Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gutless Soldiers of KKKrist

Today, while attending services at his church, Dr. George Tiller was murdered by a lone gunman. This is the lead paragraphy from the Wichita Eagle online edition. "WICHITA - The 51-year-old man arrested in the shooting death of Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller -- a case that has drawn international attention -- could be charged Monday." "Wichita abortion doctor"; not Wichita doctor who performed late stage abortions, or Wichita doctor who bravely performed abortions that other providers had been frightened or hounded out of doing. Nope. "Wichita Abortion Doctor". Nice touch for the hometown paper of record. Randall Terry (founder of Operation Rescue),being the piece of shit that he is, issued the following statement: ""George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God."" By any measure that I would make, Dr. Tiller was a decent human being. He provided a service that is only being provided by two other doctors in the entire U.S. Whether one is a proponent, an opponent or an apathetic bystander to abortion, it is a legal medical procedure in this country. It is not murder, by any legal definition. Randall Terry is, of course, nothing but another liar for KKKrist. He has made himself wealthy and powerful by claiming to represent the unborn. He is lucky there is no GOD. If there was, he and the rest of his ilk would be in the deepest circle of whatever hell there would be. His former business, Operation Rescue, issued a statement of their own: "We are shocked at (Sunday) morning's disturbing news that Mr. Tiller was gunned down. Operation Rescue has worked for years through peaceful, legal means, and through the proper channels to see him brought to justice. We denounce vigilantism and the cowardly act that took place this morning. We pray for Mr. Tiller's family that they will find comfort and healing that can only be found in Jesus Christ." Lying fucks. They actively sought to demonize, terrorize, marginalize and persecute Dr. Tiller. They have achieved their goal of saving the unborn, by inciting hatred and violence against Dr. Tiller, his associates, his family and his community of faith. I am an atheist these days, not likely to change anytime soon, but I have no problem with people believing whatever comforts them--until it causes them to murder those with whom they disagree. Organized religions have certainly done a lot more damage than disorganized atheism, that's not even open for discussion.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to this doctor for standing up for the care of his patients notwithstanding the wrath that he knew would befall him.

Sadly, the hypocrisy of these morons who kill people to save lives doesn't seem to register in their weak little minds.

knowdoubt said...

Kill people to save lives? Now I get it, thanks for clearing that up for me. Sheeeze Louise.

democommie said...

Brad and Knowdoubt:

Thanks for dropping by.

I find it interesting that the Wichita Eagle has dropped the label of "abortion doctor" AND the despicable quote by Randall Terry from their current articles on the shooting.

The reichwinger blogs are high-fiving and cheering about this.

mutzali said...

I noticed that Operation Rescue's press release referred to the good doctor as "Mr." Tiller.

No sense giving him the respect of referring to him with the title he earned, right?

Richard said...

I was at a funeral lunch last week at my church, a Lutheran church where the dead man had been a member for like 50 years or so and I'm sitting there with one of his neighbors who attends a local catholic church and the guy up and asks me right over my lunch if I'm anti-abortion and I was about to say, No," and ask him if he was pro-pedophile but I didn't want to start a fight in fucking church for Christ's sake so I looked him right in the eye and I said, "So what did you think of the way Justin Verlander pitched for the Tigers last night?" Jesus.

I am filled with anger about this cold-blooded murder in the narthex of a church, a Lutheran church, by the way.

democommie said...


Someone said on another blog that they were bothered when someone would start telling them that "suffering is good for the soul" that "God gives us suffering so that we might learn". I told them that the next time someone made such an asinine statement they should poke them in the eye or kick them in the balls and ask them what lesson they'll be taking from the experience.

The monumental callousness of those who can say that Dr. Tiller got "what he deserved" while lamenting abortion and calling themselves "christian" is, to say the least, somewhat offputting.

Richard said...

Who's gonna teach me about HTML tags and truth and justice now. That's what I want to know.

Richard said...

Dude, what could you have possibly said to get a comment deleted at the Generals'? That must have been something. Inquiring minds want to know...

democommie said...


I used the "C" word when referring to that delusional bitch that the General provided a link for.

I tend to forget that certain words are off limits while other equally offensive words are not. To be perfectly honest I am well aware that I'm foul mouthed but it seems that it's the franca lingua of our day. Fuck it.

