Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We are what we buy

Hey, who's up for buying some shit from Amway? I used to just laugh at the credulous boobs who did business with/engaged in their pyramid sales schemes; then I found out that they were up to their asses in republican politics. That made me think I didn't like them. In the news today, along with the story about another piece of shit coward gunning down unarmed victims in a PA health club and the ongoing mass delusion that is the "birfer movement", there was information about Blackwater (Killers-R-Us) and some really nasty shit they've been engaged in against their own people, as well as Iraqis and other less than good, white american people. How does this tie in with Amway. Well, Erik Prince's sister is married to the daughter of Ralph DeVos, Amway's co-founder. When it comes to cults Amway lies somewhere between Opus Dei and the Church of Scientology, imo. I really, really don't care what anyone BELIEVES; I care a great deal when their beliefs offer, for them, a justification to commit illegal acts. Amway, a major supporter of the GOP since way back, has been involved in shady marketing practices for their entire existence. They are closely held, therefor they have no need to answer to any public, outside organizations. They are aggressive and deep pocketed when fighting legal challenges and have survived numerous investigations/prosecutions for their underhanded sales and marketing tactics. Now, it appears that Eric Prince may have (it is alleged in court documents) ordered or pariticipated in the murder of Blackwater employees that were co-operating with DoJ investigators into the conduct and operation of Blackwater, Inc. Both Amway and Blackwater are aggresively "USA, USA, USA" American, in a reptilican sortaway and dedicated to the preservation of America's (non-existent) CHRISTIAN Heritage. Luckily, for me--and them--, I haven't had to deal with Amway reps, Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons missionaries since I moved to my "dream house". For those of you that do, you might want to remember that these folks aren't just selling snake oil or laundry products, they're using the proceeds to push this country farther and farther in the direction of a theocratic nation. That cannot stand.


Anne Johnson said...

If Billy Mays doesn't tout it, I won't buy it. Say no to Amway!

democommie said...

Thanks, Anne. Pass the word.

Richard said...

These are bad guys. Always have been. They own Grand Rapids, MI. One of the DeVos boys tried to buy the governorship in the last election but we told him to fuck off.

democommie said...


I agree. It would be so nice if the DoJ was in the business of impartially getting rid of fuckbags like the DeVos family and his their business partners. Never mind Eric Prince.

I'm still trying to figure out he managed to become a SEAL with less than three years in the navy. Something about that stinks of a fix.

Anonymous David said...

That fuckwad DeVos asswipe has a pathogenic presence in Central Florida. The bastard owns the Orlando Magic and openly promotes homophobia.

You are dead on, democommie, about why Amway should be avoided like any other corporate political abomination.

Ironic that a family so criminally unclean should build a fortune selling cleaning products.

I would imagine DeVos is helping fund the anti-civil life political terrorist teabaggers. These are the kind of people who dream up and execute Kristallnachts.

democommie said...

Anonymous David:

Spot on. I lump Amway in with the Aryan Nation. I don't give a rat's ass how well scrubbed, coiffed and corporate jetted they are, they'll still be redneck doublewide fucks to me.