Monday, December 03, 2012

Bob Costas hates MurKKKa!

Once again I have mikeb302000 to thank for getting my juices flowin'.

He has a post up about the murder/suicide in K.C., one involving a football player and a woman he lived with, on the day before yesterday.

In the process of making a notpology to the gunzloonz guyz over there--mikeb302000 wrote something I didn't agree with--but I missed it and was, rightfully called to task for it.

It occurred to me to look up what Bob Costas had said during the halftime festivities at Arrowhead last night and that prompted this:

Shit. I forgot to ask if the NRA had already sent out a petition for you guyz to sign; one that demands that NBC fire Bob Costas for having the temerity to speak his mind on NATIONAL TELEVISION about his views on gunz.

Oh, wtf, am I talking about, Weenie LaPutrid would never say anything like:

"(People) didn’t tune in to listen to Bob Costas in a way make excuses for a murderer, whining about his social agenda of gun bans in the middle of a football game, and that’s why he’s getting the reaction that he’s getting."

Except he did.

See, here's the thing; if Bob Costas had said,

"If only that woman who let herself get killed because she was too stupid to have a gun had busted a cap in that bozo's ass she'd still be alive. Or if Romeo Crenell wouldahad hiz gunz wit him, he wouldn't have to wait for that crazy bastard to kill himself--he coulda shot him as soon as he saw that he had a gun!"

I doubt that Weenie or Teddyteabagz or the rest of gunzloonznation would have been moved to attack him for taking time out of an important NFL broadcast to bleat about gunz.

I particularly enjoyed Weenie's saying that Costas comment:

"make excuses for a murderer".

Obviously Ol' Weenie's an ace deconstructionist of Mr. Costas comment, here:

I just don't remember hearing Costas say, at any time during that 1:32 "RANT*" of his at halftime of the Dallas/Philadelphia game, that the murderer had an "excuse" for killing anyone. I just watched it, again, to see if there was some subliminal stuff that I might have missed--I have special tinfoil subliminal hippieliebral speech detectors--in his 92 seconds of "ranting*". Nope, sorry, no, nothing there.

So, looks like Ol' Weenie might have been MAKING SHIT UP. Well, wtf, when you rely on the likes of John Lott for your "statistics" shit like that is bound to happen.

All of this is just in service of giving you fellers a little perspective.

I say something that turns out to be WRONG and you boyz are all over that shit (I only thank GOD that I didn't say something like, "The gunman was armed with some kind of "assault rifle" and he had lots of extra clips fulla bullets"--boy, I'd NEVER live that down!)  So, anyway, I was wrong and since I'm almost as widely read as Greggie's masters thesis it's gonna affect the balance of powers. I can see why there's such a furor over it.

Otoh, a guy like Weenie, who is an experienced public speaker, a responsible executive and a guy who knows the power of words just happens to tell a little bit of fib to his several million readers--yeah, there's some equivalency for ya. I wait, with low anticipation for the gunzloonz greek chorus to castigate Ol' Weenie for his loose use of language.

*    As Lloyd Benson might say if he were still alive, "Folks, I've known some ranter in my time, and that was no rant".

** He actually used his own words for just over 52 seconds of the piece, reading/reciting from memory a portion of Jason Whitlock's comments from Whitlock's "FOX Sports" column, written the day after the murder/suicide for the remaining 40 or so seconds of the piece.


You can go here:

to read the whole thread if you like, I find it somewhat tedious. 

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