Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Post-racial society? Can't see it from my front porch

As is often the case, this post is the result of a comment I started typing to someone else's OP; in the instant case it was over at "Coyote Chronicles". Go there, read his post, it's more temperate.

This is mine:

"Well said, Mack.

But this:

"I could go on forever, but, lastly, it’s the country that said if you were poor, hungry, tired or oppressed, you were welcome here."

Has not changed.

The only part that's changed is that Mittmoroni and the morons he's mentored want those hungry, tired and oppressed to do the work that they, the JC's and JCW's*, are too good to do while continuing to be poor, tired and oppressed and, oh yeah, STFU about it, okay? Cuz, you like harsh our buzz over at the country club when you're whining about your sick kids while you're detailing our golf carts and mowing the greens with combs and straight razors.

My local radio station is running a poll that currently has 80% of the polled saying they're voting for Romney. It's complete horseshit of course, but the idiots that believe it are the same sort of fuckheads that start rooting for THEIR team--right after they win the championship.

Mr. Obama has done many things I don't like and not done many things that I think he should have. OTOH, George Bush with a compliant congress and a 24/7 propaganda mill demonizing the opposition accomplished most of what Romney and his friends wanted. Electing Romney would be the icing on the cake for the likes of Grover Norquist.

What doesn't surprise me but does sicken me is the rampant and overt racism I've come to expect from the ReiKKKwing KKKristianists of the GOP (which seems to be most of them, these days). Their naked hatred and fear are palpable and repellent.

A recent newstory has it that racism is WORSE than it was before Barack Obama took office. Post-racial America my fucking ass. I still hear, daily, from someone something about how, "Those people" are just naturally criminal or irresponsible or scarily fertile** or poor money managers. Whenever I hear it, I think to myself, "What an ignorant fucking excuse for a decent human being you are.".

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a nation where I was one of the minority old, white, (formerly) christian men. If demographics trends are to be believed I may be able to know that feeling before I die, as our population continues to become !!11onety!!! DARKER!!

Well. there, I've exposed my racist traitorlinessosity! And I'm damned glad I did it, let me tell you!

Vote. It matters."

Something like 50% of those who are eligible to vote can't be bothered to do so. Those people are the true traitors. They live in a country where their liberties and rights have been fought for and guaranteed*** by those who came before them. They have lives that they would not have in other countries.  And they can't take the time to register their approval/disapproval of the process or the people who represent them in the one way that genuinely might make a difference.

You think we've got poverty? take a trip to Africa, Asia, South or Central America--you might be surprised to find that there are countries where people who work their asses off seven days a week STILL see their children go to bed hungry, suffer debilitating--but easily cured, with modern pharma--diseases and die before they're five.

You think we have an oppressive gummint? Check out Chad, Iran, China, Singapore or, for that matter, Switzerland. What's that you say, you like anarchy?  Okey, dokey, pokey; buy a one way ticket to some garden spot like Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan or a number of other countries where central governments are powerless over the "Local Rule" folks.

There's a much longer list (it's prolly in the pants that are in the washing machine at the moment) of things that many of us take for granted in this country. Things that people in other countries yearn to have. Things that people in this country worked their asses off and, in many cases, gave up their lives to provide for us.

I almost wish we had something like the "Purple Finger" from Iraq's first freely and fairly rigged election after Saddam's shuffling off this mortal coil. Then at least I'd know whether the person who is bitching to me about how fucked up my country is--and who I'm about to tell to go fuck himself-- actually, like, cared enough to go out and make his choice on Election Day.

I know of one group that votes, the low information bots of whatever demagogue is currently trotting out some scapegoat or other to blame for MurKKKa's woes. Those folks vote with their amygdala's, Terry Schaivo would STILL have a better idea than they do about WHOSE interests are really being served by their lockstep indignorance.

I was watching a bit of a documentary about the War of Southern Treachery on Sunday evening and it occurred to me that the same class of people who co-opted the good and decent yeomanry of the American South to do the actual fighting and dying in a war that they started for purely economic reasons (to ensure their place at the top of the food chain, supported by the labor of the humans that they fucking OWNED)  are, once again, co-opting a significant portion of the U.S. population/voters to serve their selfish ends and preserve their "rightful" place on top of the heap. Whenever I encounter the people who tell me that they're voting "R" to preserve liberty and freedom and JESUS, I tell them to look at their candidates and FOLLOW THE FUCKING MONEY. Maybe one of these days they'll listen--I ain't holding my breath

Did I already say, "VOTE!". Yeah, okay, I'm beating a dead horse with some of you; for the rest, I'm gonna go get Gallagher's mallet, my pretties and it will get fugly.


*        Job Creators and Job Creator Wannabes

**     I often regale my companions with tales of my large family (ll kids). My parents, like many second and third generation descendants of immigrants had oodles of chirren, cuz they were used to seeing them die young and, hey, how ya gonna take over the country if you don't produce at least one doctor, lawyer, nun, priest cop, pol, teacher, bureaucrat and criminal****. It appears that my numerous nieces and nephews are content to have as few as 0 babeez with a max of 4--there's still WAY too many to buy presents for all of them!

***   It  appears that a number of those rights and liberties have pretty elastic warranties with numerous limitations and exclusions. Except that 2nd Amendment--that one is INVIOLABLE, because Charlton Heston, JESUS, Wolveriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinezzzzzzzzz, Shut up, that's why.

**** Criminals are those enterprising entrepeneurs working outside the strictures of law to find a "third way", of sorts, to The Land-o-Milk'n'Honey.

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