Sunday, December 21, 2008

First day of winter, my ass!

Well, here we are, December 21st, the winter solstice when the weather turns cold and we can expect snow. That would be COLDER and MORE SNOW in my case. It's snowing sideways at the moment and the temp is hovering around 19 degrees. The forecast through tuesday calls for 14-27 inches of snow, depending upon how much you've pissed GOD off by being non-KKKristian. I think I'm gonna get buried. The news on the economic front continues to get worse. I'm almost thankful that I am not, statistically, unemployed. I'm less thankful that I am, not statistically but literally, not generating any income. Getting a job would be a good idea if there were any to get. The state of NY, just like every other state, is looking for ways to save money and increase revenues so they will be cutting school budgets and raising fees for all sorts of things. I think that the net effect of such measures is counter productive but they're not asking for my input at the Governor's office. Bush is just as clueless on the economy as he has been on the war and everything else. And yet, there are still people that think he will be remembered as a good president. That's not just a "Jones" that's a "Jonesville Jones". Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my winter coat out of the traps.


Arkinsaw said...

Happy Happy Solstice Democommie.

I hate winter. But what I'm concentrating on is now all the days begin to get longer...the light is beginning to return.

It's bitchin' cold here in the Southern Ozarks...going down to some damned single digit tonight. I'll be up all night putting wood in my small wood stove.

Earlier today I had no water. Had it this morning, and then nothing. My water system is a marvel of Ozark engineering. It comes from a spring that comes from a cave way down in the holler. There's a holding tank down there with a submersible pump that pumps the water up out of the holler to the house. I've had numerous episodes with the water system...the worst being when the whole spring system flushes itself during and after heavy rains and the tank fills up with sand and buries the pump, which then pumps sand into my water system.

Well, you didn't need to hear all that...anyway, whatever was with the water, it started running again and is now dripping merrily away as will until the temperature gets above freezing again.

Tryin' to stay warm like you...


democommie said...


Between the lightning and the water you got at least two elementals that are being tricksters on ya!

My water comes from the city of Oswego. I think the intake pipe in Lake Ontario is close to the outfall for the Nine Mile Nuke cooling tunnels. It's all cool, the fish are cooked when you catch 'em!

I take it your supply pipe is not buried too deep. Up here where sub-zero temps during the winter are the norm they put everything down about three or four feet.

I've got plent of wood to burn but the thought of spending a grand or better to hook up a stove for a couple of months is a deterrent.

I just turn the electric blanket to "Broil" and let 'er rip!

Happy holidays!

Arkinsaw said...

Hey...Yeah, I will take my water supply. And No, the pipe isn't buried that deep.

Had water this morning, and then here I am with none again. And this after getting up every two hours or so to chunk wood on the fire to make sure everything stayed nice and warm. Which it did.

And yesterday's magic isn't working. Good thing I keep a supply of water for situations just like this.

Watch out for those pre-cooked glowing fish out there in the great northeast.

Praying for water to be running through my pipes...