Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Now what?

Last night, when I was leaving the bar, er, I mean, educational soiree, after playing trivia, one of the young guys at my table trotted out the "My dad said I should vote for Romney, because he's a businessman.". This was at the point where Romney had a 3% lead in the popular vote count.

I spent the next minute or two peeling the paint off of the woodwork while explaining to him that Mittmoroni is not a fucking businessman, but a thief, a liar and a conman. He, the young feller, said that Obamacare (what a misnamed plan that one is) was his biggest reason for voting for Romney. I told him that he and others who think like him fail to understand that we will ALWAYS be paying for the healthcare of those who cannot do so. I told him that it ain't the rich folks getting stuck with the bill, it's the middle class, just like it's the middle class that pay the bulk of taxes in this country.  I told him that until he and his friends are ready to start euthanizing those who are on welfare this situation cannot change. He then trotted out the "welfare queens" canard. I asked him if he knew anyone on welfare (he did not answer that question) but he regurgitated the GOPuke about people scamming the system and wanting to do so, rather than work. I didn't completely lose it but I was more than a bit loud in my deconstruction of his magical thinking mythology.

I think that he was unprepared for an old fart like me displaying that level of passion. What occurs to me, on reflection, is that most of the Romney supporters I spoke to were without much passion (if you discount their racism and RKDS*) . Really they lack passion and I suspect that is because they know that their candidate is a lying sack of shit and they were just hoping that few enough people would realize it that he could eke out a win.  I am so happy that they were wrong. Four years of Mittmoroni and Pauliewingnutz would be a lot to deal with.Now, what?

Will President Obama, who can not be re-elected, tell his party to grow a fucking spine and support him for a change instead of caving to special interests and reptilican threats? Will he allow the chicanery of demagogues in the House and Senate to go unchallenged? Will he finally, now that he's got the second term, start doing some of those things for which he was originally elected and STOP doing/allowing the continuance of Bushco's excesses and crimes against the nation?

*   Reptilican Kick Down Syndrome

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