Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, I finally got my kitchen sink installed (temporarily, anyway) in my kitchen island. I was looking for something to do with the produce that I had piling up in the fridge and I thoughgt to myself, "GigundaSalad". Starting with the incredibly sweet heirloom, organic tomatoes I picked up at the Oswego Farmers' Market, a couple of days ago. These tomatoes are old europe at its best. IIRC they are called "German Stripes". They are as sweet as a peach. Chopped them into largish chunks. Then I added about half of a red onion (approximately baby's head size), a pair of cukes, 2 ribs of celery, a handful of calamata olives, 1/4 cup of capers, 1 nice braeburn apple and some frozen corn and peas. Then I opened a can of black beans and a can of garbanzos (drain the garbanzos, RINSE the black beans--unless you like very dark salad). After a thorough stirring of the ingredients, I let them rest in a 4 qt stainless bowl. I then made a dressing with OJ, cider vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, canola and hazelnut oils, GARLIC (yes, that much!!) salt, black pepper, powdered ancho chilies, basil, oregano, a tablespoon or so of brown sugar, about a 1/4 tsp of curry powder and a healthy pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg--quantities are all "to taste". Total volume of dressing was about a pint. It's macerating in the fridge for a few hours. Four days later: Ummm, umm. Good Salad. I ate about 2/3 and gave a couple of friends some to try. It was a little on the sweet side of sweet/savory. Next time I'll use less OJ or no apple. Wasn't it nice that I wrote a post with no overtly political stuff in it? Oh,yeah, fuck Glen Beck.


the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Don't you get sweet corn up there in Labrador?
And, no GM bacon?
Or, in the case of Mr Beck; no head cheese?

If you start a garden, I'll send you some green Romano-ish beans I grow. Old Italian gardener brought them over the pond, he bred them himself years ago and once I ate some I'll never grow another bean again. 9" long, 3/4" wide, thick and tasty and no strings.

I may be around the Hub next week, not sure yet.

Dave von Ebers said...

Glad you remembered to tell Glenn Beck to eff-off. Or to go eff himself. As it were.

democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

I will give you a call; is the 508 number still good?

The beans sound great, maybe next spring.

Dave von Ebers:

"Fuck Glen Beck" rolls off of my tongue easier than:

Suscipiat, dominus, sacrificium, de manibus tuum. Ad ladem, et gloriam, et nominus sui; ad utilitatem quoque nostrum, totus que, ecclesiae, sui sancti, Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymen!

Richard said...

I'm sure you meant to say, "fuck that fucking fucker Glen Beck." To which I would add: And the horse he rode in on.

mutzali said...

Fuck Glenn Beck?

Not even with a rented dick!

(As my brother used to say)

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Why yes, it is.

Just saw 'Julie and Julia', and loved it.
Also bought some heirloom tomatos, some local peaches and plums, and am inspired to eat same.
I'd start my own blog, but would have to change my name in order to keep the torch-wielding villagers away.
Or, conversely, start my own backward village and install myself as it's chief.
Wait, I already did that.

Anne Johnson said...

I'm reading this prior to going to the farmer's market. Thanks for the tips.

Every time I see Glenn Beck, I think to myself, "What a bit of luck that I'll never have to fuck that dude." So if you're looking for volunteers, count me out.

democommie said...

Boy, I gotta write more posts that combine culinary delightsomeness with surly epithets slung at scumbags.

When I say, "Fuck" in the same sentence as "Glenn Beck" you may rest assured that I have no thought of carnal activity on my mind. I would perform an autobobbitectomy if I thought sexual congress with Mr. Beck was even a remote possibility.

Yes, Dave von Ebers:

You are correct. Fuck that fucking Glenn Beck, the fucking fucker.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Well, now we have raspberries, peaches, scallops, lettuce, corn, and tomatos.
Strange ratatouille!

Fuck Glenn Beck!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Now when I see a picture of a squirrel, especially one with ears that look like devil horns, I think of you.

Glenn Beck is TOTALLY squirrely, ya know?

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Well, I'm going to comment.
Two days ago the Mrs and I were walking the dog and stumbled on a logful of Chicken of the Woods, which I returned to and carved several pounds of into a sack. If that's a sentence.
Have cooked them all, and they were a bounty.
Anyone else eat forage?

democommie said...

Rev. Jerry Gloryhole:

I would not know a "Chicken in the Woods" from a deadly amanita. My idea of "foraging" is going into my refrigerator late at night to see what sort of leftovers are hiding there.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to hook up with you when I was in Bahstun. As usual I spent no time with some people I planned on seeing and, serendipitously, ran into other folks and had wonderful moments.

I must write a new post, soon.

I think it will be about my hovel.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Rev democommie-
It's easy to tell them apart, that's why I take those and the other easy ones. Any difficulty, I reject them.
Chix of the woods are bright orange, grow on oak trees, this time of year. Maitake, y'day's find, also grow on oaks this time of year and look like fluffed-out chicken feathers. Very good combatting cancer. Both delicious.
I'm also harvesting chestnuts, walnuts, filberts, grapes, and pears. Permaculture rules!

Catch you one of these times.

democommie said...

Rev Jerry Gloryhole:

Be careful when venturing on the bogs. Them folks down Wareham way don't take kindly to cranberry poachers.

the rev. paperboy said...

Have you considered changing the name of this here blog thing to "Oh yeah, fuck Glen Beck"? 'Cause that'd be, y'know, awesome.

democommie said...

the rev. paperboy, Sir:

I thought about that very thing. The problem is that I'm afraid my blog would be stampeded by people whose only thought is "fuck Glenn Beck, the fucking fucker!", and I, frankly, aspire to a better class of commenters, such as yourself and those who come here now.

I would suggest going over to scienceblogs and weighing in one or another of the "Beck" threads there:


are loads of fun.