SeattleTammy said...

I was wondering about that! Yeah, the General don't 'llow the "C" word. I'm pretty sure that's (just one of) the reasons he lost patience with Annti. We've had that discussion in Second Life, and I'm always surprised at people who can/cannot tolerate the "C" word or the "P" word. Some can tolerate one, but not the other.

Favorite phrase seen on teh blogs today: Domestic Christian Terrorist. Gonna be using that one!

democommie said...

Seattle Tammy:

Yeah, well it's Patriotboy's blog, so he can make the rules, just like I do here.

I've asked several times but never got an answer. Does anyone know what the problem is over there, re: getting an error message that says the website can't be opened by windows? It makes me more than a little bit crazy to have to try as many as a dozen times befoe it "takes".

democommie said...


I also have been remiss in thanking you for sending me "Nuclear Jellyfish". It was, as with all of Dorsey's books, a fun read. Serge Storms is such a "vibrant" character--a bit like Vincent D'Onofrio meets Rowan Atkinson!

knowdoubt said...

Hiya Commie,

I never went away just got quieter, I seem to be appreciated more when I'm quiet. As I recall we sort of met on this same note. I have not so mixed emotions about censorship. I recently had a comment deleted over at bitch phd and then had to suffer the insult of having my comment misrepresented and labeled as dismissive of rape. I was arguing that the Abu Graib torture rape photos should be released while an alleged rape victim was arguing that to “protect” the victims they should not. I wanted the enablers and perpetrators to be held accountable which requires the evidence and the other side felt like her “status” as a victim trumped any other argument.

Coincidentally, at the same time either the 19th or 20th wrongly convicted “rapist” was released from prison in Dallas County, Texas. Freed on the basis of DNA after serving the better part of their lives in prison based on a false identification by a rape victim. The same sort of logic that deferred to a rape victims identification over everything else was in play when my comment was deleted. One just can't offer another perspective or disagree without being labeled “dismissive of rape” at least on the bitchphd blog. Needless to say, I would never go back and would have never offered a comment if I had recognized that my comment could be deleted and then mischaracterized, hard to argue about what I really said when all that is left is what someone else says I said.

At least the general didn't slander you although I guess he did sort of characterized what you said without letting the readership decide for themselves. Censorship has been a big “attribute” of Mainsteam Media and I had hoped Blogs might offer something different. If you got slandered by mainstream media you could probably sue if they misrepresented what you said, but blogs probably not. Not that I would want to waste my time in a legal system that is as corrupt as any in the world if not more so. I would like to see the general explain his perspective on censorship, but certainly I would agree, it is his blog and he can do what he wants, at least his comment was so obscure that I didn't feel like you got slandered, but I wold have preferred to read it for myself. Still enjoy your stuff even the colorful.

Tom said...

My wife wanted to know what I was doing and I told her. Her comment was, "with some of the words the general uses, he found that offensive?"

democommie said...


I think that the sort of thing you describe happening at bitchPhd is much more representative of the reichwinger blogs, but I would never say it doesn't happen too often (and once would be too often) on other blogs. When I delete comments here,--which IS outright censorship--it is because the commenters are fucking idiots who only want to trumpet their foolishness to a larger audience. Not gonna happen if I can prevent it.

As for J'G blog. I've got no problem with him doing what he did. He explained why and that's fine. What has been driving me around the bend over there is how fucking difficult it is to leave comments--or even read other people's commens. I'm staying away for a bit to see if scanning my box a couple of times straightens out the problem.

FWIW, I have a few pet peeves where language is concerned. The first is people who are seditious, oppressive dickheads who call themselves "patriots","conservatives" or "christians". The other is "Your round"--I hate, I mean really, really, fucking hate that one!!

How are the grapes doing?

knowdoubt said...

Yes, the grapes are fine and the blueberries are better. The bushes are literally bending over under the weight of the berries. A couple more weeks and they will be ready to eat/sell and not a moment to soon.

I followed everything you said except, "your round". what the heck is that? It just went completely over my head, like a lot of things, ignorance is such bliss, although it is somewhat educational to read just how wildly insane the "Real Americans"

I haven't had the problem reading or posting a comment, but if I do review and then try to go back to make a correction I loose whatever I've written so I just leave the mistakes unless they make me look as stupid as I really am, that I won't tolerate, I mean zero tolerance. Keep up the good work.

