Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yep; it's about that cold. It's not the cold so much as the wind and the "wintry mix" as they like to call it--snow, sleet, hail, drizzle, freezing rain, locusts, frogs, wombats and some other nasty critters from the Sargasso Sea--okay, I was kidding about the drizzle. Winter is getting an early start here in Oswego. We've had snow about four or five days in a row, now. With the sub-freezing (near zero overnight) temps of the last several days it's been nasty. I've still got part of the house that has no membrane over the sheathing--old, drafty, plank sheathing--and it's right on the wall of my bedroom. That would have been taken care of by now, but I've been unable to do a lot of physical stuff that I used to breeze through. That'll teach me to live a dissolute life while young! Fair warning, I'm working on my Earlywinter Feast Letter. Those of you to whom I haven't sent one in the past? well, your luck has run out.


Nomi said...

I have never received an EarlyWinter Feast Letter; I hope my luck is about to change.

democommie said...


Be careful what you wish for.

I think I owe you a phone call. I've been pretty much working all day for the last three or four days. I'll try to find a spot in the house that works for my cell phone (it's too cold to stand outside!)

Richard said...

My advice would be to begin drinking heavily. And if I were you I'd listen to me. I was in pre-med, after all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - my heating bill has already jumped %100 in a month. I can't wait.

Tried to walk Teddy yesterday morning, but it was 8 degrees (lower with the windchill) and everything moist was freezing over, like, my eyeballs.

But I still I LOVE the Northeast!

mutzali said...

You folks make me glad I live in the San Francisco Bay area. We don't really get much in the way of seasons, but it's a tradeoff I've accepted all my life (so far). I like to see snow when I visit my brothers in Colorado or Maryland, but I don't want to have to shovel it.

I'm a wimp.

(My word is "stess". I guess Clinton stole all the Rs from the keyboards.)

democommie said...


You should walk from Black Falcon Pier up to Long Wharf some night when it's about 4 degrees with a Nor'easter blowin.

For those who don't yet know; tomorrow is a very special day in this young lady's life. I can't say what but it's initials are "H.B."


You should not have told us where you live. We're headed there as soon as we can break the sled's runners out of the ice!


I'm WAY ahead of you on that one.

Fran said...

Can you use the wombats that are being blown in on your blizzard to insulate your house? Just until spring?

democommie said...


Wombats are surprisingly, given their relative density, poor insulators. Polar bear fur, otoh, is great insulation. I'm going to the zoo this weekend to collect some. I think they're asleep this time of the year.