Friday, November 02, 2012

Dear Jeb...

cross posted from Penigma:

Dear Jeb

You've been complaining that Obama blames your brother 'Dubya' for what happened during his presidency.

Let me be clear.

It is not ONLY Obama who blames your brother.  We ALL DO.

That is because your brother and his policies were an unmitigated disaster. Your brother was one of the worst presidents in our entire history, and the single WORST president in the past century.

It's not ONLY your brother however, that bears the responsibility of those EPIC FAILURES. It was the neocons and other right wing nuts, groups to which you belong, who have failed policies, failed ideas, and not to mince words here -- failed priorities and values.

Your Republican economic policies frankly suck, especially your tax policies.

Your other Republican domestic policies frankly suck, and the bad ones are too numerous to list here.

Your Republican foreign policies suck worst of all.

So quit your damned whining about your brother; he deserves every bit of blame he gets.

And btw - we don't think much of you, either, after your hanging chad fiasco and voter disenfranchisement and election tampering in Florida. We also still don't believe the lying promises from your party either, and the obstructionist tactics you have employed have justifiably merited the highest disapproval ratings in the history of ratings for Congress.

It is highly unlikely YOU will ever be president; and if you want to know why, look in the mirror - and blame the failures of your brother.  It is because neither of you know how to lead or govern.

Just so we're clear.


democommie said...

Rushbo is not so much a swine as a piece of shit. I am fairly certain that other pieces of shit will not feel insulted by the comparison.

democommie said...

The previous comment was posted on the wrong thread but Rushbo is still a piece of shit.

Like father like Duhbya and like Jebya.

The Bush family's "public service" has pretty involved the poor and middle class in grabbing their ankles and saying, "Please, Sir, May I have another!".

Calling someone a lying fuckbag and moron, when they are a lying fuckbag and moron, is not only okay it's pretty much required when said lying fuckbag or his family and cronies are peddling mor of their lying fuckbaggery.