Oh that was a slip up using Tom I try to hide my real identity so some "Real American" who might take a offense at something I say or stand for doesn't do me too. This country is full of folks like that and yes it cramps my style being the coward that I am, deep down. I'm much more comfortable with other people fighting kind of like Bush and Cheney, psyudo tough.

democommie said...


Being careful is not cowardly. Lots of whackjobs out there.

"Your round" as in "Your turn to buy the drinks!"{;)

Bukko_in_Australia said...

SeaTam: The "C" word is a source of particular cultural phobia here. The "S" word often, and the "F" word sometimes, is printed/uttered in mainstream press/TV, because Aussies are earthy. But "C" -- the horror, the horror!

Demo: Down here, it's called "your shout" when you buy a round. As in yelling "Hey bartender, the next round's on me." "I'll shout you a beer next time we meet, mate."

Thus endeth today's lesson on "Strine."

SeattleTammy said...

Okay, this is kinda on topic.

no, it's not. But it is damned funny.

democommie said...

Bukko in Oz:

S'okay; I had a sailor on a british warship (HMS Sirius) tell me some years back that people looked at him and his shipmates a bit oddly sometimes when one would say to his friends, "I'll blow you for a drink.". Of course, "Have you got any fags?" could be problematic, as well.


That is a good one. I was just over at a website where somebody was using the word, "fuck" past any semblance of pungency and this is what I posted for him.

"Fuck all the fucking fuckers who fucking say fucking things that I don't fucking agree with even when I fucking tell them that they're fucking fuckers for doing that kind of fucking shit? Is that a pretty fair statement of your feelings in this matter?

I like the word, "fuck", too, but as Groucho Marx is accused of saying (he apparently did not). "I like my cigar, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while."

I know you get excited about your viewpoint, as I do about mine, but screaming at me is not going to make your point any stronger. However, if it works for you, go for it."

the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

Murder is fine if it's in the name of the Lord. There's nothing the Lord loves better, after all, than the black smoke from burning flesh on the pyre. Yum.
I pissed all satire away with the kidney stone I passed last week.
Drink your fluids, kids.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

SeaTam: That shite was fookin' funny. One of my favourite T-shirt slogans I first saw in New Orleans in 2002: "Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck!" Bugger-all that I don't have the bollocks to wear it...

Rev. Jerry: Betcha wish you had a bigger gloryhole now, dontcha?

On a serious note, you gotta ask yourself "WHY did I get a kidney stone? What is the underlying cause?" In my case, it was because I had an overactive parathyroid gland that was leaching the calcium from my bones and putting it in my bloodstream, from which it was filtered out by the kidneys, where it produced a stone. (Luckily for me, I got lithotrypsy instead of just having to get pissy.) I have a little scar in my neck where the overactive gland was sliced out before it could turn cancerous, but at least I haven't been stoned since then. Except for all the trips to Amsterdam.

democommie said...

Reverend Jerry Gloryhole:

Leonard Cohen sings "Democracy is coming--to the USA".

I sing "democommies coming, pretty soon to Back Bay".

I'll be getting in the area on the 11th and staying till around the 17th. I don't think you can find enough places to hide!

democommie said...

Bukko from upside down:

I gotta take a vitamin D supplement (50000 IU) once a week for the next few months. I offered to start going around starkers to see if we could achieve the same result au naturel. The medical community were unanimous in their horror.

Anonymous said...

Dang, Rev. J.G. We got a cat that's goin' through the same deal right now and alls I can say is ... oooooouuuch!!!!

knowdoubt said...

demo, You need to see this:
The 2nd one down, under 6/4/2009
My guess is he would get banned not just deleted. If you've got any sensitivities about words, he finds them all when addressing Ann Coulter.

democommie said...

Brother Knowdoubt:

Yes, that piece on raw story is a wee bit over the top. You know I'm a man's man's man (British butlers think I'm teh HAWT!) but there's some stuff that's beyond the pale, even for me. I cannot believe that he used the "c", "b" even the "s" word; but the "p" word, that's stepping over the line. Calling that filthy, crazed skank a plaigiarist! I wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth!

knowdoubt said...

