth much in the marketplace of truth.

* Compare and contrast this story : with the death early last Saturday of the Dallas NFL player who died in an automobile accident while in a car being driven by a teammate who was arrested for DUI. If that death is adjudged the result of a DWI the penalties are severe, up to and including life in prison (99 years, actually). This is not to get into the area of civil litigation which will probably result in the offender being bankrupted by wrongful death lawsuits--whether he wins or not.

** This is NOT the responsible firearms owner--even those with whom I disagree about their need for ccw--but those who equate ANY regulation with the sort of bullshit that LaPutresence peddles as a fait accompli waiting only for sufficeint transport and nancybooted FEMA jackthugs to start the door-to-door collectin'.



NB Math is not my strong suit--more like a leopard print thong, if you get my drift--but I extrapolated from the data provided to come up with figure of 222 firearms related murders. Somebody can check my calculations and haul out the steel edged ruler if I'm wrong.l


Bukko Canukko said...

I couldn't tell from your formatting which paragraphs were from Dingo Jack and which were from you, Demo. I've mentioned it before, that during the four years I lived Down Under, I felt safe, Safe, SAFE. Because of that "no gunz for anyonez" law.

I'd often be riding the tram home through the centre of the city well after 10 p.m., sometimes walking a K past the main market and through a dark, open park if I wanted to catch a faster one that ran directly down the road that led to my home. Or I'd get off in this entertainment-and-restaurant street near my house and walk home through the dark if I didn't feel like waiting for the sporadic tram that went closest to my place. There were bars, alleys and other places where junkies and prossies hung out. (Although prostitution is legal in Oz, and there are licenced bordellos all over, my "suburb" -- the Aussie word for what we'd call "neighbourhood" -- was next to one where kerbside hookers still "put it all on show." Some pervs like the thrill of streetwalkers, apparently.)

Anyway, I never felt a whiff of danger from gunz. Some of the drunks looked a bit sketchy, but I'm big enough that no one ever wanted to mess with me physically. In the absence of gunz, thugs have to be pretty bold to pick a fight, because it's going to be physical. Even if they have a knife -- knife crime was the big worry in Australia the way gun crime is in the U.S. -- they have to get within arm's length of their victims. And since most criminals are pussies, they don't mess with men.

It's not sheep to the slaughter Down Under. It's more like sacred rabbits being picked off by hunters in Amerikkka.

democommie said...

Bukko Canukko:

And I know that you feel much less safe in Canada then you would here, where brave vigilantes are ready to throw down on any scumbag that gives 'em "the look".