Thursday, November 08, 2012

Get your filthy paws offa my vagina!

First they got the vote, now they want the ball!  ( 

First of all, a hat tip to Mikeb302000 for his post on the Edshow with Terry O'Neill, the day after the ladies handed Mittmoroni his walkin' papers--the putz. Go over to his place and watch the video

It is said by Ed, Ms. O'Neill (in the clip) and LOTS of other people that the single biggest mistake that Romney's campaign, and the GOP, made was to allow, co-opt or find common cause (it is impossible to know what Romney actually believes about anything other than money--he wantz all of it) with the JHWHfaction of the ReiKKKwing (approximately 100%--within a margin of error of, well, 0--KKKristianist Fundamentalist Asshats and the lickspittle politicians that kowtow to them).

But y'know what? It's not the pols, stupid it's the lack of GUNZ that been keepin' teh ladeez under teh MAN'S thumb--and that's a fact, JACK!!

If only more women had teh gunz! They wouldn't need no steenkeen laws or lawmakers to help them with their problems.
You got raped*? blow that mofo away!

Man gets more money than you for the same work? blow that mofo away!

Man doesn't want to watch the "Bridget Jones" series with you? Blow that mofo away.

Man criticized your tunafish/badada chip casserole? BLOW THAT MOFO AWAYYYYYYY!!

Gunz don't make teh galz, gunz make teh galz be paid attention!

I know that moronz like Pauliewingnutz and the Mittmoroniunswillard FUCKINGLOOOOOOOOZERZ are wantin' to have 'em a nice, shiny new amendment againzt Ickymansbuttsex bein' legal** and prolly another one about life beginning at the erection.

But what would they do if teh ladeez said, "Hey, jerkoff, I got me a SECOND AMENDMENT SOLUTION! Getcher pryin eyes out from under my skirt, or I'll blow your junk off! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!

There, now I feel better!***

I gotta run. I promised my 15 pound roommate that I'd take him for a walk on the beach at Plaice Cove in Hampton, NH. One short walk for Buddy, 6-6-1/2 hours driving--one way--for the "smart" one. Dumb animals, my ass.

*       Legitimate rape that is. Wives, girlfriends, provocatively dressed sluts, those stupid enough to accept free drinks and the like? They WANTED IT!

**     Icky ladeezonlysecks they don't seem to have a problem with.

***  I regret having to do so, but I suppose that for a certain sub-set of Mikeb302000's regular detractors and assorted idjits wit teh gunz, I need to make clear that the foregoing is snark. It is bothersome, but the same people that know that Rushbo is "only kidding, he's a kidder, he's an entertainer"--when calling women sluts or implying that black athletes (and presidents) are being held to a lower standard of behavior and performance than white males--seem to be completely ignorant of the entire mechanism of sarcasm when it is employed by others.


dog gone said...

My favorite quip of the election cycle:
vaginas win
assholes lose

(Joy Behar)

Bukko Canukko said...

You're just trolling with this one to enrage gunnutz so they'll write you comments that will never get past filtration, aren't you? It's like kicking the chain-link fence inside of which the pit bulls are confined, eh?

democommie said...

My apologies, commentor Bukko Canukko. I did not see your comment until just now.

"It's like kicking the chain-link fence inside of which the pit bulls are confined, eh?"

Nah, more like a cross between a Shih Tzu and a bird dog, a MurKKKin Shitbird.