I would hope, not without sterilizing with boiling water. I wanted to link to it over at the generals, but didn't have the guts.

democommie said...


You can put a link for it over there, label in NSFW (not safe for work) and tell folks it contains really nasty language including "slurs of the oppressor" and explain that you mean no offense. Beyond that I don't know what else might b necessary.

knowdoubt said...

Probably, just the guts. "Slurs of the oppressor," is that TM'd copyrighted or whatever? That was a new one on me until it came up during the recent deletion episode.

How about that threat over at the general's, I was hoping to elicit something more specific by playing or being stupid, but last time I checked, no clarification. I would like to see something more specific then see if the who is it, CIFA would actually do something? I can't believe they charged so obscure (at least to me) "internet radio" host for inciting violence and ignore the big main stream ones like Rush and O'Reilly and others. Charging one or more of those bastards might make a difference as far as the open acts of violence and threats /intimidation. Short of conducting a reign of terror on them I don't know what else would penetrate those thick skulls that appear to be hiding little of nothing in the way of grey cells.

democommie said...

Brother knowdoubt:

"Slurs of the oppressor" is not mine, I never heard it until the General used it.

The threat comment was left there by some drive-by asshat who is probably banned anyway.

The General and I agree in one regard. If people are just plain dicks they get their comments deleted. He can ban people, I don't because it would be expensive.

Anonymous David said...

"Randall Terry (founder of Operation Rescue),being the piece of shit that he is..."
Way, way, way too fucking kind, democommie. Shit serves useful functions. That bastard is a useless as tits on a chicken. In fact, perhaps he is tits on a chicken in another dimension and just hologramming here as a soulless projection.

As a retired community college comp/lit/theatre instructor, I hold that fuck is the most useful word in the English language, and perhaps the most globally understood, in all of its incredible array of applications. It fucking transcends. No other word comes close.

Anonymous David, with thanks to SeattleTammy for the link to this "neighborhood bar."

democommie said...

Anonymous David:

Thanks for stopping by. I love the word, "fuck" because it's got more uses than a 72 blade Swiss Army Knife and one size fits all.

You are right about Randall Terry, he gives scum a bad name.

SeattleTammy said...

I knew you'd fit right in AnonDave! Welcome to the pub, and lemme buy you a Bridgeport IPA!

Anonymous David said...

Thank you kindly, Tammy.

hedera said...

Yet another wanderer directed here by Seattle Tammy - hi, democommie, I've run into you at the General's. My only reservation about this place is the constant use of George Carlin's favorite words; I try to express myself without them unless I'm REALLY annoyed; frankly, I think they lose impact when over-used. I admit it's hard to argue that they shouldn't be directed at the Operation Rescue trolls; I'm expecting them to get some serious karma blowback on this one.

But I'll put up with your vocabulary if you'll put up with mine.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hedera, I have to say, the f-bomb has a fine and storied tradition amongst lawyers. Which, I suppose, militates against using the f-bomb. Still, I like it.

democommie said...


I agree that the word is seriously overused, but as I said to a supervisor who chided me for doing so, something like 27 years ago, "Yeah, I say it a lot, you and your boss DO it a lot to the poor bastards who work for you." He was an asshole and a fucking KKKristian.

I always enjoy your comments at the General's and find them wordalicious, despite their lack of four letter words and variations of same.

Dave von Ebers:

"First, let's kill all the lawyers", ask me! Except of course the ones I know and love!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Demo. You know that (a) Dennis Miller’s fond of that line, and he is notoriously unaware of his own self-parody; and (2) the line comes from Shakespeare’s Second Part of Henry VI and is uttered by moronic Dick the Butcher, one of (equally moronic) Jack Cade’s anti-intellectual co-conspirators. They want to kill all the lawyers because either Dick or Jack owes somebody money. I forget which one. They also want to burn books, close down schools and ban foreign languages.

Sorry, but that’s one of the most often mis-quoted and mis-understood phrases in all English literature. Not that I take offense, of course. It’s just that that quote is the classic example of the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.”

Anonymous David said...

I've commented elsewhere about my love of the f word, but my sister is in your camp, hedera, and also shares in common with you wordsmithery of the first order. Glad to see Tammy sent you over here as well.

