Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gunzloonz and their leapin lizards of logic

Like a number of my recent posts this one began as a comment, over here:


In a recent, completely unscientific survey I've scanned a number of your posts about shootings.
Some of those shootings have involved gunz, "inanimate objects that just happen to kill and wound thousands of U.S.ians every year" going off while being displayed or unforeseeably pointed at someone that was NOT an intended target.

Some of the shootings have involved young children unforeseeably shooting each other with gunz that were left lying around, apparently loaded, for the tykes to play with when they got bored with their Tonka Trucks.

Some of the shootings involved teens and tweens being unforeseeably shot by friends or parents/guardians who just happened to be holding teh gunz when they, inexplicably, went oof by themselves, wounding or killing whoever, in the immortal words of the Allman Brothers, "wound up on the wrong end of a gun.".

The thing that most of these posts have in common is that there are few if any comments on the majority of them. The ones that have long comment threads are those that involve mikeb302000 saying that maybe there should be a bit of regulation in the area of firearms use and ownership--then the floodgates open, predictable with one of Greg Camp's pompous assertions that mikeb302000 does not "get" that HIS RIGHT TO SHOOT GUNZ trumps everything else. That comment will of course be followed by a barrage of bullshit from the other members of the Gunzloonz Greek Chorus that infest the threads here.

I think that mikeb302000 performs a valuable service, he gives the gunzloonz a place to vent which prolly helps them feel better, cuts down on the inarticulate shouting that their mothers hear coming from the cellar and, yes, gives the dark ObamaFEMA overlords' underlings the information they will need to round them up, just before the the 2016 election is cancelled! 1-11ty!!*

It is always entertaining watching the gunzloonz turn themselves into moebius strips of self-delusion when, as in the instant case, the ol' DGU turns out to be more os a DMTNT** sortathang.

In the situation reported in this post, the police state that the man shot both teens, multiple times, did not attempt to render aid, moved the bodies from where they had fallen and did not call the police to report the shootings. He also, according to police, self-reported that he had killed both teens AFTER they had been wounded and no longer constituted any sort of threat--shooting the young man in the face with his rifle and shooting the young, "probably more times than was necessary" with .22 handgun.

Well, of course, it would be insane for anyone to think it was a DGU (unless his lawyer is able to get 12 of the Hutaree Militia or some like minded PatriotestiKKKal bunch in the jury box during voir dire).

Otoh. If the homeowner had testified that they forced him into his basement and that he had only shot them both several times to save his own life...But, no, he had to go and incriminate himself by admitting that he killed both teens after they had been incapacitated by a previous shot.

Except for the fact that this bozo admitted to wrongdoing, I'm fairly certain that Greggie's Gang-O-Gunzloonz would be screeching about his 2ndmendmentright to kill any mofo that tries to come in his house!

Except that this case is one where the shooter incriminated himself during a police interview we would be treated to the same sort of fucking parade of self-righteous idiots wit teh gunz as we saw after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Meanwhile, the NRA's, Weenie LaPutrid is making a killing and facilitating others with his fearmongering amongst the gunzdeluded.

*   For the benefit of the mouthbreathers, this last paragraph is "snark", well, some of it anyway.

**  Dead Men Tell No Tales. Nor do infants, toddlers, siblings, spouses, girlfriends or the guy who came and took your stereo 'cuz you didn't pay for the crack he brought you last week."

I decided instead to put it here and save mikeb302000 the trouble of sweeping up the turds that the comment would draw to his post.


This is another shooting incident that mikeb302000 wrote a post about, several hours ago. It appears that the shooting, which by the account I read, looks like straight up Gunzrage is a prime candidate for the gunzloonz idea of a DGU--at least in the minds of some of mikeb302000's usual clownmentors.

Here's a link to the story:

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