Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enough of this shit!

According to recent news reports on Yahoo! There have been more confrontations at "Town Meetings" on the proposed healthcare bill. One congressman apparently had a swaztika painted on his door. I assume the painting was done by one of the zealots who are led by the people who are insisting that Obama is a nazi. WTF? Instead of standing around and wringing our hands about it, we need to be showing up--in huge numbers, to support the process and let the thugs that are there to shout down the congressmen (almost exclusively democrats) have a taste of their own poison. I'm not advocating violence. I am saying that all polls indicate that there are massive numbers of americans who are anxious to get some sort of program in play, while the far smaller but obnoxious and threatening crowd of idiots who have been raising all the hell at these meetings are doing everything in their power to dreail a process that they don't even begin to understand. This IS the sort of tactical and strategic action that was carried out by the nazis as they rose to power. When they finally controlled the organs of government, including the military, all such activity ceased and was outlawed as traitorous. That we should stand by and watch this happen is just utter fucking nonsense. I really am at the point where when someone starts to tell me about how they're going to resist the Obamasocialization, I have to tell them that they are clueless dupes. I have no problem with doing that; it needs to be done by ALL of us, until this foolishness stops. I am sick and tired of listening to the talking heads--on both the so called "liberal media" and the obvious propaganda outlets like Fox--talk about the disruption of what are supposed to be informative meetings about the healthcare crisis as if they are a genuine groundswell by a sizable portion of the american people. Go to the meetings if there are any near you, take as many people as possible, make placards, SHOW UP AND BE NOTICED. No violence, no confrontation, just a display of solidarity. It worked to help get the Rovistas out of the WH, it can work again, for this. If this is my "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" so be it. Feel free to use this, with or without attribution. Do it.


Dave von Ebers said...

Demo, I agree with you … but I also think the pols need to man-up, or woman-up, and start giving the crap right back to these brownshirts. If some douchenozzle starts shouting outrageous b.s. at a town hall meeting, the congress dude (or dudette) needs to fire back. Call ’em racists, which undoubtedly they are. Call ’em apologists for the eight-year disaster that was Bush-Cheney. Say, point blank, why should anybody take advice from people who thought Bush did a good job handling Katrina, and Iraq, and the economy.

In other words, shove it right back down their motherfriggin’ throats.

Fight the fuck back. You’ll pardon the expression.

The problem, seems to me, is these slick bastards are way too afraid that they’re gonna end up on YouTube, so they smile and they talk about democracy and how they’d love to have a one-on-one conversation with these phony “protesters” … when what they oughta do is call these stupid bastards by their true names: They’re liars and charlatans, and they’re making damn fools of themselves.

If the politicians would stand up to these jagoffs, the American people would see right through them.

(Jesus H. Christ. Doesn’t anybody know how to fight anymore?)

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

I totally agree with your take on the congressmen. Perhaps their label in the news should be Rep. Soandso (Jellyfish,NJ). Otoh, a large crowd of supporters will do two things. It will give them some moral support; it will put them on notice that a lot of their constituents expect them to do the right thing.

Dave von Ebers said...

Demo: Absofreakinlutely.

Joe Visionary said...

I really am at the point where when someone starts to tell me about how they're going to resist the Obamasocialization, I have to tell them that they are clueless dupes. I have no problem with doing that; it needs to be done by ALL of us, until this foolishness stops.


In other words, shove it right back down their motherfriggin’ throats.

Amen, bros.

I'll be quite satisfied if you have a bit of luck with this, whether or not my pontificating made any difference.

I think Americans deserve better, and yes, it's time to demand it.

Dave von Ebers said...

Not that I’m a fan of Mel Gibson, mind you, but I can’t help but think of this bit from Braveheart:

Hamish: Where are you going?

William Wallace: I’m goin’ to pick a fight

Yeah, well me too, pal.

democommie said...

Speaking of fights; I was having a couple of beers and the talk was sports and of course I'm in an area where I'm usually surrounded by Yankees fans. I'm afraid I was more than a little loud when a couple of people good naturedly ribbed me about the Red Sox fans being psycho; the Yankees cleaning their clock and taking four last weekend and the Ortiz/Ramirez "steroids" thing.

I apologized, for the outburst, not my feelings or my beliefs. I think I need to go to some political events and run into a few thugs.

No Blood for Hubris said...

So what are my chances of you attending Netroots Nation in Second Life, democommie? Or are you already there?

No Blood for Hubris said...

Or how about being recruited as a Billionaire for Bush, to counter-demonstrate against the Mob Rule Death-Eaters?

democommie said...

Dear No Blood For Hubris:

I will see if I can get on the Netroots thing later this afternoon, or evening. I am a compuluddite and always have trouble with anything above the "bunny slope" level of the internetztubez.

As for counter-demonstrating. I'm not hearing that they're going to have a "Town Meeting" in my area, although Jim Maffei (sp) my local congress critter is trying to set up something that won't turn into a circus.

Thanks for your not. You do nice work over there at your blog.

democommie said...

Thanks for your NOTE. JAY-Suzzzz!!

Dave von Ebers said...

Demo, et al. …

Maybe I shouldn’ta quoted Mel Gibson after all.

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

Teri Schaivo, after a lot of years in a coma, had better brainwave patterns than Sarah Palin ever will.

This is a truly horrific thing to say (like that would stop me) but I was just sitting there yesterday watching "Bud" lick what used to his favorite toy (pre-op) and it occurred to me that Ms. Palin is crazy and self-centered enough to have found out her gestating child was "damaged goods" and figured if she went to TX when she was ready to drop and them, when her water broke, get on a flight that took most of twelve hours to get her back to Anhorage, so she could travel farther to her hospital in Wasilla, that maybe he'd not survive and she could be a mommy hero for another reason altogether. I told you it was horrific, but I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility. This woman is totally fucking nuts, imo.