Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hubris has a new name, FoMoCo.

Well, I'm a guy who owns a Ford Ranger. Almost 9 years of relatively trouble free service and I might be inclined to buy another one, if I had any requirement or money for one. Until today. That's when I got the following e-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________ Dear Member, I appologize for this email. I don't normally email the members but this is an emergency. Today, (December 9, 2008) I received a letter from the law offices of Howard, Phillips & Andersen that represent the Ford Motor Company. Ford is forcing us to surrender the name '' to them and stop using it. Ford states that using the name 'Ranger' when used in reference to the Ford Ranger is a trademark violation. In addition they are wanting me to pay them $5,000. As you may know, The Ranger Station has been around for the past 10 years and has been a valuable resource to Ranger enthusiasts. If Ford does this to us, where will they stop? I have 10-days to surrender the name and pay them $5,000. I'm asking that you contact Ford online and ask them to reconsider making us change our name and prohibiting us from using the word 'Ranger'. You can contact them at: a sample of what one of the members wrote is: "To whom it may concern: I am writing concerning your recent legal attacks on various "fan" websites for vehicles such as the Mustang and Ranger. I am insulted by this careless misuse of our legal system and am reconsidering any further vehicle purchases from your company until you cease and desist from any further legal action concerning this subject. I have been a Ford owner for many years and I had hoped to stay that way. These attacks are morally wrong since they are geared towards your customers, and do not instill the least bit of confidence in your brand. For the sake of your business, I ask you to please reconsider immediately. Thank you." Thank you for your support and I applogize for this email. Jim Oaks ____________________________________________________________________________ Jesus on a pogo stick aerating a golf course--is FoMoCo completely fucking clueless or what? a couplea couplets for the suits at FoMoCo. Brains of sawdust, ears of tin; Stupid is your major sin. hearts of stone and balls of brass. Mullaly, you can kiss my ass. Check this out, over at Jim Voorhies blog. What a buncha fukin' idiots. Feel free to send any or all of this to your new, improved congressional delegations. UPDATE @ 7:43 P.M. 12/11/08 Jim at TheRangerStation informed me that he and Ford had reached an accomodation and asked that I put that information out here. Done. I hope he's through having ot screw around with those guys. Now if we could just have an effect on those assholes @ Sony and RIAA.


Mr. Mack said...

He should let it go to court...

democommie said...


I'm with you on that. But, he's probably a guy who doesn't want to lose everything he owns to fight a case that they will drop after bankrupting him with legal maneuvers.

I think if enough people hold Mullaly's nose in the shit, that hw might not want to push this one too hard.

Fran said...

I knew they needed money, but geez, do they need to do it by picking on their supporters? I had a Ranger that I adored, and we're thinking about getting another little truck, but suddenly I think that I may have to look at a different little truck. Dammit.

Joe Visionary said...

Is this guy one of the 3 assholes who took separate jets to whine for cash from the government?

I'm particularly in agreement with

'I am insulted by this careless misuse of our legal system'

After a lifetime of observing some of the most outrageous legal contests that could only take place in America, I'm all for NOT dignifying it with this kind of case.

Nomi said...

I received a lengthy response from some formal muckymuck...I'm going to forward it to you via email...

When you posted this on Grace P. (thank you!) I fixed the links...I'm disappointed to see he didn't send his diatribe here too...

?snistac !!

democommie said...

Nomi and Joe:


Here's the piece you sent me, Nomi.


Scott Monty said...
Our official response is as follows:

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Without question, Ford enthusiasts are extremely important to us. Their enthusiasm and loyalty are part of our heritage and part of what's going to keep us moving forward.

Recently, there was an item posted stating that Ford was requesting to turn over its URL to Ford and pay $5,000. We'd like the opportunity to share some additional facts that might make a difference in how you think about this situation.

In its communications, stated that Ford was making them change the name of their site and pay $5,000. What was not mentioned was that was selling counterfeit Ford-brand merchandise on the site. As a company, Ford has a responsibility to protect our brand and a responsibility to our licensees. We cannot let something like that pass. (The counterfeit goods have been removed from the website since got the letter from Ford's attorney.)

Please know that Ford takes no joy in pursuing enthusiast sites. Since there are a number of sites out there with Ford vehicles as part of their names or URLs, some people have asked if they should be concerned. Ford has been and continues to be willing to license its trademarks for use by enthusiast groups and enthusiast websites. Requesting a license is done easily by contacting To request a license to produce or sell branded merchandise bearing Ford's trademarks, contact

In short, we are not asking for $5,000 and we would like them to keep the domain name. We simply encourage to contact Ford to request a license to continue using the domain name.

We hope you will share this information with anyone who is concerned. We deeply appreciate our fans’ dedication and enthusiasm and want to be able to work together with all of our supporters to tell the Ford story.

And Jim Oaks' own response is here:


The complaint that TheRangerStation was selling "counterfeit" Ford merchandise seems a bit over the top. Ford, like many other huge companies (too big to fail, too smallminded to think strategically) reacts to any and all perceived "attacks" on their revenue streams with the full weight of their corporate legal teams. I would like to see what transpired prior to the letter I was sent the e-mail about yesterday. If, as Ford contends, TheRangerStation was selling "counterfeit" merchandise then there are numerous remedies available to them, including picking up the phone and calling the guy, before turning the shysters loose on him. I don't know if that scenario played out; I'm guessing it did not.

In any event, Jim at the TheRangerStation has indicated that he and Ford have reached an agreement in principle. If he's done, so am I.

KayInMaine said...

Demo, I own a 2002 Saturn that I bought in 2003 a week before George Bush illegally invaded Iraq based on lies. It had @ 30,000 miles on it and it now has 168,000! My car has been pretty much trouble free also (had to put a new tie rod on it, which is a normal purchase in Maine due to our winters & potholes!). I have the oil changed ever 2 months and I'm telling you....I bet I could get another 100,000 miles out of it if I keep doing that too!

I've always owned Fords. Never had trouble with them. I owned one Dodge (an Intrepid....candle apple red metalic with two-tone grey & black interior....beautiful car!) and that one gave me the most trouble of all cars I've owned.

I always buy used and never used.

Anyways, the reich wingers love to lie about this kind of stuff ("American cars are shit") to get their base to turn against themselves (they never know they're doing it either because the Base is stoooooooooopid! How many work at GM as a Union guy and is saying, "Down with the Unions! I don't deserve to be paid well for what I do!". Again, they're stoooooopid.


KayInMaine said...

*never new. ;-)

democommie said...

Hi, Kay;

When I worked for Verizon and was in the IBEW I could never understand why ANYONE in a union could be pro-Bushco, but an awful lot of them were. And they all cited the same bullshit reasons: Bush's honesty, strength on defense issues, christianity. Whatta bunch of morons.