I listened to Mike Huckabee attempt to offer an enlightened argument against a woman's right to choose. Jon Stewart was as cordial as a host could be without acceding to Huckabee's argument, which broke down completely when Huckabee tried to equate an initial group of cells which would, if nothing went awry, become a person, with what we understand to be a person, and tried to say that is what the founders were talking about.

One of the things that struck me, if one followed Huckabee's line of reasoning, is the question What determines one's citizenship? Where one is conceived?

You have to abandon all elements of common sense to stand with people like Mike Huckabee and Randall Terry, and you have to completely ignore history, its notion of personhood, and the relationship between a fetus and its mother, of which the fetus was always considered a part until it was born.

As Charles Barkley said of the Republican Party, these latter day anti-reality zealots have essentially lost their minds, having replaced them with strangely anti-human beliefs that hold that, among other things, the state has a right to decree that a woman must continue a pregnancy, in the most zealous view regardless of any other considerations. Hard for me to see how this is any different, in spirit, from the sectarian fascisms these fundamentalist Christians decry.

All these people can do is find ways for the government to prevent caregivers from providing abortion services for women who choose to end their pregnancies, in the case of Dr. Tiller by murdering him.

It has nothing to do with respect for life and everything to do with power, in this case power of the most santimonious sort. If they gave a good goddamned about the sanctity of life, American fundamentalists would have been outraged by the invasion of Iraq, and the only thing they would extend toward women who, for their own reasons, choose to end their pregnancies, is whatever assistance the woman requests that it is in their power to offer. Otherwise, they would leave the woman the fuck alone.

This is not a conversation I can have among the majority of people with whom I interact, although I find tactful ways to make it very clear that it is wrong for the government to decree mandatory continuation of a pregnancy, as if the woman's womb were the property of the state, which has overriding interest at the moment of conception.

They are rationalizing spiritual bullshit. They are free to believe whatever they wish, and to refuse to have abortions if they don't believe in them. But in a free society, that is where it stops, period.

There is no common ground except for people to allow other people to believe whatever they wish on this matter, and make their choices freely according to what they believe. Abortions are women's health services, even late-term abortions when the woman's health is at risk.

As Dr. Tiller used to say, trust the women. They will, after all, make most appropriate decision for their cirumstances, and the wisest thing we can do is let them. In nature, a fetus is an extension of a woman's body, and in nature is the only place we mortals all exist.

democommie said...

Anonymous David:

Wow. I think that way, I'm just too lazy to write that way, most of the time.

I agree that the fundies are whack; what they call "love" looks an awful lot like hate from where I sit.

Do you got a blog? I see less of you since Dave von Ebers stopped posting. Your take is always appreciated, here or elsewhere.

Anonymous David said...

No, I don't have a blog. I enjoyed commenting on Dave's blog because of his knowledge, intellect, and truly solid moral core, and to be in the company of commenters like you and hedera, who I find to be one bright, articulate lady.

The other blog on which I comment is Steve Clemons' The Washington Note. I am eternally grateful to Seattle's Finest (not the coffee, the lady partner of Seattle's other finest) for letting me know what was up with Dave and where I might enjoy tipping a few while Dave's on hiatus (and beyond). What happens with some of the issues about which I have thought and exchanged perspectives for a long time is that when I start writing, the thoughts just pour out of the tips of my fingers, and I become half author, half audience for what I am writing. I really enjoy it when it is writing as discovery.

Tahnks for the gracious welcome.

Anonymous David said...

Make that thanks...

democommie said...

Anonymous David:

Oh, no. Thank you!!

I tend to just write when the mood strikes me and it often means writing some wierd shit.

As you will have noticed my latest post about the perfidy of the GOP has now turned into a forum for the discussion of illicit drugs. Illicit, not bad.

Anonymous David said...

Still too many disparities between that which is illicit and that which is actually bad and which too often is not illicit, although unless there is a truly compelling societal imperative involved, we need to get away with our knee-jerk tendency to make things illicit that never should have been. My god, we aren't all that far removed from miscegination laws, for the love of rancid roadkill.

Love it when threads take on a life of their own.

Anonymous David said...

from, not with, dammit - too often society has gotten away with it