Monday, May 11, 2009

No Whammy Bar or Effects Pedals

Another in a haphazard series of non-inflammatory posts. Gentle Reader: I journeyed to Johnson City, NY on Sunday. The purpose of the trip was to meet a person I'd met on the blogs, William Yelverton, who was playing in a concert at an arts venue there. Bill is a progressive who is both passionate and articulate in his arguments and while he no longer operates his politics blog, I'm quite sure he's not forgotten what brought us to the present. I knew of him first as a blogger and, then, as a musician. He is a gifted (and I'm sure much practiced!) classical guitarist. I am a person who loves music, without being able to play much of anything--when it comes to the guitar I have the musical equivalent of Black Thumbs--or even read a score, so I enjoy it without truly understanding most of it. The pieces that were played yesterday were a combination of classical ,baroque, Latin American and one great Bluegrass inspired piece written by one of Bill's colleagues. It was all wonderful. Just the instruments and the players, no microphones, pickups or other electronic augmentation. Piano alone, guitar and piano, guitar and violin. All of the music was played in a room that held 125 or so people in a relaxed "Pops" concert setting with cafe seating, bevvies, little sammies and lots of desserts! The audience was engaged, attentive and appreciative. Fortunately I did not have my Bic lighter--and I remembered not to yell "Freebird!" when both Bill and the pianist returned for their encores! I am currently listening to one of Bill's albums, "Harpsichord Music On Guitar". The other album that I got is "Music of South America". All the information about the music and Bill's professional creds (as well as his thoughts on his current home in TN--and its environs) can be found at:; give it a look. I think Bill is the seventh or eighth person that I've met on the blogs and, then later, in person. I have been told by numerous folks that I am courting disaster by agreeing to meet with people in this manner. That has proved to be a non-issue. I'm not saying it's impossible to get in trouble that way, quite the contrary. However, my experience has been that most folks I spend some time getting to know on the interntet (through blogs) are who they have led me to believe they are. Granted I have not been aching to meet the trolls, but only people with similar interests and views on important subjects like the arts, politics and food. We live in a VERY large world and it helps, imo, to have folks turn us onto things that they find interesting and informative amidst the plethora of experience that is available. So thanks to Bill, and Dave von Ebers, Claudia, Mack, Nomi, Reverend Jerry Gloryhole, Annti, Richard at "Everyone wants to read my blog" and the rest of the good folks that I've met on the blogosphere. And to those of you whose names are not in that list, or who are on the list but not yet had me "all up in your grille..", your time is coming! Oh, btw, if any of you are into "kink", just remember this--I am the REAL reason that the chicken crossed the road! I'm putting another of my poems on here, today, 'cuz it's my blog and I can! Enjoy. The Lesson From the street, I watched you. Through the window I could see the lyricism of you, the fluent dancer; and the hesitancy of the students, unfamiliar with the language of movement, afraid of uttering a mistake. I saw you standing at ease; in a languid, indolent moment. I saw you, in a moment, transformed, as you moved into a "frame" Silk and satin for the viewer: Whipcord and spring steel for the dancer. That look of effortlessness, that look that costs a thousand, thousand repetitions. The nights of standing in front of the mirrored walls, learning by teaching. making that same, perfect turn; over and over. Until it is no longer a conscious pattern, but, rather, it becomes, like breathing, intrinsic to your being. Giving to the students a way to find the metronome of their own heartbeat. Getting from the giving; the wisdom of experience. Learning by teaching. Learning that every step you will ever take is already in your soul. 7/20/01


Mr. Mack said...

How can it be a poem when it don't rhyme? Huh?

Seriously, i too have met over 50 people I had first "met" on blogs. Some from Ohio, Mass, Calif, New York, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,New mexico, Texas, and a few I can't remember.

No outright kooks. If you don't count me.

Were I in your shoes, not tethered to these responsibilities, i might just be traversing the country, meeting like-minded people.

Anne Johnson said...

I too have met several fellow bloggers. IMHO you can tell a great deal about a person by what they write on their blog, therefore you run less risk the more you read.

democommie said...


