Friday, November 02, 2012

I was in an epistolic mood.

cross posted from penigma:

Dear Rush Limbaugh;

You really are an ugly pig of a human being, (apologies to actual swine for that comparison).

Is there ANYTHING you cannot twist into an ugly sexual story? I realize that a drug abusing, boner pill swilling, serial adulterer and sexual tourist like yourself is a perverted right wing nut.

But still, your ability to make shit up with a sexual theme is quite amazing.

We had you claiming that Sandra Fluke who spoke out for the availability of birth control pills for non-contraception therapeutic use for another woman - a LESBIAN, by the way - was a prostitute, seeking to have the government pay for her to be promiscuous. That wasn't true. In fact there was nothing remotely like that about Ms. Fluke or what she was advocating. But you're the expert on hiring prostitutes aren't you Rush, not Ms. Fluke.

Millions of women use birth control pills for hormone therapy for other reasons, including managing the symptoms of menopause.  But it is also used for the control of acne and other problems which relate to hormonal imbalances.  Unlike your boner pills, women do not take a birth control pill every time they have sex, but frankly limp dick, their sex lives are their business, not yours, and not the governments.  Their health care decisions are between them and their doctors, and neither you nor the government should be dictating those MEDICAL decisions.

Nor should a pervert like yourself be presuming to criticize anyone else's sex life, frankly.  It makes you a Goodyear blimp-sized hypocrite.

Then we had you weighing in on the Obama ad done by Lena Dunham, claiming that she was appealing to women to have - again, with your unhealthy sexual obsessions - the government pay for women to have sex, pay for contraception, and then drive them to Planned Parenthood the next day.

Actually, Dunham was making a more entertaining and far less sexist comparison between first time voting and virginity, which your hero Ronald Ray-gun did more than 30 years before. You didn't get your giant-sized tidy whities in a twist over that, you bulging gas bag of a hypocrite. In fact Dunham did not directly mention sex at all, and you not only spun that into something that was never suggested or implied, your incredibly ugly and sexist comment was not only filthy, it was internally inconsistent.  Why would a woman having safe, responsible, protected sex NEED to go to Planned Parenthood the next morning? To have a breast exam, or a pap smear to check for cancer?

Because you see Rush, despite your obscene fascination with other people's sex life, women mostly use Planned Parenthood for other reasons than abortions.  They use Planned Parenthood for things like CANCER SCREENING for cervical and breast cancer. With those flabby man-boobs you have from being obese, you might want to get checked for that yourself, because the reality is that despite your being a giant boob, you apparently are unaware that MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO.

Then you move on to your gay-baiting, when you try to twist a legitimate compliment from Chris Christie into 'man love'.  Seriously, is this the best you could come up with for legitimate criticism?
It displays a terrible lack of imagination on your part that the best you could do was to accuse Governor Christie of 'man love' for Obama when the two of them were working effectively to save lives.

That is what they were supposed to be doing - cooperating to save lives.

You, Rush, had to try to turn that into something sexual, you had to try to make it dirty.

Believe me when I tell you that there is plenty of contamination involved in the flooding; that catastrophe is already more than dirty enough to take a very long time to clean. What we DON'T need is you trying to add to the filth with your personal brand of giant, gas-filled bags of ugly and stupid.

You demonstrate daily that you are not a good critical thinker, and that you are not very well educated Rush, and also that you are a malicious, sexually obsessed hypocrite of giant proportions.  So let me share with you one of the many things about which you seem to be ignorant. The English order of the garter has a motto, honi soit qui mal y pense.  Loosely translated from the medieval French, it means that the only evil present is in the mind of those who have evil thoughts.  That is true of you here, Rush Limp-bone. The only evil here is YOU.  The only sexual perversion here is yours, and those who mistake you for someone either informed, or entertaining.  You are neither.

I'm glad we got that sorted.

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democommie said...

Rushbo is not so much a swine as a piece of shit. I am fairly certain that other pieces of shit will not feel insulted by the comparison.