If you were in my shoes, you'd be hitchhiking and sleeping under bridge--with your wife and chilluns! Just wait till I get this house done; then I can stop being "busy" and just become unemployed!

It's a poem, 'cuz I sez so. Rhymes are for wimps, just ast Robert Zimmerman.

How's the flooded crik coming?


I agree. Fortunately, for you, you're in an out of the way spot and your territory is patrolled by the Vulterlanti Ass'n to keep out riff-raff like me. Do you read Christopher Moore's novels? I just finished "Dirty Job" which has no vultures but lots of references to the occult and is quite funny in gory sortaway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Demo - I've heard of a few uncomfortable meetings - but not many. I haven't personally experienced meeting any bloggers in person that I first met online. Although there are quite a few I would like to meet. I hope the next time I'm down Mack's way, I get to meet a whole bunch if one fall swoop.

It's hard to meet like-minded people these days but it seems the internet has been useful bringing people together that never would have had the chance before.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Only met a half-dozen webizens in the reality-based world so far, myself. So far, so good...I keep expecting to meet large, tentacled beings in need of conversion, but not yet.
Just bearded free-verse poets.

democommie said...


Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well in Beantown and that you have the True Spring, by now. It's going down to around 30 degrees here, tonight. I think I'll be back that way between 6/10 and 6/16. If you have time for lunch or a cocktail or something maybe we can get together for a bit.

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

I will NOT spill iced tea on you, this time. Promise! You were the second blognomen I got to put a face on, I think. Ivanna from "Billionaire's for Bush" was the first. I'll give you a holla.

Anonymous said...

Demo, I don’t think I’ve been back to the Alehouse since you and I had some burgers there a coupla years ago. But, hey, it’s still only a few blocks from my house next time yer in town. Come on by anytime.

Anonymous said...

It just so happens I have a gig in Somerville on 6/14, if you can make it - email me.

SeattleDan said...

I've met the Rev a couple of years ago, but the rest of you never come out West! Then, again, we haven't made it out East in a while. One of these days.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Nothing says springtime like an iced tea patina.

Hey and howdy, Dan!

Gonna take a lover girl, take her back to Somerville...
That Somerville, melodysinger? And on my birthday, to boot? Sheesh.
I may be lurking in the audience, stealing singing tips, as I'm about to begin singing in the studio, for the first time in...too long to mention. Kinda scary.
Of course, that's if I figure out where the gig is...


democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

Well, if I go to the gig (which I will be aiming for) we can hook up for dinner and, wait, no drinks at some cozy dive on second street in Cambridge. Or, maybe we could go to Fanieul Hall and have an impromptu meeting of the Billionaires.

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

No drinks...perfect.

skmxgda? wtf?

Jim Voorhies said...

This is crazy talk. We're all axe murderers. It's just that sometimes we forget to bring the axe, that's all.

Anonymous said...

So, the solution, Dan, and Demo, and Rev. JG, and everybody else is … to meet up in Chicago.

Am I right, or am I right?

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Broadswords, Jim. Carrying the light of the Lord to the unwashed, or else.
Although now you mention it, I can't say exactly where it is.

Chicago, eh? I thought Omaha was the center.
No, wait. Where's the Rev Fred's Westboro? Nebraska? That's my vote. The restaurants there must be memorable, unless you like shellfish. Maybe they have an abomination special, for $6.66.
Can Chicago top that?

democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

Omaha, my hometown, is famous for its steaks--seafood, not so much. We could all go there and hook up with my brother, Joe. When people tell me they think I'm whacky I want to introduce them to Joe. He makes me look like Mr. Normal.

Richard said...

I think it is strange and wonderful thing that due to The Tubes I have so many friends I like so well that I have never met. Sort of like when I was in 3rd grade and I had friends that only I could see.

That said, I don't think I've ever seen an episode of "dateline" that did not involve the phrase, "they first met on the internet..."

But I would have no qualms about hanging out with any of you guys (and gals).

You know what would be really cool? A staff meeting with the General! That would be awesome, dudes!

William said...

Hey Man,
Thanks for coming to our concert.
Good to meet you.

democommie said...


The pleasure was mine and the other folks who were there.